Sample Complaint Letter Against Doctor

Sample complaint letter against doctor who has not fulfilled his/her duty in best way.

Sample Complaint Letter Against Doctor

The Hospital Management,

Subject: Complaint Letter

Respected Sir,

This letter is directed to higher Medical authorities. As you are well aware with the situation of corona virus spreading, doctors are not treating patients in right way. I know as this virus has spread in our country; patient rate has also driven higher. This does give a lot of burden on doctors’ shoulders.
Recently, I had to go to hospital to check on my cousin who is affected by corona virus. There is no obligation of rules by doctors. They don’t treat patients as their condition requires. I have seen doctors moving onto next patient without prescribing all the medications or evaluating the patient condition.
This was a very heart-breaking scenario for me to witness as I do realize that our doctors are front line warriors but it is important for them to give their attention and time to each patient and don’t rush to next patient. It is my request to you to please check on the government hospitals.

Best Wishes,


How to Write an Effective Complaint Letter About a Doctor

Dear Sir,

I am writing this complaint letter against the doctors of XYZ hospital. I was fortunate enough to be recovered from corona virus but not from the hospital I am writing complaint against. I was admitted to
this hospital but I was shifted to another hospital because this hospital doesn’t take their patients serious and wait for their condition to be more severe and then start treating them. While I was admitted to the hospital, doctors never came on their assigned time to check and whenever they entered my room, they had to rush to another patient. My reports were showing no sign of progress and the treatment they were giving were also not satisfactory. I have seen so many deaths in the hospital that I lost all the hope of my recovery and I can say with the confidence that much were because of doctor’s negligence. I hope you take action on this complaint and strict your rules for Covid-19 affected

Warm Regards,


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