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The Choice of a Profession

The Choice of a profession

Profession means a paid job or occupation but for a specific time period subject to a long time duration, especially meant for training and a formal qualification. After getting the due training, the person is deemed eligible to join that particular field of profession. A professional always loves his profession and never ever thinks about giving up on that field of his or her interest.

On the other hand, job do not require special skills, and can be left at any time for it only includes money and monthly salary. This is the basic difference between a job and a profession. Now, the question is how to choose a profession? Many people think that if we know this or that then we are capable of doing any job in the world. Yes, you are right, you are eligible to do any job, but you are by no mean eligible to join any profession on the basis of jack of all trade. If you are everywhere, then believe me you are nowhere!

There are number of professions in the world like:

  1. Teaching
  2. Medical
  3. Engineering
  4. Cooking
  5. Travel guide
  6. You tuber
  7.  V logger
  8. Sewer
  9. Tailoring
  10. Earthenware craftsman
  11. Goldsmith
  12. Ironsmith
  13. Scientist
  14. Software engineer
  15. Mountaineering
  16. Counselor
  17. Psychologist
  18. Psychiatrist
  19. Entrepreneur
  20. Businessman
  21. Importer
  22. Exporter
  23. Textile dealer and many more professions, the list is long or never-ending as each year some new need evolve some new job. The circuit of life goes on like this.

Now, how to choose a profession? It is very simple and at the same time very difficult or confusing. See, if you are interested in some work or learning object then closely monitor the jobs linked with it, then make it your profession, but a person can be interested in two thing simultaneously, then prefer doing a Benjamin method that is take a sheet of paper, write pros and cons of both the interests and then on the basis of the filtered result choose one profession out of two.

Choosing a right profession saves you emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally cherry on the top, it brings colour in your life when you put innovation in your professional life!

Air traffic controller job

Air Traffic Controller Job for Male



ADSSS International Private Company,

Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting Air traffic controller job for male

Respected Sir, Hoping you will be fine and at peace in your home and at your workplace. I recently read a news that your prestigious company is in need of an experienced air traffic controller. I possess all the required skills needed for this job, I am not colour blind and at the age of 45 years, my eyesight is perfect! I am aware of all the rules and routes of air traffic. To prove my words, you can see my CV attached with this application together with the appreciation certificates. Please have a look into it and consider me fit for this job. I hope to see you soon, on positive notes. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Adman Franks

4th April, 2021

Air Traffic Controller Job for Female



ASCHG International Private Company,

California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting Air traffic controller job for female

Respected Sir, How are you? I hope you will be pacified in your life and I pray the same for the rest of your life. From my close relative, I came to know that your reverent company is hiring females for air traffic controller job and on very good salary package! This tickled me a lot! My curriculum vitae will testify a lot about my skills and passion for this job, but I would like to say few words about me. I am an ardent worker, punctual, blessed with problem-solving skills, well versed in spatial rules, and adapt to changes. I believe in teamwork and you will never find any colleague saying bad word about me. Please consider me for this job and contact me via my email liza.mib@live.com. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Ms. Liza Anthony

4th April, 2021.

How to earn from online part time JOB

How to Earn from Online Part Time Job

 Covid-19 has unbalanced the mainstream of the life and especially the financial line. Due to heavy loss in business occurred due to lockdown so employers were compelled to downsize the number of employees they were earlier hired for. This cut in employees’ job made them on suffering ends.  Laborers were facing financial issues badly, but the government somehow tried their best to accommodate them with the basic food needs. The situation got worse for educated, but mediocre strata. They are the ones who dropped down to a lower standard and couldn’t be facilitated by the government as they have car/bike and a home of their own. Any home is run by money, so educated class too need money to survive. There are always good doors open for educated people and one of those platforms were online tuition jobs. There are a number of websites that are user-friendly and charge a very less registration fee. Each site comes with specific guidelines which is mandatory for the user to follow. The tips are as below:

If you are new in this business, always charge less to attract as many students as possible, but you also need to keep the best standard for quality education. Never compromise on teaching-learning relationship

Choose the subject you desire to teach from the provided list by the website. Remember to choose only that subject on which you have a high command.

After choosing the subject, go on for setting a timetable. When setting the timetable, remember to put your ease at first. Adjust the timetable according to your available time.

It is mandatory for each tutor to upload a video in which you will introduce yourself and tell the specification of your teaching style. The video should not exceed more than 2 minutes. Be careful about the time limit!

In Pakistan, PayPal isn’t available so you can opt for any other available option given on the site. The money they will pay will be in dollars, get the exchange money and enjoy teaching and learning at the same time.

  Don’t trust anyone at first, so go ahead and try searching online tuition sites. First-hand experience is the best experience.

  In the end, never lose hope, no matter how hard the situation is. Remember there are always some doors open for you. This you could be YOU! Happy reading.

Request for Job Transfer to Another City Branch

Request for Job Transfer to Another City Branch. This letter can be used by those employees who want to get a transfer from one city to another due to shifting or any other reason. Format is given below.

Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location

The Managing Director,
Mi Casa International.

Subject: Transfer Request to Another Branch

Dear Country Manager,

I am a regular employee at Accounts department in your company. I have been working for this company for the last six years and throughout my entire work time I have been regular, punctual, hard working and a dedicated employee. I have been awarded the best employee of the year twice and I have also received gold medal last year for my best performance.

