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Sample Short Leave Messages

Sample Short Leave Messages. If any working male or female want to get urgent short leave and he/she just wants to inform the boss through a text message/sms they can use these text according to need.

Sample Short Leave Messages

  • Dear Sir, I am writing this message to inform you that my wife is in last days of pregnancy. It is a crucial time for both of us as she is not feeling well. Her condition got unstable so I have to be with her today for some time, Therefore, I need leave for two hours from office.
  • Dear Boss, my sister had a very bad accident today. I am going to take her to the hospital. It would not be possible for me to come. Kindly permit me leave for one hour only.
  • Good Morning boss! I hope you are doing well. It is to inform you that I need to leave from the work today as my son has a very high fever. I have to take care of him at home. Please give me leave for two hours only.
  • Dear Sir, I won’t be able to attend college today for whole day as my mother is suddenly very sick. She is having blood vomiting’s. It is my request to permit me leave for three hours only.
  • Morning Boss! I am sending you this message in the morning as I have a funeral to attend today. I just go the sad news of demise of my beloved grandfather. I will be coming late to office. Please adjust two hours.
  • Dear Sir, I just got a message from my sister that my mother fell from the stairs. I have to go see her at home. Please give me short leave of one hour only.
  • Respected Sir, I am not feeling well today. I am having severe headache from the week now it feels like I have a migraine. I will diagnose it from the doctor today. Thus, I request you to grant me leave for three hours today only.
  • Dear Sir, I hope you are in good health. Unfortunately, my father is very sick today. His health condition is not good. I need leave for one hour only.
  • Dear Boss! My wife is expecting a child. She is alone at home and not feeling very good. I understand that office needs my help but I need leave for two hours just today.
  • Dear Madam! I am having severe stomach ache and continuous vomiting’s. I feel that I have food poisoning. I will get it checked today. Please give me short leave of two hours so I can get it checked.
  • Morning Sir! One of my friend’s mother passed away today. She is like my sister. I need to be with her at this unfortunate incident. Please grant me short leave for one and half hour only.

Marriage Leave Messages to Boss

Sample marriage leave sms to boss. If any employee need to take leave he/she can use these easy messages according to need or requirement. Necessary changes can be done.

Marriage Leave Messages to Boss

1. Morning boss! It is to inform you that I need to take a leave from office for tomorrow as I am going to attend my friend’s marriage. It is a wedding of my very closest friend. Hence, it is important for me to go and attend the wedding.

2. Hello Boss, I am writing this message to inform you that my sister is getting married today. I have some pretty huge responsibilities on my shoulder. So, I need leave for today only. Thanks.

3. Dear Boss, I am writing this to notify you that as I have submitted my marriage leaves application. Please go through that. I am going to take an off tomorrow due to my grand marriage ceremony.

4. Good Morning Madam! I want to apologize first for not making it to office today. My friend is getting married today so it is not possible for me to office. I will compensate my work after I come back to office from attending the marriage.

5-Dear Sir,
I am at the wedding ceremony of my cousin in other city so cannot attend my office. Kindly grant me leave for two days.
Yours Sincerely,


6-Respected Sir, I am out station due an urgent marriage party of one of the friends. It will be hard to attend the office for today. Kindly grant me leave for one day.
Thanking you I remain.

7-Dear Sir, Please be informed that I have to attend the marriage party of my friend at nearest town, So I can’t attend my office today. Please grant leave for one day.
Yours Obediently,

Mehta Sharma

8-Hello Boss! Hope you are doing fantastic. I want to take leave for three days as my marriage is approaching soon. As you know, how personal this matter is. Therefore, kindly issue me leave.


9-Hi Madam, I am sending you this message to inform you about my marriage ceremony due on this Sunday. I am hopeful that you make my event more pleasant by your presence. Please give me two leaves for the ceremony.

Yours Truly,

10-Dear Boss, I hope you are in good health. I need leave for three days as my sister is getting married in this week. I have to arrange a lot of important stuff for marriage.

Thanking you.

11-Good Morning Sir,I am writing this message in a hurry. I totally forgot about my cousins marriage today. As it is my childhood friend as well so I have to attend one of his wedding function. Kindly permit me leave for one day only.

Warm Regards,

12-Sir, I am requesting you to give me leave for just one day as my cousin is getting married. It is very important function for whole of the family. I understand the burden of the work but I will do my duties when I am return to work.


13-Dear Boss, hope you are doing well. I heard about your illness. Hope you are fine now. This is my request to you to kindly grant me leave for one day only as I have to attend the marriage of my close buddy.


14-Respected Sir, I need leave for three days. My sister is getting married and I have to arrange and participate in all her wedding functions. I realize that I have just joined the organization but I promise that would not take any more leave from further on.

Best Wishes,

15-Respected Sir, As discussed I am on leave from today for 7 days due to my marriage. Kindly accept my request.

16-Dear Mam, My marriage is fixed in next month. I need to be leave for whole month. Kindly Obliged.

