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Sample Notification Against Harassment at WorkPlace

Sample notification format against harassment at work place. workplace harassment policy sample. Confidential Memorandum of Harassment Complaint. Complaint Letter About Harassment. Human beings are bio-social animals as the term may be coined and they work at same places based on the needs of the working conditions and misuse of power will be taken as harassment which is not allowed anywhere. This format will work in stopping such issue.

Sample Notification Against Harassment at workplace

Mr. Ronnie Roy,
Wild lily Mobile Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Notification against harassment at work place

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that you are a valuable employee of ours, but it does not mean that we are deaf, dumb and blind toward other employees who are working with us in the same
scenario. You are well aware of the move that you made to your fellow worker and I do not wish to mention the name of the dejected one. This is the final warning to you and you will be fired without any prior notice. Hope you will be careful next time in future. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mr. Edward Ruth,
12 th January, 2018.

Sample format of notification against harassment at educational workplace. This format can help in solving the issue at the educational place.

Sample Notification Against Harassment at Educational Workplace

Mr. Jacob Ronny,
Trunk Wood, 38 East Lane
California, United States of America.

Subject: Notification against harassment at educational work place

Respected Sir,

Greetings! We hope you will be fine at your place and we also expect safety of others as well at your hand. You are no doubt a good boss,
but bossy attitude is not at all expectable from you towards any teaching faculty. Whatever happened yesterday on the account of lesson planner should not be happen in future. Such ‘demonstrations’ with the lady is not suitable and please take this notice the last warning or we will be bound to terminate your services. I hope you have understood the in between the lines message. Thanking you in anticipation.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Martha Ronald,
12 th January, 2018.

Sample Format of Promissory Note 

Sample format of promissory note . Crisis may fall on somebody informingly, but it costs a lot of problem for the person whom it may fall. This format can be an additional aid for such grieving ones.

Sample Format of Promissory Note

The Principal,
Sophomore School System,
Brent Wood, United States of America.

Subject: Promissory note from student

Respected Madam,

Virtuous day. May I meekly tender this letter to your noble office aiding as my promissory note to pay half of my unpaid balance of my tuition for the final semester of the school year on the last week of December, 2017, and the other half of my fee will be paid on the last week of January 2018, I hope.

I am formerly enrolled with this University in my first year of the course, Bachelor of Economics in last semester of the school year 2015. However due to financial checks, I was able to pay only $ 200.00 p of my schooling. And the remaining due balance is still unpaid at present on my part.

In assessment of this, I am reverentially asking the support of your good office allowing me to register in the second semester upon compensating the admission fee despite of my unresolved commitment with the school to which I am student now. I have no other alternative but to ask respectfully your contemplation so that the Accounting Department of this college will allow me to enrol with this University. I am very much zealous to trail my studies. Rest guaranteed that my outstanding compulsion will be steady by me on the dates forested. I am hoping for your positive approval on this letter. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Janet Pow,
30 th September, 2017

Promissory Note Format from Student

Respected Madam,

Blooming day. I hope you will be gliding well in the treasure of lives and seaming in good health. I like to show up grieve of mine to you in your noble office. I got admission in this prestigious college in freshman standard one year ago. At that time, my only parent Mr. Jones was alive and he boned all the fee expenses as well as other additional expenses of mine. I had no issue in paying my dues as I was financially sound, but now in an accident he lost his life after being bed ridden for whole three months. All the financial gratuities he got spent on him during his sickness period.

I am now left all alone on myself and I had to find a job as well as accommodation for living purpose, presently I am staying at my friend’s lodge. Sir, you knew it very well that this age is age of education ad competition! I will stand nowhere if not abreast with modern education and ultimately unable to find a white collar job for me, so I request you to kindly lend me a helping hand in completing of my degree. I promise to return all the dues for this period. I hope you will consider my application.Thanking you in anticipation.