Now I am shifting to Karachi next month with my family because of some family issues. Therefore, I request you to transfer my job from Islamabad to Karachi so that I can continue my hard work with your company.

I have already written a request to your Karachi branch, but I would like you to write a formal approval transfer letter so that I can complete all the necessary documentation process and get my cheque in advance. I have already completed all the necessary work that was under my control so no such work is left out.

I assure you that I will keep on doing the hard work and will try to give my best to your Karachi branch. I have and always will be a good asset to your company and will help to increase the goodwill of our prestigious company. I will be waiting for your response so that all my documents are transferred on time to Karachi branch.

I will be grateful and thankful to you for this huge favor. I am attaching my nic and other documents for your convenience.

Yours Sincerely,

Sheeba John

Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location
Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location

Application for School Teacher Job

Application for School Teacher Job Sample and Cover Letter for School Teacher. Sample related to school, college, academy teaching.  For Subject teachers, Montessori teachers, Art teacher, sports teacher, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths Teacher, English Teacher,music teacher and special education teachers like speech therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist and related fields.Sample Job Application for Teacher With Experience, without experience. Format of Job Application for Teacher on Contract Basis in Government or Private Schools.It can be used as a cover letter of Job application for teachers.Templates are provided below.

Sample Application for School Teacher Job

The Elite School,
Sharjah, UAE.

Subject: Job application for experienced teacher

Respected Madam,

It is stated that I am applying for the position of an experienced Montessori teacher that your school requires at present. I have been educated in the requisite field and have previously worked as a licensed Montessori demonstrator as well. My educational background and interest in the development of children and the impact this stage has on their life in general led me to take on a job that fulfilled my need to accomplish.

I have worked with early childhood age group of children for the last ten years, first as a Montessori demonstrator and then as a language instructor for kindergarten students. I have been out of work due to personal reasons for the last three years and now I wish to rejoin the profession of my dreams again. I hope your school will provide me the opportunity to do so.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Javeria
27th May, 2014.

Sample Job Application for Teacher

January 16,2020
The Principal,
Blue Bird Montessori School System,

Subject: Request for Job as Teacher

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that I have come to know through some sources that some posts of Teachers are lying vacant under your kind control. I am needy and have some experience in this area of education.
I beg to offer my services for the same. My all necessary documents and CV are enclosed. Hope to hear from you soon.

I shall be very grateful to you for this kindness.

Thanking you I remain,
Your’s Obediently,

Application for School Teacher Job

The Principal,
Lahore Learning Alliance.
Defense, Lahore.

Subject: Application for School Teacher Job

Respected Sir,

I am writing to show my interest to serve your institution as a Montessori Teacher. I saw your advertisement in newspaper and found that our job requirements suit my eligibility. I did my MA/M.ED from Punjab University and I did Montessori Teaching Diploma of one year from Education University. I have experience of 2 years teaching in a private institution.

I have capability to work harder and I tend to do my best in his field. It would be my privilege if I am selected here. Enclosed is my resume along work experience letters. I hope that my application would be considered. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours Sincerely,
Ayesha Shah.
Contact: 0922779874.

EASY Format of Teacher Job Application

Dear Dr. Wright

After completing my graduation in English with four distinction subject, I would like to apply for the job position at a primary school.
I have Bachelor of education from the [University of California] and recently viewed the English teacher advertised in the daily mail. I have spent the last year in a temporary position teaching [English] and [History] at [Cathedral High School].
1- I am motivated teacher, providing students with a dynamic and interesting learning environment in which they can grow.
2- I am confident that you will be interesting hiring me as the teacher, I am familiar with the contemporary and standard teaching method.
3-  I am applying to your school for a variety of reasons. First of all, I want to teach young generation and secondly, your school is organizing the summer workshop and I have spent many hours working in the summer activities.
4-  Technology is becoming the essence of education in the future, you will happy to know that I am familiar with the activities based learning.
5- I have already performed the same job in [Cathedral High School] and my contribution remains worthy for your school. I enjoy hard work and helping the students to find their success and want my student to made name in the world. I always prefer interesting learning that applies to their lives.
I remain positive every time and have great ability to handle my students. I believe this is the novelty of the teacher and remain important for the school and students.
I have experience of teaching [History] which allows flexibility across a range of subjects. My skills, experience makes me the perfect person for this job post and proves to an asset of the school and improves the progression of students learning.
Thanks for taking a time to consider my application and I look forward to hearing from you and discuss a suitable role in your school.


Ms. Sonvay
Contactt: 67890-567

Job Application for O & A Levels Teacher

Leads International School System.

Subject: Application for job

Respected Madam,

Humbly stated that I want to be a part of your teaching faculty reserved for O&A level classes and I am quite confident to get this job because I am educated from prestigious HEC recognized institute and had worked with many school organizations collecting rich teaching experience from there.

I was highly appreciated by my all high ups in the previous school and colleges but now I want to serve this institute as it is the best of all and working with you in congenial atmosphere would be a great experience for me. I am creative and believe in innovation and this is what needed the most in O & A level. My resume and all necessary documents are attached herewith for your kind and experienced view. Kindly consider me in good concern.

Thanksgiving in advance.

