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Sample Formats of Apology Email for Ragging to Juniors

Sample formats of Emails for Apology Email to Principal or Head for Raging/Juniors Ragging are provided below. Apology Letter to the Principal for Ragging. Multiple templates are here.

Easy Apology Email for Ragging

Respected Head of the Department,

Department of Computer Sciences.

Sir, I am writing this email to apologize to you for ragging the juniors. It was not intended and even though I am aware of the college rules and regulations regarding the ragging of students, knowing that is it strictly banned. Our friends’ group was only inquiring about the names and details of the newcomers when a girl promptly took it as ragging and made a huge mess. Sir, you can ask the newcomers; as it was a regular chit chat and they were laughing with us as well. The girl made lodged a complaint against me whereas, I still want to apologize for the act. It was not any sort of ragging; I am not blaming her either, she may have misunderstood it. I request you to accept my apology in this regard. I will make sure such a situation is never created again. Seeking your kind help.

Yours Obediently,

Nisha Gupta

Sample Apology Email to Principal

Respected Sir,

I hope this email finds you in the best of your health. Sir, please accept my deep apology for the ragging of the junior. I am very well aware that the act of ragging is prohibited on campus. I along with a bunch of friends was trying to have a chit chat with the newcomers and unintendedly we started ragging not realizing that we are being watched. Sir, it was my mistake and I sincerely apologize for the act. I have also said sorry to the juniors if they have felt bad but it was just for the sake of fun and no serious intentions to hurt any other person was there. I hope that you will provide me with another chance and dismiss the action taken against me. Kindly accept my genuine and heartfelt apology. This shall not happen ever again.

Thanking you.


Varun Kumar

Easy Template Apology Email to Principal for Ragging

Respected Principal,

Hope this email finds you well. I am writing this email to apologize as I have been charged with ragging a junior yesterday. Sir, that junior is my family friend and we already have very good terms. The senior teacher saw me with the newcomer and mistook it as if I am teasing the boy. Sir, you can inquire with the boy as well; we are already friends. Even though I am not at fault but still I want to apologize if any inconvenience was caused because of me. I shall be highly obliged to you if this complaint can be removed from my conduct file as well. Thanking you in anticipation.


Neha Sharma
Student ID

Apology Email to Senior for Ragging

Dear Sir,

This email serves as an official apology email for the ragging of a junior. Sir, I did not want to hurt the feelings of any person intentionally. It was not intense ragging and we all were in a very friendly mood. I wasn’t aware of what the boy was going through and he had recently lost his father, the questioning on the father’s occupation went ahead and later I got to know that his father passed away a few days ago. I am deeply sorry for my misconduct and I want to apologize to the boy as well. Sir, I never wanted that things go wrong like this. We were trying to have a friendly introduction to each other when the boy got hurt. Please accept my apology in this regard. I shall be very careful from now onwards.


Anushka Sharma
Student ID