Immediate Termination Letter to Employee for Working as Part Time

A termination letter notifies an employee that he or she has been fired due to violation of company policies. HR department can use easy formats according to their requirement.

Immediate Termination Letter to Employee for Working as Part Time


Mr Hannary Gate,

IT Officer.


Manager Human Resource

Subject: Immediate Termination

This letter of termination of employment is to notify you that your employment period with our Kent Company has come to an end. You have been terminated from the company due to your part time job at George’s and Fin Company Ltd. As you are well informed on this matter that there has been a one year contract between you and company that you will exhibit utmost loyalty and would not be doing any other part time job. As this job required your full surveillance and scrutiny, there would not have been any compensation for another job nor does it come under the policy of our company. This decision is final and irreversible. You are kindly requested to submit all the company property like laptop, mobile phone, sim card to the administration. You will receive reverence payment and final paycheck at the end of this month. Please go through the attached file.



Employee Termination Letter Template

MrJoohnn Mehta,

This termination letter is to inform you that your employment with Gibbs Company will end today. Reason of your termination is that you have been doing a part time job in another company without informing Gibbs administration. It is elucidated clearly that there will be no compensation for disloyalty. Your consistent absents from the work is the apparent prove that you were very non serious about working with us, which made us look into your profile. It is a shame that Gibbs company relational manager got to know about your part time job from the source and not directly from you. We have always given enough space to our employees to discuss their personal matters which will remain in confidentiality. Therefore, your health care benefits will be effected for 40 days. Please return the company’s belonging before leaving the office. You have signed a non-solicitation contract. Please see the attached file.

Human Resource Department.

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