Yours Truly,
Robert George
Cell No: 0300-45678990
Dated: _____________

Easy Application for Teacher Job

The Principal,
Educationists School System.

Subject: Application for Teacher

Respected Ma’am,

It is stated with reverence that I saw your advertisement regarding job vacancy on your website. I am highly willing to apply at your prestigious organization as a science teacher. Currently, I am teaching students of primary and secondary students privately. Being part of the education system, and a fresh graduate I understand the requirements of this position for which I am applying.

My resume is attached with the application, having mentioned all the diplomas I have done along the degree (Masters in Life Sciences). I uphold the communication and delivering style necessary to make students understand any topic and I can demonstrate that too. I request you to please visit my profile once.

I shall be waiting for an encouraging reply from you.


Eva Kim

Job Application for Accounting Subject Teacher

The Principal.
Government College,

Respected Sir,

Humbly stated that I have read your job offer in “Jang news”. The offer states that a teacher is required for the subject of Accounts. Further the requirement criteria is eligible for those who have done M.COM and have an experience of at least 3 years. Furthermore the candidate should have scored a GPA of at least 3.0 in the subject for which the job is applicable.

Humbly stating that I am eligible for the Job and fulfill all the criteria. I had taught in this subject and my result remains above 90% in my teaching era. I was punctual in my teaching institute and was awarded best teacher of my session. Due to some family problems I left the job and now I want to continue teaching. Kindly grant me the Job. All the necessary documents are attached for your reference.

Yours Sincerely,
Muhammad Asad.

Sample  Teaching Job Application Format

The Principal,
Carnation School System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Application for Teaching Job

Respected Madam,

America is truly a land of opportunities! I am glad and feeling lucky to grab this chance of putting myself forward for teaching job that you had recently advertised in The Times. I am non-native and came from Bangalore in search of good job. By good job I mean the learning and competitive environment.

I am skilled and well versed in the subject of Performing Arts and had a degree from reputed institution of London. If you give me a chance to have this job, I will not make your head down at any cost. I am true to my words. Always. I had attached the required documents and Curriculum Vitae with this application.I hope you will like to meet me. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Joseph Fred,
31 st August, 2016

Government Job Application for Junior Lecturer Assistant

The Directorate of Education( Colleges)
Lahore Division,
Deputy Director Colleges( Admin)

Subject: Recruitment of Junior Lecturer Assistant BS-07

Dear Sir,

Reference to your advertisements in the national news papers I have come to know that some above mentioned posts are lying vacant under kind control. I fulfill all the requirements for the said post and beg to offer my services for the same.

I am qualified and meet all the requirements for the said job descriptions,kindly have few moments for my attached Curriculum Vitae(CV) and allow me to serve the nation through under your kind control.

I am needy and I ave to support my parents working in the private sector. If you allow me to join this post, I assure you Sir, that it will be your best choice as I am had worker and honest person.

Thanking you I remain,

Gorge Robert
D/O Robert Hanery
20/6 B,Sector DHA Lahore

Sample Job Application for Teacher With Experience

The Principal,
British School System, Canada.

Subject: Job Application for School Teacher

Dear Sir,

I am writing in order to show my keen interest for the position of School Teacher in your prestigious institution about which I come to know through some reliable source. I am qualified person along with remarkable teaching skills. I have done M.A/M.Ed in English as major subject. I do possess 3 years experience of teaching. Currently, I am teaching in a private school as an English Teacher. I can teach primary, middle and the senior level efficiently. I have attached my resume for your review. Getting a chance of meeting would be sort of pleasure. I’ll prove to be a good selection for institution.

I will be waiting for positive response.


Ema Steve.
Contact: 000-666-555.

Job Application for English Teacher (Secondary Students)

The Principal,
Moon Senior School
New Delhi, India

Subject: Job Application for English Subject 

Humbly stated there is a vacancy in your school for an English teacher. The requirements of the job needs teacher having experience of at least 5 years from a reputed school and had done M.A English with at least 2nd div. I am eligible according to the requirements of the job as published in the advertisement given by you in the newspaper. On that basis I want to apply in your institution as a teacher. I am fully aware by the nature of the work and can handle all the educational matters easily and fairly. By appointing me, I assure that you will get a punctual and hardworking teacher as obvious from my Experience letter copy. All the mandatory documents are attach with my application for your kind view. Thankyou.

Yours Truly,
Sharma Persaad
July 12, 2015

Job Application for Teacher Without Experience

The Principal,
London School System.

Subject: Job Application for School Teacher

Dear Sir,

My purpose of writing is to get the opportunity to serve your institution as a teacher. I am freshly graduated and starting my career from your organization would be a good start for me as well as for your institution. I am fond of teaching since my college and was teaching primary level students privately. I have good academic background and I intend to deliver it to students in efficient manner. Enclosure contains my resume. I hope to get a chance from your side.

Thanking You In Anticipation.


Kin Steward.
Contact: 000-666-555.

Sample Job Application Format for Untrained Teacher

The Principal,
Lyceum Grammar School,
Utter Perdaish, India.

Subject: Job Application for Untrained teacher

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much humbleness and gratitude that I had recently got my degree of Masters in English literature and wanted to spread my knowledge to others, so I decided to apply in educational field. I am new and had no previous experience of teaching, but I love teaching. My passion will certify my words if you consider me for the job.

