Written Report of College Party by the Class Teacher

Letter Format of written report of college party by the class teacher.This format letter is official for all school, academies, colleges and universities for demanding written report from the class teacher on annual end term party. Necessary changes can be done.

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Written Report of College Party by the Class Teacher

The Principal,
Malhotra College for Girls
Uttar Pradesh, India

Respected Section Head Ms. Pooja Batalia

With due respect, it is stated that I was given the task to cover the report of End of Term Annual Party by you supported by my co-teacher Ms. Sina Sahaye to devise the report in written mode displayed on your table at 10:00 am sharp. Our report comprises following searching in the End of Term Annual Party:

1. Ms. Gulshaar’s Wing had decorated the class according to the theme discussed in the meeting certain by you. Her girls were behaving in decent manner and an invitation card was given to the respected Principal to inspect the food and ornamental items displayed in her class in a very nice and unique manner. Visuals are attached for a proof.

2. Ms. Brahum Shraddha was ably and excellently controlling and monitoring the Wing in her own authoritative style. It was a pleasant sight to peek on the girls sitting in the most disciplined way.

3. Ms. Bophaali’s Wing was all in colour and a bit ill-arranged as they were all in funky party mood. The girls were adorned in filmy style and were looking good but it was not according to the party theme. They had their food items in their hands and were devouring its taste with less mannerism.

Sheema Kumaari & Deolali Arvin
Date: 29th Aug., 2015.

Written Report of College Party by the Class Teacher
Written Report of College Party by the Class Teacher

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