Letter of Contract Agreement for Teachers

Sample Teachers Contract Agreement Letter. Contracts are the bindings that ensures the fair deal between the personnel of the individuals. Such agreement can be used by educational institutions school,colleges who wished to mainstream their system on contracts.

Sample Letter of Contract Agreement for Teachers

Ms. Johnson Segway
H-NO: 34 East-West Avenue, London, United Kingdom.


Stardust School System,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Contract Agreement for Teachers

Dearest Ms. Johnson Segway,

I am pleased to inform you that you are hired to this job as General Teacher by the board of Principals of this system. You are now inducted in the school as per selection merit and now you are liable to follow certain restrictions termed as
rules and regulation policy. The salient clauses of this policy says:

1. You must adhere to strict dress code.
2. You will lend a helping hand in maintaining the congenial environment in
the school.
3. You must not put yourself in any kind of dispute in the school.
4. You must follow the school time strictly
5. You must be cooperative to your seniors and juniors as well.
6. You are not supposed to leave the school before one year but the school management can dismiss you from the work.

You are here on the basis of contract agreement which says your first six months are probation and if you will not be found suitable for the job you will be automatically fired. After the completion of probation you will be interviewed by the chairman himself and he will decide your permanency of the job.

You are sanctioned no casual leaves and current salary after deduction is Settled as 1500$ per month. We hope our stay with us will be permanent.
Work hard and prove your worth. Good luck.


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