All the necessary documents are attached with this application for your kind consideration. I would be brimmed with gratification if you consider me fit for the job. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Anita Chuttani,
22 nd October, 2016

Job Application for Science Subject Teacher

The Principal,
Crescent School System.

Subject: Job Application for Science Subject  Teacher

Respected Principal,

This is Mona Sharma applying for the post of science teacher in response to your ad in the newspaper. I have done MSc in Physics from Lums with 3.97 GPA and have excellent communications skills to transfer my knowledge to the students as, I already have some practical experience as Science subjects Teacher in a City School. I was very good in presentations during my studies and I believe that I can prove myself a best teacher for Science subjects. Looking for your response to appear in the interview.


Contact No: 0300-5678450

Job Application for Contract Based Teacher

The Principal,
International School System.UK

Subject: Job Application for Contract Based Teacher

Dear Madam,

Through your advertisement in ‘The News’ on 10th March, 2015 I have come to know about the vacancies of teachers in your organization which are purely on contract basis. I have recently completed my graduation and did diploma in teaching form British Institution. I have good teaching, assessing and communication skills which makes me a strong contender for this job. I have attached my testimonials and curriculum vitae, and I hope that after going through them you will definitely give me a chance of interview. My skills will prove to be an asset for your organization.

Yours Sincerely,

Eva James.
Contact: 000-666-555.

Application for Art and Music Teacher

The Principal
Beaconhouse School System,
Model town, Lahore.

Subject: Application for Art and Music Teacher

Respected Madam,
It is stated that I am Iqra Khan, through some reliable sources I have come to know about the vacancy of Art and music teacher in your esteemed institution. I have done Bachelors in Art and Music from NCA, Lahore. I did diploma in music and instrument training. I did internship as an art teacher in Lahore Alma School System.

To get a chance to serve your institution would be a source of pleasure for me. My resume along with testimonials is attached. I shall remain your beholder and will prove myself to be the best candidate against the post.

Thanking you I remain.

Iqra Khan.
Contact: 0322888888

Application for Art and Music Teacher
Application for Art and Music Teacher

Job Application for Special Education Teacher

The Director,
ABC Institution, Karachi.

Subject:  Application for Special Education Teacher

Dear Sir,

I am desirous of offering my services as a Special Education Teacher in your prestigious institution. I did MA in special education from Punjab University and I have also done inclusive training course (Project of US AID), from RSI. I am currently teaching in Roshni Foundaion.It would be a great opportunity for me to work within this organization. Concise details of my educational background and working experience are attached.

I request you to kindly apprise of my suitability for your purpose.

Thanking you I remain.

Yours truly,
Salma Ali.

Application for the Post of Psychologist Sample

The Principal,
Rising Sun Institution for Special Children, Lahore.

Subject:  Application for the Post of Psychologist

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope to find you hale and hearty. I am Shafia Batool, and I did my BS.(Hons.) in Psychology from Govt. College for Women, Gulberg. I have recently applied in M-Phil from Punjab University. I am sincere with my work and I am a competent person. I did one year internship in Omar Hospital as an intern and gained much experience. Currently I am doing diploma in Human Psychology Assessment from Oxford International.

For my professional career it would be a great platform for me to work within your prestigious institute. For your review details about my professional experience and curriculum vitae are attached. I hope to hear good from your side. Thank you.


Shafiya Batool.
Contact: 086546789

Email for Clinical Psychologist Post

The Director,
Roshni Association, Lahore.

Subject:  Application for Clinical Psychologist

Dear Sir/Mam,

This is Nabiha Rashid. I have done my MS in Clinical  Psychology from Government college university. I have 13 months of paid experience of working with special need students.I have also done placements in my BS(Hons) program and during my MS in different institutes, catering the needs of special children. I am sending my resume and you can contact me for details.


Nabila Rashid
Cell No: 0300-5113784

Application for Teaching  Job Sample

Sub: Application for job in Special Education School
Respected Sir/Madam,
It is stated that, I had recently completed my education and i am looking for a Job.I have done M.A Special Education in July 2010 and since then, there been taking a year off studies to experience different environments. Now, I would like to join your esteem organization.
The cause that this institute works for is very close to my heart so I am deeply interested in offering my services to this prestigious organization in whichever way possible. I hope I can be considered for an opportunities to work here.
Yours Sincerely,
Sania Sajjad.

Email for Teaching  Job

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am interested in working at your institute as I have experience as a teacher apart from experience in banks as well as a well reputed company in Pakistan and in Lahore Grammer School as Coordinator. I am interested in teaching job because of the research skills and practical work identified in job descriptions. I have also broad experience in Children projects and thesis work.
I have also worked in community service programs for welfare of the children as well as country. In your extensive search for graduation programs, my qualification and experience makes me eligible for this post. For further assistance, I have enclosed my resume. I hope you will consider me for this position and will allow me to offer you with my technical and practical assistance.

Hira Ali.

Application for Teaching Job
Application for Teaching Job

Simple Job Application for Biology Teacher

The Principal,
Cambridge School.

