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Does Technology Play a role in making People feel more Isolated and Alone or not?

The following is an article on the topic: Does technology play a role in making people feel more isolated and alone or not? And if it does how exactly this change takes place.

Does Technology Play a role in making People feel more Isolated and Alone or not?

The globe has shrunk to the size of a hamlet, and we are all connected through the internet and other technical means. Technology has brought us closer to the rest of the globe than ever before. We can now purchase and sell anything with the touch of a single button. We can communicate with people on the other side of the world. This is the age where we can get knowledge, entertainment, and so much more from the comfort of our own homes.

Technology is not just a menace to teens; anybody who uses technology on a regular basis suffers from loneliness and despair. People were more sociable a few years ago. People are becoming more self-conscious and doubting their self-esteem as a result of false beauty standards. Nowadays, social judgment is used as an excuse to avoid interpersonal connections. In this sense, social media platforms have played a significant influence. Because they are afraid of being evaluated by others, many are now hiding behind screens and avoiding personal connections. This justification, however, makes them feel even more lonely and alone. Instead of going out, many utilize social media to remain in contact with their friends. Humans are replacing people with technology tools such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, among others. As a result, they are feeling detached and lonely, which is exacerbating their depression.

There is no dispute that individuals feel alienated or separated from the rest of the world as a result of their excessive usage of technology. This is the period of the year when virtually everyone experiences loneliness or a lack of connection in their lives; it is also known as the Epidemic of Separateness. The latest technologies are isolating us in many ways; technology is separating us from one another as we are addicted to our latest gadgets such as smartphones, computers, and all other latest devices. These technologies demand our complete attention, and these technical instruments are pulling us apart. Feelings of separation or isolation can lead to a variety of psychiatric issues, some of which are life-threatening.