Leave Application due to Kidney Pain

Sample Leave Application due to Kidneys Pain.This sample leave application format can be used by people who seeks health or are concerned about bodily health and fitness. The extract can be amalgamated in medical sermons and circulars.Easy format of leave application is here.

Leave Application due to Kidney Pain

The Manager
Baghut Singh Enterprises,
New Delhi, India

Subject: Leave Application due to Kidney Pain

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully it is stated that I am a patient of chronic pain of kidneys. The aching situation started few days back but I overlooked it as was a routine matter for me but yesterday the pain dragged me to my death place almost. I could no longer muster up my courage to stand for even few seconds.

I want to have a complete checkup from my family doctor so that I can beat the engorging pain of kidneys. Please consent the leaves for the period of one week in favour of me. Thanking you i remain.

Yours Truly,
Anaash Singh Taro
May 15, 2015

Leave Application due to Kidney Pain
Leave Application due to Kidney Pain

Leave Application due to Kidney Operation

The Manager,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Leave Application due to Kidney Operation

Respected Sir,

It is to inform you that unfortunately I am suffering from unfit health conditions since a week. I consulted a doctor and through tests I have come to know that I have got kidney stones. Owing to this chronic disease I need to get operated on priority basis. Doctor has provided me the date of operation in the next week, that is 8th September, 2015. I want to request for leave of one week so that I can recover and be able to get back to work. Kindly, consider my request and sanction me leave from 8th-14th September, 2015. I shall be extremely obliged.

Thanking you ahead of time.

Yours Sincerely,

Sam Kim.

Leave Application Template due to kidney Pain

Respected Sir,

It is respectfully stated that I am working in your organization as a manager. It is to inform you that I have chronic pain in my kidney. My family is very concerned about my condition and they sent me to get urine test and ultrasound done and my doctor has advised me bed rest for three days until the final reports come. He prescribed me medications and I am taking it regularly, it could be kidney stones. I have severe pain in my upper and lower abdominal. It is my kind request to please permit me leave for three days only. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,


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