Resignation Letter to the HR Manager by Bank Employee

Sample resignation letter for branch manager, bank manager, production manager, sales manager, purchase manager, and branch level positions. You can modify these Formats according to your need.

Sample Resignation Letter to the HR Manager by Bank Employee


The HR Manager,

India State Bank,

Indore, India

Subject: Resignation Letter

Greetings Madam,

For the last 5 years, it has been a wonderful pleasure to work inside this bank’s name. In my field, I have a lot of opportunities to study and progress. With this, I’d want to notify you that, after considerable consideration, I’ve chosen to resign as audit head. In the last few years, I’ve realized the need for further education and have decided to take a sabbatical from my studies to seek a Ph.D. in the topic in order to enhance my tasks and obligations. I’ve always been fascinated by how different marketplaces are audited, and I’d like to develop my interest in this field.

Humbly approve my resignation and inform me of the procedures to be followed in the future. Also, it would be great assistance to me if you could provide a reference letter; this would assist me in getting into a reputable institution. Sir, I am expecting a prompt and positive response from you. Thank you for your time and cooperation, as well as all you have taught and assisted me with over my five years at your distinguished bank.


Ali Sethi

Branch Manager

India State Bank

Sample Letter of Resignation for Bank Job


The HR Manager,

Muslim Finance Bank,

Qutub Minar, India

Subject: Resignation Letter

Greetings Sir,

I hope you are in good health when you receive this message. Sir, I’m writing to advise you that I’ve decided to resign from the business. It was a hard choice to make, but I had no choice because I was offered a new position. As you are aware, I am now married with two children and must support them, but the wage package I receive from your bank is insufficient.

Working for your organization was a pleasure, and I received valuable work experience for my future profession. Working with your firm has helped me advance in my profession, and I appreciate your encouragement and belief in me. Please provide me with an experience letter so that I may begin my new employment. I owe you a debt of gratitude. Appreciate the time and cooperation, as well as all you’ve taught me and helped me with over my five years at your prestigious bank.


Saif Ali Khan

Senior Accountant

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