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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a time of the year when you give your loved ones gifts to show your love and appreciation and also as a tradition. This is the time of the year when all your friends and family are waiting for their presents and are giving you yours. This gift hunting for everyone can be a deadly task. This is why we have listed down some gift ideas for you to choose from.

Gift Ideas For Mom and Dad:

  1. Table Set: around Christmas, it’s all about food. So why not give your parents something they can use and flaunt on their dinner table during Christmas dinner like a soup bowl set, Wine glass set? Or your favorite mug set that your mum will love.
  2. Kitchenaid : If your mom is into baking and cooking a lot give her a kitchen aid to help make her yummiest cakes and dough.
  3. Bags and Accessories: pretty designer bags and cool accessories like sunglasses, shoes, and belts for your father are the safest gift options because no way no one can not like having them.
  4. For The Home: another safe option that your parents would love is anything to make your house look more aesthetic. Maybe a lamp? Maybe a wall painting? Maybe a flower vase that is pretty.

Gift Ideas For Friends/Siblings:

  1. Christmas Tree: well the best you can do is take the best ad the most essential item of Christmas. Get your friend a beautiful Christmas tree for their home. Surely they would love it.
  2. Toys: if your Friends have babies or it’s for your younger siblings, get them the trendy toys or the toys from their favorite movie. You will make their day.
  3. Beauty Gifts:  the best gift for your sister/friend who is a makeup/skincare girl is to get them their favorite products or the best skincare. Cute sheet masks for you both to do together after Christmas eve will be cute as well.
  4. Food and Liquor: ain’t nothing calls for Christmas feelings and thanksgiving more than food and drink. Bring the best food they can have or the best beverage to have shots later for them to make it fun.
  5. Chocolates: can we all agree that no matter what chocolates will remain the most iconic and loved gift ever? No one doesn’t burst out with happiness after receiving these.
  6. Jewellery:  A timeless and the best investment for which the receiver will always remember you while wearing it is jewelry. Get your girlies’ some statement pieces or initial necklaces. They will love it.

No matter what you choose to gift your loved ones or how expensive/cheap it is. Ots the thought behind it that counts. So as long as it is given with love and care no matter what you give, your loved ones will love it.

Sample Class Christmas Party Letter to Parents

This article contains three easy formats of Sample Christmas party letter invites. These provide ease of access to anyone who needs them. If further help is needed, please refer to the comment box, or reach out via email.

Christmas Holiday Party Letter for Students

Dear parents,

We hope you are well, and in good health. As we all know that Christmas is just around the corner, and the air is filled with joy. This email goes to inform you that Silvilton Middle School will be hosting a Christmas Party for the children. This party will take place on the 2nd of January when the students return from their holidays.
The school will be decorated in red, white, and green. The children are also requested to adhere to the color scheme. This will be the only day that the school decides to forgo the compulsion of wearing uniforms. The children may bring snacks and have a party with their respective classes and class teachers. There will be party games organized by the class teachers.
This is a joyous occasion for parents and children alike, and we hope to bring some holiday cheer to the community by doing our parts. Your child’s participation is highly appreciated.

Have a happy holiday, Regards.

Letter to Parents about the Christmas Party

 Respected Parents,

As we all know, it is the holiday season. Christmas is right around the corner, and the spirits are high and festive. In the spirit of Christmas, the school has decided to host a Christmas party for students and parents alike. After the holiday’s end, on the 2nd of January, we hope to host an elaborate party.
Children may bring one or both of their parents, and go to their respective classes in order to enjoy the games and activities that are planned for them by their teachers. The kids are also encouraged to bring snacks for themselves and their class. They are also encouraged to dress in their favorite festive clothes. If parents want to volunteer to help the teachers set up the school for the party, their efforts will be highly appreciated.
While we appreciate any and all creativity, please adhere to the following rules: there will be no disrespect, abuse, or otherwise abhorrent display of manners. The school does not tolerate bad manners, and there will be consequences if any of these rules are broken.
The school wishes you all a very happy holiday break, and we hope to see you refreshed!

Letter to Parents Informing about the Christmas Break

Dear Parents,

We hope you are all well and in good health. We hope this email finds you well. This is to inform you that after two years, the school has decided to resume its Christmas party tradition.
Previously, due to Covid-19, the school had to discontinue its tradition because of the regulations by the government. We hope this decision brings you all as much joy as it brings us.
Parents are encouraged to join their children on the 2nd of January, 2022. You may come to the school and join your child in their festive endeavors in the classroom. There will be treats, snacks, games, and other festivities courtesy of the school. You are encouraged to participate. In the light of the moment, the school has also decided to forgo the uniform restriction; the children are encouraged to come wearing their home clothes. Preferably of the colors red, green, white, and yellow, but other colors are fine the school hopes that in these times, the children and parents alike will adhere to the rules and regulations. They will abide by the laws and maintain a healthy environment.


