Role of Textile Industry in Economics:

 Clothes, clothes, clothes everywhere! Brands, brands, and brands everywhere. Sale, sale, and sale on all items! These are some of the things that attract the human mind and pop their eyes out! We all love clothes, new clothes, different clothes, fancy clothes, expensive clothes, cheap clothes, quality clothes, but clothes! Our hunger for clothes makes textile industries even hungrier! They introduced a number of prints, brands, styles, colors, fabrics to satisfy our greed for clothes.

           The brands has took control of the textile industry, the designers are there to produce and market new and newer designs for the outfits, prints and embroidered designs are all time favourite and in range also. People like to shop from such brands who give good quality and reasonable rates in pricing. Majority of the world comes in mediocre belt and in their daily life, they prefer to wear light but refreshing colours, as it compliments to their work place. On weddings, they are the ones who spend a lot of money on buying traditional outfits with heavy work either in thread or beads. On the other side, the upper class goes flamboyantly on day to day life. They like to wear expensive clothes and walk around in parties or in dine outs showing off the wealth they had accumulated in years!

          The platforms of snobbery are weddings, dinners, official get to gathers, kitty parties and what or what not. Money is the only language that reign everywhere. Now the state is getting worse, as people are running after brands and shops or outlets are crowded in big sale days or Friday sales. This loot program is in favour of the ones who holds the industry and the fools are the ones who spend money to keep them to rule in the upper strata. Yes! Sales are not in benefit of the common people, they are more in favour of the owners! Look, sales are put on old stocks/ end of season, right? Why? Why not in the start of the season or before launching their volume 2 or 3? The biggest reason is this old stock will automatically be kept in the storehouse or warehouse, the warehouses will be rented and the stock will be old in design. Who will go to shop those clothes then? By putting sales on this stock, they actually get rid of the old garments and spare their money from spending on the rent of the storehouse.

          Once, we are not buying such clothes in the sale, there will be no sale then, but the benefit will be that the price will be lowered down and kept in place so that everyone can buy the clothes. This race of following the trend is blindly throwing the human race into financial depression leading to mental and emotional stress. This blindness should be ended up before it ends everyone’s life. Think wisely and spend wisely! Fun reading.


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