Subject: Job Application for Biology Teacher

Respected Sir,

I get to know about vacancy of ‘Biology Teacher’ in your institution by some valid sources. If you are looking for teacher who can teach sciences like Biology & Chemistry, I would be the best candidate for this. As, I did my Masters in Biological Sciences and hold a medical background. I am good at teaching as my communication, writing and verbal skills are phenomenal & up to the mark. I am endowed with computer literacy as well. I am currently teaching in private academy as Science Teacher and looking for a chance to upgrade my level as I own good qualifications. I have attached my Curriculum Vitae, after evaluation you will definitely provide me with a chance of interview.

I shall be looking for a positive gesture.


Teena Singh.
Contact: 000-888-999

Job Application for Maths Teacher

The Principal,
KIMS School.

Subject: Job Application for Maths Teacher


With high esteem, it is to state that I am Mathematics Teacher by profession in renowned institution. I come to know that your team is always have welcoming attitude and appreciate the talent of freshers. With this hope, I am writing to apply in your organization as Maths Teacher as I hold experience of 2 years teaching. Mathematics, being my major subject is on my finger tips and teaching this theoretical subject at your place would be pleasure for me. Instead of being a maths teacher I am also good at teaching english owing to my excellent language skills. My educational capabilities makes me able to be a splendid candidate to apply for the post of teacher in your reputed organization. My resume is enfold and I would be waiting for favorable reply. A chance of meeting would be worthwhile.

Thanking you ahead of time.

Yours Faithfully,

Kennie Gold.
Contact: 000-000-000.

Job Application for Teaching Assistant

The Principal,
Cambridge School System.

Subject: Job Application for Teaching Assistant

Respected Sir,

I am writing in order to apply for the vacant position of ‘Teaching Assistant’ in your valued organization. I am keenly interested in making my career in teaching and I have recently completed my graduation from ABC Institution and wish to continue my education. Taking start as teaching assistant being a fresher would be the best path for me. I understand the teaching requirements of modern era and I consider myself capable to cope up with the emerging essentials. I hold a good academic background along with excellent communication skills. I have enclosed my testimonials for your kind review. I am thankful for your time and consideration.


Tina Singh.
Contact: 000-000-000.

Simple Job Application for Urdu/Islamiat Teacher

The Principal.
Aligarh Public School,
Gulberg Lahore.

Subject: Job Application for a Graduate URDU/ISLAMIAT Subject.

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, it is stated that I have read your job offer in “Jang news”. The offer states that a teacher is required for the subject of Urdu/Islamiyat. Further the requirement criteria is eligible for those who are graduated and have an experience of at least 1 year. Graduation should be in first div.

I am eligible for the Job and fulfill all the criteria. I am good at teaching as my urdu communication, writing and grammer skills I assure you that you will find it worthy by appointing me. I will work hard with all my potential. My teaching style will be beneficial for the students as well as for the school. Kindly grant me the Job so that I can fulfill my desire of teaching again. All the necessary documents are attached for your reference.

Yours Sincerely,
Fatima khan.

Short Application for Teaching

The Principal,
XYZ School System.

Subject: Job Application for Teaching

Respected Madam,

My purpose of writing is to apply for the position of school teacher in your renowned institution. I have been teaching since last two years and I have experience of teaching various subjects and in versatile ways. I have got good speaking skills . I have done Bachelors last year and I am pretty sure that my knowledge can be proved as beneficial for your institutional growth. I have always been fond of teaching and presume a rewarding and promising career within this field. My resume is attached with the application. I hope you will provide me with a chance for sure.

Thanking you ahead of time.


Sarah Victor

Sample Format of E-mail for Job for Teacher

TO: Mr. John Doe
Subject: E-mail for Job of Teacher

Dear Mr. Doe,

I am interested in applying for a primary-level teaching position in your school district. I have taught student in different schools from Kinder to level four, in both suburban and urban school districts. I believe my teaching experience and
ardor for community rendezvous make me an ideal candidate for a teaching position at your school.

I have experience teaching primary-level students in multiplicity of settings. I am presently teaching third-grade children at a town charter school. I am getting handsome package there as well, but I want to thrive further in my career, so whenever your school got vacancy, do consider me for the job.

I had attached my working experiences’ scanned copies with this email for your very kind view. I had also attached all necessary documents with this email to give power and boom to my case. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Julia Jones,
12 th February, 2017

Sample E-mail format for Zoology Teacher

Such format can be used by persons who saw jobs online on the internet and wanted to pursue their career as professionals.

To: rsq3179@outlook.com

Subject: Job application for Zoology Teacher

Respected Sir,

It is to state with great care that I saw the listing on internet and felt compelled to write you an email signaling you my wish and reason to join with you as a functional team member.

Sir, I am a teacher because I enjoy tough work and serving others finds success. I wish for my students to experience consequential, interesting knowledge that applies to their lives. I deem this can be consummate through the use of hands-on- minds-on activities, mutual learning, an incorporated curriculum, and, when doable, technology and the internet. I am a thorough learner and believe in propelling my students as well and here we are same ambitious and sound.

I am attaching a file containing my resume and other important academic as well as professional qualifications for your kind review. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Etna Bowel,
2 nd March, 2017

Sample Cover Letter Format for Quran Teacher

Cover letter is a great way to introduce oneself in a more detailed way in order to give the proper insight of one’s character and personality. Such letter format is great help for the teachers who wish to apply for teaching job.

