Letter of Termination Sample

Employee termination letter for staff members who are to be notified about their termination. Application for officers, managers,administration and other staff members. Termination letter due to poor performance or any other reason. Changes can be done as per requirements and an easy format to be used. Its a sample template of termination letter.

Letter of Termination Sample


Subject:  Employee Termination Letter
Dear Umair,
We regret to inform you that your employment with our organization is terminated from ________ (date). In our termination meeting you were informed about this and this is an official letter for your acknowledgement.You have work with our organization for less than a year and due to your poor and incompatible behavior.
Before this notification, warning letters were issued to you, copies of which are present in your personal file. Major cause of this decision was your poor performance and careless behavior. It effected your intellectual skills.
As stated in your final warning letter that strict actions will be taken in case of poor performance, which can even lead to your job termination. Your failure to do so has brought us to our final verdict. Your office keys and company given laptop has been taken from you in the meeting. Officially, from _______ you are not an employee of our organization. We had a good time with you Mr. Umair for any assistance and information you can contact  accounts manager.
Wish you good luck for your future.
Termination Letter for Poor Performance
Termination Letter for Poor Performance


Termination Letter on Urgent Basis


Name of Teacher_______

Subject:  Termination on Urgent Basis

The Director of school has decided to terminate you on urgent basis. The principal of school personally observe that during class period you have used abusive language and discuss political issues. However the students are not satisfy and not taking interest in academic. The parents are giving negative feed back regarding you teaching style. and the prestige of school is on fire.

You have done such activities which does not come under your responsibilities. You have been warned earlier to change your methodology and stop taking class informally, but have not paid attention to it. Therefore management has decided to terminate you on urgent basis.

You can contact accounts department for your clearance.

Manager Human Resource

Accounts Department____

Termination Letter For School Teacher
Termination Letter For School Teacher

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