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Vehicle Lease Termination Letter

Following is a sample written letter of vehicle lease termination. Leasing is a facility given to the people to buy new products on fewer amounts and then pay the total amount in easily payable installments. Banks are facilitating their customers for auto vehicles as well, but this facility is followed by some terms and conditions. Failure to fulfill that terms and conditions may lead to termination of that contract; it may lead to return the auto vehicle to bank.

Vehicle Lease Termination Letter

Mr. Yell
St 45 house no 121
Helton, Singapore
Date 20.06.18

Subject: Vehicle lease termination letter

Dear Yell,

With sorry and sadness, this letter is a formal notice from the bank “National Bank of Singapore”, to termination of your lease facility of auto car no LEA 345, model 2018, Black Honda civic. We have sent you three warning letters earlier, failure to contact and payments of installments for last three month leading us toward this legal action. The NBS terminate a vehicle lease so delivered the auto vehicle back to bank within 15 days. If you failed to deliver the vehicle within the given time limit a serious action would take place against you. It may be a arrest warrant against you and it is a non bale able offense. You would be charge of fine of $7600 according to our terms and conditions.

As you received this letter, contact us as soon as possible and report us about late installments else you would not be entertained. You don’t want to face the consequences of particular obligation then report us within the given time period. Your action would be appreciated and if you report us I, make sure we would make some soft corner for you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Zenith
Senior Branch Manager
National Bank of Singapore

Accident Claim letter from Insurance Company

Accident Claim letter from Insurance Company. This  format is helpful for the persons who wanted to do claim for car accident from the insurance companies.

Accident Claim letter from Insurance Company

The Manager,
Life Stake Insurance Company,London, United Kingdom

Subject: Accident Claim letter

Dear Sir,

With due respect and decorum it is to inform you that on January 01, 2017,I was hurt in a car accident. I was going towards west on Hornsby Lane and halt at the Red traffic sign at the crossroads with High gate Hill Road. While I was stopped, the car coming from sideways bashed into me! The force of the blow threw me forward against my shoulder fetters, and my head hit forward and back. I was in unbearable and unexplainable pain at that time and the time to come in near future as well.

I was in utmost pain for the next six days. The doctor advised me to take rest for another week so that my cervical collar could be removed, but I went on job as I cannot miss the office anymore. Doctor advised me to stay back for a month, but it would have cost me financial depression which I cannot afford.

I went through a tedious medical treatment and doctors charged me handsomely for my wounds.The medical operating cost for my treatment in the hospital is exposed in the enclosed medical as well my billing records are attached with this claim letter for your kind review.

The laxity of the car driver made me went through a period of utter pain and restlessness. It affected my normal life and work style. Through this claim I want to demand compensation money for my wounds and hospital expenses from your prestigious company.I will be brimmed with gratification if you reply me back as soon as possible via demand money as written in the accident claim letter.

Yours Truly,

John Dewey
3 rd January, 2017

Letter to Insurance Company for Vehicle Claim

Sample Letter Format to Insurance Company for Vehicle Claim. In nowadays world Insurance Companies are huge way in facilitating their clients with the best financial security and the related facilities to their policy holders. One can now
put claim for their vehicles is an additional facility they provide to their clients in order to give mental respite to the affected person. Persons who wanted to claim the repayment of the expenses they gave for their vehicle for burnt or damage
from their respective insurance companies can use this sample to help themselves.

Letter to Insurance Company for Vehicle Claim

The Manager,
Summit Peak Insurance Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Letter to Insurance Company for Vehicle Claim:

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much respect that this letter is regarding the insurance claim for my car. My policy number is 311610863179.Yesterday I parked my vehicle no. A-132 in the parking area at my office. Unfortunately a delivery
Pizza bike tried to park between the two standing cars and hit my car from behind. The body of my car from behind got smashed. I was in tears when I saw the sad condition of my car!

After some time, I realized the damage and I instantaneously contacted your customer care and gave the details of the accident. I tartan all my Insurance papers and sighed a sigh of relief to see that I am eligible for a claim of my vehicle as it is not badly damaged .Your prestigious Insurance Company had sent a representative and filed the account and they told me that they will contact me soon regarding the insurance of my vehicle and will get the advice from the respective company at
the earliest.

It is sad to tell that I didn’t get any communication from the company yet in spite of my reminders for last twenty days. Kindly see to the matter yourself and ease me at your earliest. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Cruise Tom,
14 th December, 2016.