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Letter of Permission to Travel while Lockdown

The following is a permission letter written to the high courts of their respective cities in plea to be granted permission to travel during the times of lockdown. Searchers can use these templates and modify according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Letter of Permission to Travel while Lockdown


High courts,


Subject: Letter of Permission to Travel while Lockdown

Respected Sir/Madam,

This letter is written to tell the authority that I, Danny Singh of Karol Bagh, Delhi, have received an offer letter from a firm to begin my professional job life. As a newcomer, this is a fantastic chance for me to seize. I’d like to request permission to travel to Chennai from you. I returned to my hometown during the lockdown. Now that I’ve been given the opportunity to work, I’d like to return to my professional city, where I used to study. I’d like to go to Chennai from Delhi on the evening of September 26th. Please grant my plea in this matter.

Finally, I’d like to ask that you kindly give your permission. I shall be eternally grateful to you. This is a fantastic chance for me to grow and explore more realistically. Please accept my letter and give me permission to take advantage of this chance. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

Danny Singh

Sample Letter of Permission to Travel while Lockdown


High courts,


Subject: Letter of Permission to Travel while Lockdown

Respectfully, Sir,

My name is Siddharth Ali Rajpoot, and I reside near Sadar Bazar, Meerut. I am writing to request permission to travel from Meerut to Delhi on July 22nd, 2020, due to the death of one of my close relatives, and I cannot miss this funeral because their family has owed me numerous favors, and it would be very unjust if I did not attend his funeral.

I’d want to request one day’s permission to travel to New Delhi for the funeral and return the same day. I thus declare that I will follow all of the safety precautions recommended by the Government of India and that in the event of an accident, I will accept full responsibility. I’m hoping you’ll evaluate the circumstances and offer me permission. I’m hoping for a prompt and good response. Thank you so much for your time, generosity, and all of the favors you have bestowed on Meerut in order to make it a safe and healthy place.

Yours Sincerely,

Siddharth Ali Rajpoot

The Impact of Covid-19 on Students

The following article is regarding the Covid 19 situation and how it has affected the academic and mental lives of many students.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Students


The coronavirus outbreak has spread to almost every country in the world. Its spread has caused national economies and businesses to calculate the costs, as governments attempt to implement additional lockdown measures to combat the virus’s transmission. This virus has not only harmed our physical health by causing dangerous symptoms like headaches and high fevers, but it has also harmed the psychological health of children and the elderly. Many people have died as a result of the illness, and many more are still infected and on the verge of death.

Effect On Academics

Millions of children miss school every day as a result of emergencies and ongoing humanitarian crises. The COVID-19 outbreak has exacerbated the plight of students in countries affected by or emerging from, conflict and disaster. Education is a fundamental entitlement for children, youth, and adults in emergencies, and it must be prioritized from the start of any and all disaster operations. Students are unable to focus on their studies, online classes are confusing for many, and some students do not have the financial means to purchase laptop computers or internet access in order to participate in the class. Students aren’t getting the attention they used to in on-campus classes, which has led to a drop in academic performance for many. The most significant impact is caused by the manner in which the exams are administered; false markings, late submission due to a lack of internet, and misplaced exams are just a few of the many reasons.

Effect On Mental life

The frustration that one student feels from being confined at home all day, not being able to go out and play football or simply hang out with friends, cannot be expressed in words. This indicates that even if one does not have the virus, he might be impacted during the pandemic. Many studies have indicated that anxiety and sadness are common, with women being more impacted. They’ve also seen a disrupted sleeping pattern, which correlates with both anxiety and sadness. In addition to the eating problems that many people have experienced, being bothered by the fact that they have nothing to do today tends to make them desire more food. Staying away from friends physically and only communicating with them over the internet has harmed more people than anybody can think, and this may cause damage even after the epidemic has finished since it will be tough for them to adjust to this new situation.

How to earn from online part time JOB

How to Earn from Online Part Time Job

 Covid-19 has unbalanced the mainstream of the life and especially the financial line. Due to heavy loss in business occurred due to lockdown so employers were compelled to downsize the number of employees they were earlier hired for. This cut in employees’ job made them on suffering ends.  Laborers were facing financial issues badly, but the government somehow tried their best to accommodate them with the basic food needs. The situation got worse for educated, but mediocre strata. They are the ones who dropped down to a lower standard and couldn’t be facilitated by the government as they have car/bike and a home of their own. Any home is run by money, so educated class too need money to survive. There are always good doors open for educated people and one of those platforms were online tuition jobs. There are a number of websites that are user-friendly and charge a very less registration fee. Each site comes with specific guidelines which is mandatory for the user to follow. The tips are as below:

If you are new in this business, always charge less to attract as many students as possible, but you also need to keep the best standard for quality education. Never compromise on teaching-learning relationship

Choose the subject you desire to teach from the provided list by the website. Remember to choose only that subject on which you have a high command.

After choosing the subject, go on for setting a timetable. When setting the timetable, remember to put your ease at first. Adjust the timetable according to your available time.

It is mandatory for each tutor to upload a video in which you will introduce yourself and tell the specification of your teaching style. The video should not exceed more than 2 minutes. Be careful about the time limit!

In Pakistan, PayPal isn’t available so you can opt for any other available option given on the site. The money they will pay will be in dollars, get the exchange money and enjoy teaching and learning at the same time.

  Don’t trust anyone at first, so go ahead and try searching online tuition sites. First-hand experience is the best experience.

  In the end, never lose hope, no matter how hard the situation is. Remember there are always some doors open for you. This you could be YOU! Happy reading.