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Sample Leave Application for Match

Here are Sample request letter by the student to principal/headmaster for permission to sign leave to take a day off for the (Cricket , Football) tournament as it is necessary to keep scholarship valid.

Leave Application from Office to Play a Cricket Match

Dear Sir,

Our cricket team’s match is scheduled for (date) at (time), and I need a day off on (date) from the office so that I can participate in the match easily as I am the member of team. My participation is mandatory So I hope you will not disappoint me.

Yours Faithfully,

Your Name

Leave Application to Participate in Cricket Tournament

Dear Sir,

Our cricket tournament is starting on (date), which will continue for three days in (name of place/venue). I am a key player in my team, and my participation is essential. Therefore, I request you to grant me three days off (date to date) from the office so that I can play well with my team members and watch the rest of the matches. I hope you will give me leave. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter to Play Inter-University Match

To Head of department,

Hello Sir,

I am a student of the faculty of life sciences batch 2021- 2024 and as I am enrolled on the sports quota in this university on the basis of my sports skills. However, the moment of concerning hand is that I need leave on the coming Tuesday due to my semifinal match for inter-university competition, and the match is in KARACHI and as I am the captain of our team, so my presence in this match is significant, so I would like you to grant me academic leave for this Tuesday.

Yours sincerely,


Leave Application for Football Tournament


As you know that tomorrow is the final match of our intercollegiate football tournament. It is an important event for our college, and also for my career. I have always been a promising player of our football team.
Our mid-term exams are also starting tomorrow, and owing to the football match I am not able to come to college tomorrow and take the first paper. Kindly allow me permission to skip the first paper and ask the Controller Examination to re-schedule this paper for me next week.

I will be very grateful to you.

Thank you!