                                                         TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

Asalaamu Alaaikum! Let me introduce myself first of all. I am Mr. Qaiser Shakeel and Alhumdolillah Hafizey Quran as well. I have complete command on Tajweed and Tafseer aloom as my personal bend of mind is towards ArabicGrammar and Anaylasis. I am currently working in Daar-e- Aloom School, but I wanted to excel myself professionally so I applied here for the vacant job. Coming towards my qualities: I am hard working, punctual, and honest and believe in excellence. I hope you will consider me for the respective job and I have also attached with it a copy of my documentations and curriculum vitae for yourthorough inspection. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Qaiser Shakeel
Cell No:– —————

Sample Cover Letter  for Education Teacher

To Whom It May Concern

My name is Ms. Samrina Shakeel and I am fascinated in applying for an education teaching position in your college. I have experience teaching students in a variety of educational settings. I am currently teaching third year students at Islamia College. I also have experience teaching fourth year students in a small suburban academy system.

Your school emphasizes its exceptional position as a college that caters to both inner-city and rustic students, so I think my mottled experiences would make me a positive feature to your teaching faculty. It is my goal to coalesce my range of experience with my ability to be a concerned, fervent, intellectual teacher who will make a positive contribution to your college teaching faculty. I would greet an interview and hope to hear from you at your most primitive expediency.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Samrina Shakeel,
13 th March, 2017

Appointment Letter Format for Job

Format of appointment letter issued from employer to newly hired employee. Mention the terms and conditions of company in appointment letter along with regulation. A multipurpose usable format for  variety of posts including teachers, managers, officers and administration staff.

Appointment Letter Sample for Job

Company Name: Malik Riwajud-din &sons
Phones: (H.O) (9242)37652424
Imp. & Exp: (9242) 37225809 &
Gmail: rrrrsirajuddin@gmail.com

Mr. …………………….. Date……………..

House #………………………….,


Subject: Offer Letter/ Appointment Letter

Dear Mr. …………………..,

With reference to your application and subsequent interviews with us, we take pleasure in offering you the position of ……………………… based at our …………….subject to the following terms and conditions:

Your monthly salary and allowances, will be as follows:-

Gross Salary:Rs. …………/- per month

In addition you will be entitled to:

1. Provident Fund contribution based on …..% of basic salary (deduction to commence after confirmation).

2. Casual Leave Encashment up to a maximum of ………. days after completion of each year of service.

3. Health Insurance for self. (family on self finance basis).

4. Leaves: 15 Casual, 10 Sick and 20 annual (subject to successful completion of 6 months probationary period).

Your reply for acceptance of this offer should reach us within one week of issuance of this offer letter.

Yours sincerely,

Appointment Letter Sample for Job
Appointment Letter Sample for Job

Job Acceptance Letter Sample from Employer

Sample job acceptance letter from employer.You can use this letter according to your requirement.Easy format of job acceptance letter,you can write joining date and necessary job related discussion.

Sample Job Acceptance Letter for Financial Analyst

Company Name ______________

Address _______________

Mr.      ___________ ,                                                            Date: __________

Address  ________________


Dear Sir/ Madam.

I am very pleased to accept your offer of a position as a Financial Analyst at the monthly salary of Rs. 40000/- . I have been very impressed with everyone whom I have met during my interviews and I look forward to joining your staff.

As we discussed, I will report for work on month ___________. Before that date, I will have a physical examination and submit the report to you. During the next month, I will complete my move to Lahore City and I hope to have some time to join my family for a vacation on the cape. If you need to contact me before month____________, my parents will know how to reach me. Their telephone number is____________________.

Thank you for everything that you did to make the interviewing process such a pleasant experience . I am excited to have the opportunity to become a part of_______________.

Yours Sincerely,

Sample Job Acceptance Letter for Financial Analyst
Sample Job Acceptance Letter for Financial Analyst

Sample Resume for Driver Job

Sample resume for driver  job in school, bank, or any company having experience and  LTV  Licence.This CV can be helpful for office boy job.


House No. ZB-253 St. No. 17Fouji Colony Pirwadahi Rwp.


To take a challenging position in an esteemed organization with devotion and determination to enhance my skills and knowledge in the best interests of the organization, for my personal and professional growth.




• Date of Birth : MAY 02, 1981

• CNIC. No: 37405-0484224-5

• Passport No.RM5142241

• Issue Date of Passport:30 June 2011

• Date of Expiry: 28 June 2016

• Marital Status: Married

• Religion: Islam

• Nationality: Pakistani

• Cell. 0345-5848923 , 0324-4975537

• E-mail: shahdilshad76@yahoo.com


• Matriculation second division from AIOU Islamabad Session Autumn- 2008


  •  Five years having Public Transport experience with LTV license from city to city and city outstation.
  • Three years having “auto cab taxi service” experience in Rawalpindi / Islamabad Pakistan.


• Urdu (listen , speak , read ,write)

• Punjabi (listen , speak , read ,write)

Will be furnished on demand.


Confirmation Letter For Job Transfer Sample

Sample confirmation letter of job transfer and confirmation letter of promotion. Easy written formats to be used in order to confirm any appointment, interview, job transfer, promotion and other officials. Confirmation letter from employer or management towards the employee.

Confirmation Letter of Job Transfer

Mr. Ali Khan,
Falcon’s Agency.

Subject: Confirmation Letter of Job Transfer

Dear Ali Khan,
This letter is to confirm you that according to your request for a transfer from the Marketing department to the Accounts department, has been approved. Your working skills are considered and you will work in that department on probationary period. Your timing schedule be the same from 9 am to 5pm. You will not be capable of get any allowance until the probationary period will come to an end.

You are directed to follow the regulations of the department; furthermore you are directed to be within your limited area. You will not be allowed to interfere in any matter of Marketing Department. Your new job transfer contract is attached. Do consider all the terms and conditions and signature on that. Hope that you will be sincere to the departmental work.

As discussed in our meeting, you are scheduled for training session at 9 a.m. on June 14. The department head has been informed that you will report to him immediately after the two-hour training session. Mr. Ahsan will be available for your guidance at your new work station. You will continue your job after the session as a regular employee. We hope that you will work with pure devotion.

Wish you best of luck.

Falcon’s Agency

Confirmation Letter of Job Promotion

Mr. Ahmad Sheikh,
Falcon’s Agency.

Subject: Confirmation Letter of Job Promotion

Dear Ali Khan,

This letter is to inform that we are pleased to hear the final approval for your promotion from Assistant Manager to Deputy Manager. Your loyalty and sincerity made this. Management took this step by considering your promotion request against the post. Your responsibilities will be upgraded and you further have to work with more passion.

We hope that you will work as per our expectations and up to date. Your promotion letter is attached; further discussions will be done tomorrow in meeting at 9am with all other managerial staff. You will pick up a unit orientation packet from the unit secretary. Congratulations on your new position.

Falcon’s Agency.

NOC Letter Format for Employee

NOC Letter Format for Employee or no objection certificate format for employees, if any employee want to join job some where else or for double shift working, job change, part time job, for attending workshop and for various reasons. NOC sample letter shows your previous job experience and behavior as well. This certificate is issued as per request of person for his specific need. NOC shows no objection upon the particular person and purpose. Samples NOC formats are given below for your use.

Easy Format of No Objection Certificate

To Whom It May Concern

This certificate is presented to claim complete No Objection upon Mr. James Steve if any organization hires him and he provides his services to any other firm as his employment period with our organization is over. This certificate is issued on the request of employee and therefore we hold no further responsibility. This certificate is only for the mentioned purpose of Another Job, its usage apart from this subject would be considered null and void.

In case of any query you may feel free to contact.


Falcon’s Association.

Request Application for NOC

To Whom May It Concern

This letter is to notify you that our company has no objection on Mr. Danielle interview as an executive manager in new company. We get happy for our employees when they seek new challenges and adapt advancements. He has been quite a valuable asset to the company and always been a source of success.
We wish him all the very good luck for his new ventures. We are issuing this letter on the name of Mr. Danielle as no objection certificate on his interview in new multi international company.
If you seek more validation, please contact us through our e-mail.

Warm Regards,


NOC Letter Format for Employee

To Whom It May Concern

This is with reference to Mr. Jacob Daniel, who has worked, under our supervision, as Manager for two years. We have found him very observant and perceptive which has resulted into a big success for our company eventually. He has a strong mind that attracts the new and challenging roles. During his two year tenure, he has been awarded with several certificates and letter of achievements.
We, here at Pat Zola Company, like to authenticate that we have no objection upon him if he joins any other organization. We wish him best for his future endeavors. Please feel free to contact if any further detail is required.


Company’s Name.

NOC Letter Format for Employees

Date: 9th Jan,2015

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This NOC is to verify that Mr./Mrs./Miss. (Name) has been working/serving our institution/organization (Company’s Name) since _____ (Time) years.

This letter shows that we have complete no objection upon_________________ (Mention the reason i.e job change, joining new job, attending interview etc).

Particular NOC is issued upon request of (Employee’s name) and during his working span with us he prove to be loyal/sincere/punctual (Mention qualities). We wish him good luck.


Managing Director.
Company’s Name.

No Objection Certificate for Employees

Date: 7th April, 2015.

Subject: No Objection Certificate

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to make sure that Mr. Ali Khan had been working with us as Senior Accountant from 2003 to 2014. During his long tenure we found him a professionally skilful person. Company has got much benefit by his presence at the mentioned designation. We at Falcon’s Association have completely no objection upon him if he joins any other organization. This NOC is issued as per request of employee and in case of any query feel free to contact.



Falcon’s Association.

NOC for Leaving Job

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This certificate is to claim No Objection upon Mr. John Green if he joins and provide his services in any organization. We hereby inform that he has cleared all his balances and received his security from Falcon’s Association.This certificate is issued upon request of Mr. John and we are no more responsible for any of his actions. We wish him good luck in future.

Managing Director,

Falcon’s Association.

NOC for Personal Loan

Date: 9th May, 2013.

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is issued upon request of Mr. Akbar Ali working as Marketing Manager in our organization. He has requested for loan of Rs. 1,000,000/- from Bank (Standard Chartered) and the need of loan is for personal basis. The Administration has no object upon this but organization is not responsible for any activity related to his personal loan. For any queries you may feel free to contact.


Falcon’s Association.

