Request Letter to Chairman for Extra Coaching

Sample request letter to chairman for extra coaching in school. This letter can help those parents who wanted to save their children’s future in save hands.

Request Letter to Chairman for Extra Coaching in School

The Chairman,
Legendary Brilliant School System,
Uttar Perdaish, India.

Subject: Request letter to chairman for extra coaching in school

Honourable Sir,

I pray to Kali Mata, that she give you eternal happiness and inner peace throughout your life. I am grade 15 employee in your magnificent educational system and I saw no shortcomings in this system except the lack of
tuition in the school.

Sir, I came from a very humble family and there are a number of persons with me who has the same belongings. The tuition fee that this system charged us is very reasonable and we all have no issue in giving it as you are very
considerate in the fee structure and the depositing scheme.

My child is not a brilliant star as the term goes with the intelligent and A + scorer, but as a parent I want my child to be named as brilliant star. I went here and there in search of good teacher who can teach my child at home,but I returned home with a sad face as the tuition teachers are not competent and their main purpose is just to grab the money and that is all.

I do not want this to be happened with my child and in a way I talked my grievance with my co-worker and he spread the word. Luckily, many of my colleagues came to me and cried the same issue so we decided to approach you for a very great favour of opening up a new scheme for extra coaching in the school. We are ready to pay for the quality teaching by the qualified teachers.Kindly think on this idea. I will be very thankful to you.

Mr. Raam Lal,
27 th May, 2017.

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