Sincerely yours,

Sample Agreement of Mortgage House

Sample agreement of mortgage house. Financial crisis can dawn upon any individual and at any time. Getting out of this depression requires sound help and it can be availed in shape of mortgaging the house till repayment of the loan.

Sample Agreement of Mortgage House

To whom it may concern
Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Rs-500 stamp paper Mortgage of house

It is to notify that Mr. Khawar Hussain owner of 8 Marla double Storey building in Lahore is a permanent resident of this residential area from the past thirty areas. The address is street no 5, house no 13 deaf and dumb society. He has recently suffered a set-back in the newly initiated business of children garments and he started the business by taking loan from the bank. Now, currently, he has to pay the loan to the bank and for that reason he wanted to mortgage his house. He is in agreement of mortgage with Mr. Tayyab Khalil who agreed to pay the amount of ten million for five years to Mr. Khawar Hussain.

In the time duration of five years Mr. Khawar Hussain s/o Hussain mayo is held liable to pay the amount to Mr. Tayyab Khalil but he fails to do so he demand to Mr. Tayyab Khalil to extend the time duration and reserve no rights to vacate the house from him. In case Mr. Khawar Hussain does so, he will immediately be taken to police custody and the mortgage family will stay in the same house until and unless the recovery of the payment due on Mr. Khawar Hussain.

Signature of Owner: M.Khawar Hussain CNIC: 33334-000- 65-0
Signature of Mortgage: M. Tayyab Khalil CNIC: 33312-52234- 1
Witness: no: 1(from owner): Mr. Aoun Abbas
Address: House No. 78, Street No. 56 Main Boulevard Scheme CNIC: 3354-988845- 3

Witness no: 2 (from mortgage): Mr. Hussain Butt
Address: House No. 6, Street No, 8 Main Blue Area sector CNIC: 33598- 234465-5

Sample Critical Medical Illness Notice for Employees

Sample Notice format for Critical medical illness. This format is  professional document of organizations which they serve to their employees as undertakings. Organizations are welcome to use this format for legislation matter.

Sample Critical Medical Illness Notice for Employees

Legislative Rule for Critical Illness
Undertakings for Employees ‘Leave Scheme.

The administration decided to pass the Alteration Act 2015, passed at the end of December 2017, includes a component relating to the new-fangled sick leave arrangements.

A Critical Illness Protocol has been developed which will set out the arrangements for extensive paid sick leave for staff that are critically ill or seriously hurt. Sick Leave proposal provides for the imbursement of the following financial support to staff during periods of nonattendance from work due to illness or injury:

  • A maximum of 80 calendar days on full pay in a year
  • Followed by a highest of 81 calendar days on semi pay
  • Subject to a maximum of 173 calendar days salaried sick leave in a rolling five year period. It will only be billed when there is a realistic panorama of an individual returning to job.

Other Rules to be abide by in case of Sick Leaves.

  • A note of explanation is required if an employee misses the organization for any reason
  • An employee who has been sick should bring a medical certificate from his doctor.
  • An employee who has been absent must try to make up for the missed work on rejoining the office.
  • Employee suffering from the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to office:
  • Chicken pox
  • Cholera
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Whooping cough
  • Jaundice

We expect a firm standing and pledge from our dignified employees otherwise he/she will be liable to face disastrous results for their action or they may face rustication from the work! Good Luck.


Job Application for Business Advisor

Sample Job Application for Business Advisor. In the current era sense of competition is gliding towards sky and knows no bounds. Business class is flourishing leap and bounds and new empires of business are established with each coming year. To have grip on the world-wide business branches a number of professional advisors are sought after for more propelling. Such format can be used by individuals who dared to establish a disciplined business arcade with professionals.

Sample Job Application for Business Advisor

The Manager,
Twilight Series of Fiction
New Jersey, United States of America.

Subject: Job Application for Business Advisor

Respected Sir,

With due humbleness it is stated that I had recently saw an advertisement in Times newspaper about the vacancy of Business Advisor. I feel myself the right person for this job as I am over 60 years of age and had worked in almost twenty companies of different natures. I gathered and nurtured the rich working experience from all those companies and recollected them very fondly as it added versatility in my expertise.