NOC Letter Format for Department Change

Date: 3rd March,2015

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This NOC is to verify that Mr Khuram Illayas has been serving our institution since 2 years as a Admin Assistant. Now he has completed his MBA in human Resource and, he would like to join Human Resource Department because its his field of study . Human Resource department is seeking a person for recruitment.

This letter shows that we have complete no objection upon change the department. Mr Khurram is very hard working employee and can perform their duties in Human Resource department. We wish him good luck for future.


Admin Manager

NOC Letter Format for Job Change

 Subject: NOC For Job Change

Date: 2nd January, 2015.

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Faisal Qureshi has been working in our organization, Fatimid Group of companies since (Four) 4 years as a Deputy Manager.
During his working tenure within our company he has been sincere, loyal, punctual and hardworking. This No Objection Certificate is issued as per request of the employee. It would be useful for him for various concerns.
This shows our complete no objection on him to continue his job with any organization. If any further queries are to be discussed, you can feel free to contact.

Yours truly,

Name: Rehan Tarriq

NOC Certificate Format for Employee
NOC Certificate Format for Employee

NOC for Employees to Work in Other Organization


To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to claim that the workers of our organization are skillful and they are allowed to do work in any other company on contract or part time basis. The management has no objection upon their working. This No Objection Certificate is issued on particular request of employees and may be useful for them in future or as per requirement of any other organization. If any further queries are to be discussed, you can feel free to contact.

Yours truly,

Name: Rehan Azhar
Designation: Manager HR

NOC for Employees to Work in other Organization
NOC for Employees to Work in other Organization

NOC for Double Shift

Date: 12th March, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This letter shows complete No Objection on Mr. Steve Kin if he works in double shifts at his designation of Customer Relation Officer. We are satisfied by his workings and management have got no issue if he works for our organization in morning and evening shifts. This letter is issued upon his request.


ABC Call Center.

NOC for Part Time Job


To Whom It May Concern

It is  certified that the employees working in (Company Name) are not bound with the company except their working hours from 9 am to 5 pm. After this, they are allowed to work anywhere part time, without the behalf of company. Employees can do part time job in other organization but keeping the Company’s personal documents safe. This No Objection Certificate certifies  the permission from company’s management.

In case of particular discussion, call at 001-8656-0000.



NOC Letter to Employee For Visa


To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Ahsan Murtaza is a sincere employee of our organization and he is working with us since (3)three years as a Operation Manager. He is going to official visit of Dubai and this letter is issued as per requirement of the Visa provider.

We have no objection upon him and he is loyal to his job. This letter can be used for his further concerns.

Name: Syed Mir Qadir
Designation: Director Admin

NOC for Trainee Student from Company

Date: 31st January, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr./Miss________ (name) student of _____ (institution) has joined or want to join our organization_________ (name) as a Trainee. Our company welcome the freshers and new comers. We appreciate his/her effort to be here as a trainee. This letter shows our completely no objection upon him/her to work at our place as a trainee and this letter is issued as per request of Mr./Miss______ (name). We wish for his/her bright career and future.

In case of any query, feel free to contact.


IT Company.

NOC for Attending Workshop

Date: 10th March, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to show complete No Objection on Mr. Stevard James to attend Marketing Skills workshop conducted at ‘Landmark Mall’ on 10th March, 2015. He is allowed to take off from office from 9am to 2pm. He will be representation Falcon’s Association as a Marketing Manager. This certificate is issued as per demand of workshop trainers.


Falcon’s Association.

NOC for Credit Card

Date: 7th April, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to certify that Miss. Nida Ali has been working with our organization as a Finance Manager. This NOC is issued upon her request for Standard Chartered Bank, that we at Falcon’s Association have no objection if she applies for Credit Card in the Bank’s Defence Branch, on the basis of her account for official use.



Falcon’s Association.

NOC for Visiting Abroad

Date: 9th May, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to claim complete No Objection, if  Mr. Ali Khan employee at Energy Co. is going on a visit tour abroad. He has informed the management before his action and this letter is issued as per the request of employee. According to provided details the date of visit will be from 6th June to 20th June, 2015.


Energy Co.

NOC Letter Format for Studies

Date: 10th May, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Rania Malik D/O Mr. Abdul Rana CNIC No 345678-23455677 has been working in the capacity of “Educational Psychologist” at Roshni Association Lahore Campus since 10th Jan 2011 till date. She is a dedicated and hardworking employee and organization has no objection if she continues further studies.


Roshni Association.

NOC for Bank Account

Date: 7th April, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to certify that Mr. John Kin is working with our organization since March, 2015 as Project Manager. He need to open a bank account for salary transactions on company’s behalf. We have complete no objection upon this and this letter is issued as per request of Standard Chartered Bank. In case of any query, feel free to contact.


Managing Director,
Falcon’s Association.

NOC for Organizing Event

Date: 7th May, 2016

To Whom it May Concern
This letter is to certify that we have got complete no objection upon the event ‘ABC’ which is about to take place in ‘XYZ’ auditorium on 5th May, 2016. This event is sponsored by —– and the entire management along with decorum maintenance responsibility is upon the sponsor. We are not responsible for any sort of mismanagement. This NOC is issued upon the request of the —– and is only valid for the date of 5th May, 2016 and will be automatically nullified afterwards. In case of any other query feel free to contact.

Name & Designation.