Sample Thank You Messages to Teachers from Parents

Teachers are individuals who shape your perception of this world and leave a mark on you helping to try you learn. These dedicated individuals need recognition and praise. If you want to appreciate and praise your kid`s teachers for their hard work on your kid or for teaching your kids good and helping them out. You can use these sample text messages to thank your kid`s teacher to thank them for their efforts or for any favor you have received.

Easy Text Message from Parents To Teacher Thanking Them For their Efforts

Dear Ma’am, I hope you are doing great. I have been wanting to thank you for your efforts in trying for my boy to settle in his new school and make friends. He mentions your support and that you are helping him make new friends and coming to his level to make him learn. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks for being considerate and helpful.

Easy Thank You Text Message from Parents to the Teacher

Dear Sir, I hope you are having a good day. I wanted to thank you for encouraging my girl to be more confident and interactive in class. The change in her behavior shows your efforts. She looks more confident. I am very happy with you. Thanks for being a good teacher to her.

Thank You Text Message from Parents to the Teacher

Dear Ma’am Neha, this message it thank you for giving my girl Liya extra time after classes to help her with Mathematics. Her recent test results have improved soo much and she has started to enjoy the subject. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks.

Thank You Text Message from Parents to the Teacher For Assistance During Covid-19

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing great. I wanted to thank you for assisting Nyra with her studies even when the classes are online due to Covid. Your extra time and effort do not go unnoticed. Thanks.

Thank You Text Message from the Parents to the Teacher

Respected Ma’am, I hope you are having a good day. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the extra guidance you are providing to kids during online classes. I know you have been replying to all the queries of the kids online and it is helping them to stay motivated. Thanks.

Thank You Text Message from Parents to the Teacher

Hi ma’am, I hope you are doing good. I have been wanting to thank you for the efforts you are doing for my kid to be more outgoing and interactive. My girl has always been a little shy and gets intimated in front of the class but your constant support has made her feel comfortable. She has changed a lot positively and constantly tells me how you are a good friend to her and encourage her. Thanks, dear.

Thank You Text Message from Parents to the Teacher

Dear Sir, how are you? I wanted to thank you for being a very supportive and understanding teacher to my son. He has been a slow learner and I was very worried about him but seeing his results and his satisfaction with you I am very relieved. Your hard work is paying off. Thanks for bringing a wonderful teacher.

Thank You Note to Teacher from Parents to the Teacher

Dear Teacher, I hope you are enjoying life. My daughter Alia got to stay your student last 2 years and is very ambitious to take science for her career in the future after studying it from you. You have shaped her into a very thoughtful and hard-working person and have inspired her to be like you. I appreciate all the kindness.

Sample Thank You Note from Parents to the Teacher

Dear Sir Rishab, I am writing you this to let you know that m son is really happy with you and so am I. He feels really lucky that you are his sports teacher because he gets inspired by you and praises you for giving him confidence and support always. This support has made him feel very confident. Thanks for being an amazing teacher.

Easy Thank You Text Message from Parents to the Teacher

Hi dear, this year’s online studies have been boring and tiring for kids globally but your kindness and support helped my daughter a lot. She mentions your efforts and all the support. You have assisted us a lot and made this time easier. You deserve appreciation. Thanks for being a good teacher.

Thank You Text Message from Parents to the Teacher

Teachers are the persons who shape the nation. You are indeed a good one and I am very satisfied with the fact that my son is under your supervision. Your guidance changed him a lot and he is much more confident and nice. Indeed it is because of good teaching. I appreciate your behavior. Thanks.

Thank You  Text Message from Parents to the Teacher Thanking for Support

Hi ma’am, I feel really lucky that my daughter is studying with you. You are an inspirational lady. My daughter is in good hands and it is showing in her behavior. I know she will learn a lot of good from you. You have proven to be the most encouraging teacher and this has made my girl more confident. Thanks.

Request Letter to Chairman for Extra Coaching

Sample request letter to chairman for extra coaching in school. This letter can help those parents who wanted to save their children’s future in save hands.

Request Letter to Chairman for Extra Coaching in School

The Chairman,
Legendary Brilliant School System,
Uttar Perdaish, India.

Subject: Request letter to chairman for extra coaching in school

Honourable Sir,

I pray to Kali Mata, that she give you eternal happiness and inner peace throughout your life. I am grade 15 employee in your magnificent educational system and I saw no shortcomings in this system except the lack of
tuition in the school.

Sir, I came from a very humble family and there are a number of persons with me who has the same belongings. The tuition fee that this system charged us is very reasonable and we all have no issue in giving it as you are very
considerate in the fee structure and the depositing scheme.