I am very well aware of almost maximum number of issues created in the zone of businesses. I am capable of handling all the known issues in the complexities of arcades and tender takings. You can put your trust in my experience and I promise to never let you down on the words I utter for myself. The necessary documents are attached hereby with this application so that you can see the worth of my words with our own eyes and believe. Thanking in anticipation and hoping to get the job as is my passion to serve the country with my visionary advises.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Arthur Rex,
February 22, 2016

Job Application for Business Advisor
Job Application for Business Advisor

Fire-Prevention & Protection Engineer Job Description

Sample Fire-Prevention & Protection Engineer Job Description are given below for any company’s health and safety department. It is very useful for Safety & Fire Protection System. Job description of relevant field engineer are given below.

Fire-Prevention & Protection Engineer Job Description


Fire Protection Engineer performs duties related to advising on, administering, supervising or performing research or other professional and scientific work in the investigation or development of fire protection projects. Assignments may include design, construction, inspection, testing, operation, maintenance of firefighting or fire protection apparatus, appliances, devices and systems, or the testing of fire resistant materials.


  1. Arch Eng.


  • Airport and Railway projects requirement experience & background.
  • Not less than 10 years graduation experience or 5 years gulf experience in the same field.
  • Well known of codes and standard specially Saudi Building Codes, IBC, and NFPA
  • Fire and Life Safety Specialist
  • Building Construction Background


  • Responsible for design, review, and creating methods to prevent or extinguish fires.
  • Suggest ways to minimize dangers.
  • Devises best ways to escape from fire in buildings.
  • Site construction supervision & material approval
  • Identify potential fire hazards in buildings, such as water supplies, exit locations, and construction materials.
  • Inspects buildings to determine fire hazards.
  • Create methods dealing with fire prevention.
  • Plan changes in older buildings to make them safer.
  • Keep municipal properties safe from fire.
  • Study dangerous processes or materials and create safety measures for handling them for the following subjects:
  • Occupancy classification
  • Hazard of contents
  • Features of fire protection
  • Construction Type
  • Compartmentation and external fire spread
  • Fire services access
  • Means of egress
  • Evacuation Strategy
  • Level of Exit Discharge (LED)
  • Occupancy Load & Exit Capacity
  • Number and location of exits
  • Exit Passageways
  • Exit Discharge
  • Travel distance
  • Door Widths
  • Accessibility
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Illumination of means of egress and emergency lighting


  • Airport and Railway projects requirement experience & background.
  • Not less than 8 years graduation experience or 5 years gulf experience in the same field.
  • Well known of codes and standard specially GCC and NFPA for the following subjects:
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Gas Suppression system
  • Standpipes
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Emergency Ventilation System
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment.
  • Emergency systems
  • Flowing Smoke Layer Depth under the Ceiling
  • Smoke Analysis in Main Station Building Using CFD Model
  • Smoke Extract Rate in Retail.
  • Floor & Room Occupancy Calculations.


  • Design and design review of all Fire & Safety Systems as mentioned above in the qualification criteria.
  • Co-ordinate with the architectural and electrical facilities included in the fire & safety system
  • Promoting fire safety and enforcing fire safety standards
  • Design and design of fire safety equipment.
  • Design fire extinguishing devices.
  • Site construction supervision & material approval
  • To participate in implementing fire prevention and fire loss reduction strategies
  • Assessing situations quickly and deciding on the best course of action
  • Assist in preparation and maintenance of fire & safety plan
  • Advice best practice safety standards to building design and management professionals.
  • Advocate the use of fire monitoring, detection and early warning systems.
  • Promote and encourage compliance with fire detection regulations.
  • Carrying out simulation for smoke extraction.
  • Prepare code compliance.


