Termination Letter for Poor Performance

Sample Termination Letter for Poor Performance for Teachers and Employees. If any teacher from School/College/Academy is to be terminated from her current position due to her poor performance, lack of capabilities and careless attitude towards his/her work the provided template of termination letter can be used. Wordings should be clear and shouldn’t be harsh.

Sample Termination Letter

Mrs. Jasmine Steve,
Senior Science Teacher.

Subject: Termination Letter for Poor Performance

Dear Jasmine,

This is to inform you with repentance, that school management of Cambridge School System has decided to terminate you from your current designation of Senior Science Teacher. Though you had a span of 3 years of teaching and experience but somehow you are not fulfilling the requirements of students. As, you are well aware that we at Cambridge, have developed student oriented system and feedback from students is taken on priority. Since last two years, we are getting negative ranking of your evaluation.

This issue has already been discussed to you but we think that you are neither able to overcome the situation nor satisfy students’ study requirements. To fire any person isn’t simple chore, we again had comments session with students and come to know that apart from teaching your behavior is not appropriate for class decorum. Furthermore, it was sought that majority of students in your subject scored lower grades after assessment from external teacher.

After accomplishment of our research & owing to all these reasons, we had to take the final verdict of your termination. We hope that you will try to improve your teaching skills if you have to continue in the same profession.

We wish you best of luck for your career.


Anna Amber
Cambridge School System.

Sample Termination Letter
Sample Termination Letter

Sample Dismissal Letter for an Employee’s Poor Performance

Dear Mathew,

It is to inform you that your performance have been monitored stringently foe past two months. You have been very irregular and giving no performance at all whole month regardless of warning letters been sent to you. We hire employees expecting excellent results which will eventually help the company to grow. Main
targets have to be completed in due time, which you were failing consistently. This company had huge expectations from you but your lack of interest have led us to take the final decision of your termination from this company. Please take your letter from office and you can stop coming to office from following day.



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