My child is not a brilliant star as the term goes with the intelligent and A + scorer, but as a parent I want my child to be named as brilliant star. I went here and there in search of good teacher who can teach my child at home,but I returned home with a sad face as the tuition teachers are not competent and their main purpose is just to grab the money and that is all.

I do not want this to be happened with my child and in a way I talked my grievance with my co-worker and he spread the word. Luckily, many of my colleagues came to me and cried the same issue so we decided to approach you for a very great favour of opening up a new scheme for extra coaching in the school. We are ready to pay for the quality teaching by the qualified teachers.Kindly think on this idea. I will be very thankful to you.

Mr. Raam Lal,
27 th May, 2017.

Sick Leave Application by Parents

Sample Sick Leave Application by Parents. If any student is ill and  is not able to attend the school it is obligatory that parents should inform the concerned person or class teacher about the matter so that the child can be on leave for the mentioned days. Easy format is provided below.

Easy Format of Leave Application from Parents

The Principal,
SICAS Greenland.

Subject: Sick Leave Application

Respected Sir,

It is stated that my son Steve James is student of Grade 4th and he has suddenly caught severe cold and chest infection since yesterday night. He is extremely ill and cannot come to school for few days. This application is to inform the class teacher about his bad health and he is also not able to take the assessments in this week. It is requested that kindly consider the request and reschedule his assessments when he will be back to school. I shall be obliged.

Thanking you.


Eva James
Mother of Steve James.

Sick Leave Application by Parents

The Principal,
Ali Institute Lahore.

Subject: Sick Leave Application Notice

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully, I want to bring in your kind notice that Rida Fatima has been suffering from high fever and throat infection from last one month. On her doctor’s strict recommendation she was on bed rest until she is fully recovered. She was to be operated but owing to severe weaknesses  due to constant fever conditions, it was delayed.
Now as she is in better health, she is going to join her school again by start of upcoming month. Kindly let her join the classes. Her medical certificate is attached with the application. I hope that you will cater the request. I would be really thankful to you.

Sohail khan
Father of Rida Fatima.
Contact: 000-000-000.

Undertaking Letter by School Sample

Sample Format of Undertaking Letter. This format of the letter is utilized by all the educational institutes for the concern of students’ better to best academic performance.You can change it according to your need.

Undertaking Letter by School Sample

Mr & Mrs. Pawun kumaar

Subject: Undertaking Letter by School  Regarding Child’s academic performance

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that your son Daleep Pawun of class 9 sec D is studying our school since last 2 years. He is an intelligent boy. We have recently planned a quiz of all subjects to check the performance of the students. I am obliged to tell you that he has shown a good result. But I am also not satisfied from his overall performance. As he is a hard working and intelligent student so I expect an outstanding performance from him. He has satisfied me though but I am not feeling proud as his previous teacher was from his previous class. He is weak in mathematics and Science.

So in that case we are assuring that you are aware of your child’s performance and will help us accordingly to improve his performance.

Yours Sincerely,

Class teacher
Ms. Sundaleep
Parent’s signature

Sample Undertaking Letter by School
Sample Undertaking Letter by School


This format of Undertaking Letter is utilized by all the educational institutes for the concern of students’ better to best academic performance based on recreational as well as on field study trips. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Format of Undertaking Letter

Mr George Petal

Subject: Undertaking Request Regarding Field Study trip

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that the school is arranging a Field Study Trip as per school’s policy. The trip is recreational and educational in its nature for it serves both the purpose. Your daughter Antara Petal is also going with her class on this trip. Kindly make sure her school bag does not contain any extra accessory other than written on the diaries by the class teachers.

We humbly sought your cooperation in this regard and the school trip is fully packed with sound security system as two weapon equipped guards and the relevant teachers and sports teachers(males) are heading with them on the trip.

Thank you


Letter by Parents for Class Teacher

Sample Letter by Parents for Class Teacher. Sample Format of requesting to keep the same (previous) class teacher in child’s next class.This format letter is official for all school, academies, colleges and universities for keeping the old Class Teacher in next class of the child. Easy format is here.

Letter by Parents for Class Teacher Sample

The Principal,
Manawah High Central School
Uter Perdaish, India

Subject: Letter  of requesting to keep the same (previous) class teacher in child’s next class

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is stated that my son Annaya Gurdeev is studying in your school in 5th standard and were taught by chance by the same teacher Mr. Rataish who was very friendly towards him. My son is badly attached with his class teacher and in his current class that is 5th A he was not given his favourite English teacher Mr. Rataish Shermal.

Mr. Rataish Shermal ia a fine and well-groomed teacher who knows the pulse and heart of his students including my son. Due to his efforts the class result in English subject was overall high and in very outstanding grades. Students were putting on him their love and trust which is by no means a thing to ignore. I am here to court his staying in the same class as it is in the benefit of both the parents and the students because a comfortable level of understanding is built on either part. It would be to some extent difficult for the said teacher to raise this type of level with the newly assigned students and hence their parents.