  • Airport and Railway projects requirement experience & background.
  • Not less than 8 years graduation experience or 5 years gulf experience in the same field.
  • Well known of codes and standard specially GCC and NFPA for the following subjects:
  • Fire Alarm and Detection System.
  • Public address and evacuation system.
  • Access door system.


  • Design and design review and install fire detection equipment.
  • Design fire alarm devices.
  • Site construction supervision & material approval

Best Regards,

Eng’r. Ayan Ali                                             Eng’r. Raja Ali     
Manager of Engineering Dept                  Deputy Head of Electrical Department


Notice to the Minority Preference Shareholders

Notice to the Minority Preference Shareholders

Mr Majid Kabir
Company Name:_____

Subject: Redemption of preference Shares of Rs 10/-Each

Notice is hereby given that the shareholders of the company at annual general meeting of September 11, 2015 have approved the early redemption of preference shares held by all the minority shareholders at par value of Rs 10/- each. These preference shares were issued by the company of June 18,2015 as specie dividend @ Rs 87.71 per ordinary share redeemable within a period of ten years as per decision of the economic coordination committee.

The book closure period Sep 10, 2015 to Sep 18, 2015 for the entitlement of redemption was communicated to the shareholders in the notice of AGM also disseminated to all stock exchanges on August 28,2015. The AGM  notice was also published in the newspapers on August 11, 2015.

The preference shareholders are requested to surrender their original preference share certificates for redemption latest by October 7, 2015 to the Company’s shares registrar at the following address:

M/S Fabcot International Johar Town Lahore
Phone: 042-4567890

Once submitted for redemption the preference share certificates will stand canceled and the redemption warrant for the face value of shares along with dividend for the period from …… to……… will be dispatched to the shareholders.

Joint preference shareholders are further requested to submit a letter stating the %age of shareholding by the principal and joint shareholder duly filled and signed by all shareholders for the purpose of deduction of applicable income tax on dividend distribution from filer and non-filer of income tax returns.

A letter is also being sent alongwith the notice to each shareholder through registered post.The preference shareholders are also requested to notify the change of address if any to the company’s shares registrar at the aforementioned address.

Company Secretary

Notice to the Minority Preference Shareholders
Notice to the Minority Preference Shareholders

Redeemable Preference Share Letter

Mr Gorge Albert
Orvay International Pvt Ltd

Redeemable Preference Share Letter

Dear Shareholder,

We are pleased to inform that pursuant to the recommendations of board of directors at its meeting held on April 17, 2015 and resolution passed by the shareholders at the extraordinary general meeting of the company held on june 20,2015, you have been allotted non-voting, non cumulative, unlisted redeemable preference shares of Rs 10 each in the proportion of ——preference shares for every 100 ordinary shares held and registered.

The share certificate in respect of preference shares being issued to you as mentioned above is enclosed herewith.

Fractional shares/entitlements will not be distributed and its sale proceeds will be donated to a well known charitable organization as approved by the shareholders in extraordinary general meeting held on .(Date)…..

Yours Truly,

Company Secretary

Redeemable Preference Share Letter
Redeemable Preference Share Letter

Eid Greeting Email from Employer Sample

Eid Greeting Email from Employer Sample. This is an Eid wish and bonus for all employees to share happiness and joy by management/chairman or director. Easy format of Eid Greeting is here for your convenience.

Eid Greeting Email from Employer

Dear Employees,

On behalf of management I would like to inform you that on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha all board of directors have forwarded Eid Greetings and best wishes to all employees. This event is of utmost importance for Muslim community, being Muslim everyone should celebrate and share happiness among others as well. Management has decided to provide an additional salary of staff members as Eid Bonus.

We hope that this step will be a source to share the blessings of Eid among you all. Do not forget to look after the needy people at this precious time and prove yourself to be a useful and noble member of society.

Kindly, receive the cheques from Finance Departments.

Wishing you best of health and future!

Good luck Team.


Falcon’s Association.

Eid Greeting Email from Employer
Eid Greeting Email from Employer