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Sample Grievance Letter on Wrong Termination by the Employer

Termination is an insult, but is equally a basic need of almost all the organizations around the world. The employers are human too and like everyone else, they also make mistakes, but a good soul is never hesitant of eating back his words and show his or her grievance. This letter is for such good employers who are sensitive towards other prestige and show their care by showing their grievance on their wrong termination.

Sample Grievance Letter on Wrong Termination by the Employer


Mr. Manager,
Cael Shea Consultancy System,
California, United State of America.

Subject: Grievance letter on wrong termination by the employer

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you sir? I hope you will be satiated in your lovely life and enjoying the fruits of hard work and justice to its fullest. It is to state with due respect and honour that I am Mr. Arthur Rend, the head of Information Technology. We all come here for work an there is no other motive for our coming here. We are all human and you might have heard that ‘to err is human’ and making mistakes is embedded in our natures and instinct. I am an owner, but I am a human too. In a fit of anger, I passed my order of termination towards your table and paid no heed to your explanation and clarification, but when I came back to my senses, I suddenly recalled all the mumbled pleadings of yours that made me realized about the real and actual culprit. My inner had witnessed you innocent and I am really sorry for the wrong termination of yours on my behalf. Being a gentleman yourself, I hope you will accept my apology and will pardon me. You are reinstated on your previous position and salary scale.

Best Regards,
Mr. Arthur Rend,
30 th December, 2018.

Vehicle Lease Termination Letter

Following is a sample written letter of vehicle lease termination. Leasing is a facility given to the people to buy new products on fewer amounts and then pay the total amount in easily payable installments. Banks are facilitating their customers for auto vehicles as well, but this facility is followed by some terms and conditions. Failure to fulfill that terms and conditions may lead to termination of that contract; it may lead to return the auto vehicle to bank.

Vehicle Lease Termination Letter

Mr. Yell
St 45 house no 121
Helton, Singapore
Date 20.06.18

Subject: Vehicle lease termination letter

Dear Yell,

With sorry and sadness, this letter is a formal notice from the bank “National Bank of Singapore”, to termination of your lease facility of auto car no LEA 345, model 2018, Black Honda civic. We have sent you three warning letters earlier, failure to contact and payments of installments for last three month leading us toward this legal action. The NBS terminate a vehicle lease so delivered the auto vehicle back to bank within 15 days. If you failed to deliver the vehicle within the given time limit a serious action would take place against you. It may be a arrest warrant against you and it is a non bale able offense. You would be charge of fine of $7600 according to our terms and conditions.

As you received this letter, contact us as soon as possible and report us about late installments else you would not be entertained. You don’t want to face the consequences of particular obligation then report us within the given time period. Your action would be appreciated and if you report us I, make sure we would make some soft corner for you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Zenith
Senior Branch Manager
National Bank of Singapore

Expulsion Letter for Misconduct

Format of Expulsion Letter for Misconduct is provided. This template serves as a letter which is issued when any employee/team member/student is expelled owing to his/her bad behavior and misconduct. