Apology Letter due to Poor Performance to Client

Sample Apology Letter Format due to poor performance to client.Human beings are framed as to err is human. Accuracy sometimes evades from man but it is not tolerable by the high ups and sometimes the clients. Such format letter can be used by companies who wished to keep sound relations with their clients so as not to breach the trust grounds by accepting the mistakes on their part.

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Sample Apology Letter due to Poor Performance to Client

Mr. Nela dur Sahaye
Carnation street phase 1 house no 23
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Apology Letter due to poor performance to client

Respected Sir,

Hope you would be sailing in cherished boat of good health and age by all means. Plenty of prayers for you. You were our valued customer and a consistent buyers of gym machines from us for the last many years. The deals we did in the past were up to the exact terms and conditions and thence we faced no turbulence so to say.

The recent issue arose very vividly but I was shocked to see the miss handling at that level and went totally silent. The issue came and went and I stood there with numbed senses. You were quite aware of the flaw that our factory faced due to the ignorance of the causal behavior of the assembling department. We had removed the person from his seat and we are full of remorse on not taking the right action at that right time. We now heartily wanted to convey you our heartfelt apology on the previous account. Kindly accept our regret.Thank you.
Mr. Arjun Aghnihotri
Vodka Steels
November, 30, 2015

Apology Letter due to Poor Performance to Client
Apology Letter due to Poor Performance to Client

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