Christmas Greetings/Wishes SMS by Employee

Merry Christmas wishes messages/text. Christmas greetings wording.  Short Christmas Messages. Christmas Greetings/Wishes SMS. These text can be used all searchers according to need.

Christmas Greetings/Wishes SMS by Employee

  1. My special and joyful wishes to you on this Christmas. May your heart be filled with ultimate fin, soulful love and contentment. Enjoy the Day with your friends and family.
  2. On this miraculous Christmas, I wish you very happy merry Christmas. May you receive a lot of gifts and a lot of food. May you always achieve success like you do.
  3. Merry Christmas to the best boss ever. You are more of a mentor than a boss. May life gives you bundle of sweet surprises all your life and may you have quality time this Christmas with your family.
  4. You are ideal for me as just Christmas candle is ideal for all of us. It gives us all the light and makes no noise and becomes smaller and smaller. You are the light of our life. May you always be like this. Happy Christmas.
  5. Family time is here. Fun time is here. It is the time which calls for all the families to be united and celebrate all the Christmas festivities with each other. May you have splendid Christmas with your family.
  6. Best present is always the lone time with your family. May this Christmas be glorious for you and your family. I wish you very happy Christmas.
  7. I wish you happy Merry Christmas. May your house be filled with all the joy, happiness and blessings. I hope you truly enjoy the Christmas.
  8. Nothing is better when you have holidays and a lot of delicious food to eat at home. May you celebrate the soulfulness of Christmas at its fullest and remember the joy and miraculous day of Christmas forever.
  9. May this Christmas be a lovely Christmas for you and your family. It’s a time for reminiscing and looking forward at the same time. A very happy merry Christmas.

New Year Wishes MESSAGES

Happy New Year Messages For 2019. New year messages and greetings. Best new year wishes. Multiple messages are here.

  1. Wishing you very happy New Year with all the tenderness and endearment. I hope you achieve every grapple with victory. Pure your heart from every regret and forgive people often. Let the new flowers of kindness blossom in your heart.
  2. May this New Year brings ocean of fortunate on your way, brings vitality and vigorousness to accomplish everything. I hope you have a dazzling new year. Happy New Year!
  3. Let the rain wash away the pain, let the new waves of soft wind touch your face, let love win this year. I hope you mend yourself and come forward again with more zeal this year. Wishing you very warm happy new year!
  4. May this New Year welcomes you with new goals, new achievements and new reasons to love life a little more this year. Happy New Year!
  5. Every New Year we have an opportunity to open new gates of life and pen down a fresh start of our continued story. It is never too late for new beginnings and re-start gear of life. Happy New Year!
  6. Wishing you the joy of new season. May this year be blissful and prosperous of you. May optimism always be your companion and may you get the courage to forgive people’s mistake with open heart. Happy New Year!
  7. May this New Year marks new beginnings of your life. May you get successful in your future endeavors and prosperity and success always touches your feet. Be the light and enlighten people faces with happiness.
  8. Happy New Year! May your all dreams come true in coming year, may this year heals all your hidden wounds, may this year brings tranquility and peace in your life.
  9. New adventures are always exciting and I hope you start your new year with some big adventure. May you believe in yourself and store your faith in your potentialities. Warm wishes to you and your family from my side. ! Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas Wishes Messages

Merry Christmas wishes messages/text. Christmas greetings wording.  Short Christmas Messages. These text can be used all searchers according to need.

Merry Christmas Wishes Messages

1. Hello dear mother, I wish you a very happy merry Christmas and on this day I wish you happiness and peace for the entire upcoming year.

2. I wish this season you get all the things you ever wanted and all your wishes come true magically. I heartily wish you merry Christmas!

3. On this joyous day, I wish you success and good health for whole year. I wish you receive all the love and joy you deserve in the world.

4. May this Christmas brings bundle of happiness to you way and open all the closed gates of your life. I wish you success, joy and love for whole year. May you have a lot of fun!

5. May you receive the best of both worlds on this Christmas! I wish your Christmas is full of surprises and exciting gifts. I hope you have Santa coming at your doorstep with a lot of smiles. Merry Christmas!

6. Hi dear friend, let’s forget all the past fights and all the ups and downs on this Christmas. I wish you Merry Christmas with the peace and a lot of love in my heart. I hope you have a fun Christmas!

7. May this holiday season brings all the brightest stars in your footsteps and make your life a magical fairy tale. You have the purest of hearts and I hope that not a single tear sheds from your eyes. You deserve the best. Merry Christmas, my love!

8. May this joyous event brings you closer to your family. I wish you nonetheless but a lot of warm wishes to you and your wife. Have a very happy Holiday!

9. Wish you a warm, cheer and full of love Christmas! I hope you have a fantastic and fabulous holiday!

10. May this season of love, brings the tranquility in your life and bless you with all the happiness. I hope that your heart and your house fills with the constant joy on this significant event.

11. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May all the sweet magic of this jubilant and ecstatic Christmas brings you warmth and luck in coming year!

12. May your heart blossoms with whispers of happy Santa on this day! Wish you a delighted Christmas and I hope you have a lot of fun on this joyful event!

13. May this festive brings all the prosperity and success in your life. I hope you stay in my life forever and be blessed with all the love in the world. I wish you Merry Christmas!

Christmas Preparations Leave Messages Sample

Christmas Leave Messages. Sample Formats of Christmas Leave Messages. Different easy messages for everyone are here . Necessary changes can be done.

Christmas Preparations Leave Messages Sample


1. Hi, I hope you are in good health. I am writing this message to inform you that I cannot reach today to university because of Christmas preparations. I have to go buy fairy lights and Christmas tree for the Christmas Eve. It holds a paramount significance for us that is why please accept my leave for today.

2. Hi, Christmas is a very significant and essential part of our lives and all fun, when celebrated with family. In that scenario, I have to buy a lot of gifts for my family and would not be able to come to work today. Hope you consider my leave message.

3. Hello ma’am, I hope this message finds you in good health. I want to notify you that I would not be able to reach for chemistry class today as I have to go out on shopping with my father for Christmas. I have to buy a huge Christmas tree for the great big day.

4. Hi Sir, I work as a Manager executive in this prestigious company. I promptly wanted to inform you this that I would not be able to come at work today because I have to reserve seats at restaurant for Christmas Eve and also buy presents for my guests.

5. Hello miss, I cannot reach to work today because of the infinite Christmas preparations. There are so many arrangements to make for the Christmas day. I have to go for shopping to decorate whole house as my husband is coming from Europe to celebrate Christmas after 2 years.I hope you understand my situation and marks my leave.

6. Hi, I am notifying you through this text message that I would not reach to school today for classes. I have to make a lot of preparations for Christmas as my father is coming from New York to celebrate this day with us. I am going to buy a present for him today.

7. Hi Sir, I work in this production house and this is to inform you that would not able to reach to work today. I have to make a lot of arrangements for Christmas Eve. I am throwing a huge party at my house and making a delicious dinner for all. I have to go for shopping to buy all the right stuff.

8. Hi, I am Serena Jake and this is to notify you that I have taken an off today from work as there is a lot of arrangements left to make for Christmas Eve. I have to go for shopping with my grandmother and buy all the fairy lights for the house decoration. I have already completed my work commitments so it would not be a lot of problem.

9. Hi Sir, as you know that Christmas is all around the corner and every individual is in rush at this hour to prepare best for Christmas Eve. I would not be able to give lectures today at college because of infinite preparations left to do. I hope you understand and consider my message of leave.

Condolence Letter On Death of Friend’s Mother

Condolence letter sample, written by any person to another for condolence. To buck up that person. Condolence letter on death of friend’s motherCondolence letter on death of friend’s father, sister or any other  close relation, loss of friend’s wife, death of mother in law or father in law and loss of father or mother.You can change necessary changes and use this condolence letter format. Format of sample condolence message for loss of mother.

Sample Condolence Message for Mother’s Death

Dear Osama,

Hope to find you in good health. I regret to say that I heard the news of your mother’s death and I am really shocked. I am sorry I couldn’t reach there as I received your letter just now. I knew that she had minor cough from last week but what has happen is totally beyond our thinking. Such a nice lady she was. I even couldn’t  stop my tears when I heard this dreadful news.

I know that its such a crucial and critical time for you and your family as well. But everything happens by ALLAH’s will. We cant change anything. Be brave and bold, if you will go weak your siblings also will. Get up and keep shadow on them. Its such a great loss of you all but don’t let them feel so.
ALLAH ALMIGHTY has better plans for us. Don’t get disappointed. My wishes are for you dear. I will come to see you as soon as my exams will be over. Pray for your mother, May her soul rest in peace (Aameen).
Yours Truly,

Condolence Letter Upon Brother’s Death

Dear Amir,

My friend, regret to say but  I get to know about really shocking and  sad news of your brother’s death. Not only yours I consider him as my elder brother too. He was such a brave and nice person. He not only was an ordinary man, but being in Air Force he was proud of our country.

Fellow, everything happens according to God’s will and we can never change that but be bold at this moment. I mean yes it is critical but he will be  always considered alive in between memories of ours. What we can do is pray for his forgiveness. Don’t get upset and be a bold pillar for your parents! May his soul rest in peace.

Yours Truly,

Condolence Letter Upon Brother's Death
Condolence Letter Upon Brother’s Death

Words of Condolences Letter for Mother

Dear John,

The news has taken me into deep level of sorrow. I cannot comprehend the pain you are going through right now. This is such a shattering and disheartening news. I don’t have words to use which can comfort you at this point because the loss is so great to comfort. She was such a humble person and second mother to me.
She has been so kind to me and always treated me like her own son. I just want you to hold up and believe that she is always with you in your heat. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

Yours Truly,