How to earn from Bitcoin

How to Earn from Bitcoin

Bitcoin is termed a digital currency. it is also known as cryptocurrency. There is a number of ways through which bitcoin earning could be made. Few are listed below:

The zero Investment

  1. Buying cryptocurrency
  2. Selling cryptocurrency
  3. Complete the microtask to earn bitcoins
  4. Start a freelancing career and get paid in bitcoins
  5. Accept the bitcoins.

Many people like to earn money by doing nothing or putting less effort that is in short named as the zero investment start up. In this method one need to sign up for free on the relevant websites, for example there is one such site with the name of Okess. There you can get free sign up form. Provide the registered email or phone number, if you wish to. Follow the instructions on the follow up on dropdown page. Once you are done with the few minutes’ procedure, go on completing the five micro task given on the page, but remember you must be above 18 years. The procedure includes the following information. Fakeness is an offence, avoid that or you would be banned or blacklisted by the above mentioned website. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  1. You must have a valid and verified Identity card/pension card/health card.  You must have a recognized country of birth, include your surname in the form.
  2. You must verify your documents by attaching them to the form.
  3. You must put the front and backside of your identity card in one picture. Tip: crop the pictures and resize the two sides side by side in equal proportion.
  4. You must verify your real face by instantly switching on the front camera on the spot.
  5. You must complete at least five tasks on daily basis to get bitcoins.
  6. You must have 10, 000 bitcoins in your user account in order to draw them and get them exchanged in your own home currency.

 Earning is easy and earning is hard. All depends on your level of hard work and the passion towards its doing. There is no short cut to the success, the process and idea of earning through bitcoins seems very easy, but it still needs some efforts and some amount of hard work to be invested in it to be get paid. Nothing comes in an envelope flying all around and land directly in your lap! Wake up to your dream and work hard.


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