Kindly see to this issue which is petty in nature at apparent level but in deep currents it’s a grave mistake to separate the students from their teacher and which can lead to poor result of theirs.

Mrs. Ghupta( Mother of Child)
Date: 29th Aug., 2015.

Letter by Parents for Class Teacher
Letter by Parents for Class Teacher

Letter by Parents to Participate their Child in Curricular Activities

Letter by Parents to Participate their Child in Curricular Activities.This format letter can be used for all school, academies, colleges and universities for requesting the teacher/Principal to participate their child in school co-curricular activities like debates,speeches,drama,natt,comparing/hosting etc

Letter by Parents to Participate their Child in Curricular Activities

The Principal,
Govind Group of Schools,

Subject: Request Letter to Participate their Child in Co-Curricular Activities

Respected Sir,

In high and esteemed words I am here to plead the request on behalf of my daughter Yumna Harshaii Khuraana who is studying in your school from the past two years. Her all the relevant subjects and class teachers were very good and achieved a hallmark in professional excellence. Besides being good,cultured and highly educated they somehow could not configure the brilliance of my daughter in curricular and co curricular stance.From the school she migrated due to her father’s posting as he is still serving the Indian Army, she was always taken into account for her forceful voice and the thirst to achieve the excellence in Dramatic Society.

She was ranked high in her previous school but unfortunately her talent is not explored and discovered by her teachers so far. Regretfully saying Sir that I was waiting for her teachers’ insight to watch for what is hidden in her but to my utter disappointment her hidden talent was not diagnosed up till now!

Kindly engage my daughter in extra school activities and I assure you every support on parental behalf will be intimated by us for the well-being of our child. I hope her teachers would not mind my critique and will see the pain of a mother hidden under these lines. Thank you

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Khurana
Date: 19th Aug., 2015.

Letter by Parents to Participate their Child in Curricular Activities
Letter by Parents to Participate their Child in Curricular Activities


Application For Correction of Child’s Name

Sample Application For Correction of Child’s Name In Certificate. This format application is valid for all school, academies, colleges and universities. Sample Application Format for Correction of Child’s name In Certificate from Parents.

Application For Correction of Child’s Name Sample

The Principal,
Delhi group of school,

Subject: Request Application for Correction of Child’s Name In Certificate:

Respected Sir,

I beg to say that my son Ashok is studying in 9th semester in your school. Unfortunately my son’s name is printed incorrect in the certificate by mistake. Kindly correct the name of my son in the certificate awarded to him by the school. The name Ashak Nalhotra instead of Ashok Malhotra is printed. Kindly Sir strictly checks other certificate thoroughly in order to grasp a mistake. These minor mistakes can create big issues, so give an ear to this situation. I will be grateful to you for kind concern.

Yours sincerely,
Argun Malhotra
Date: 9th Aug., 2015.

Application For Correction of Child’s Name Sample
Application For Correction of Child’s Name Sample

Warning Letter for Child Fee from School

Warning Letter for Child Fee from School Sample.This warning letter is only for the parents who did not pay the outstanding fee of their child studying in schools, colleges and universities. You can change it according to your need.

Sample Warning Letter for Child Fee from School

Dear Parents,

I the Principal/ Chairperson/ Vice Chancellor of the institute_____________ is addressing you with much remorse and in very firm tone that off and on issuance of the reminders sent to you on diaries/receipts/circulars by the head teachers/administration office /clerical staff in regard of outstanding fee still unpaid by you to the institute. But no heed was paid to the notices sent for you in this regard.

We are running this wide spread institute on profit free basis and due to this reason we have to accumulate the money generated by fee of the students. With this generated fee we pay the salaries of our teaching staff, ancillary staff, guards and drivers.

A number of other tasks are also performed on the score of this accumulated money like electricity bills, gas bills, computer labs’ maintenance, library funds, internet access, science labs’ monthly renovation and bills of IT department and purchasing of new materials like computers, LED, LCD, furniture, projectors, transparencies, energy savers, television, books for libraries as well for deserving students schooled in the institute for good. Scholarship money is also squeezed from this money for the betterment of the educational growth of the disciples.

In case of non-payment of the outstanding fee that is incumbent on you as a liability, we will now struck off the name of your child from the admission list as well as from the attendance register of the class. This type of striking off/termination would badly affect the educational career of your child as you will not be given Leaving certificate without which your child will not get admission anywhere in the country. To escape this scary time deposit the fee as soon as possible in the institute or you alone will be responsible for the dire consequences.


Jozef Zurek
CIMS Inetrnational School

Sample Warning Letter for Child Fee from School
Sample Warning Letter for Child Fee from School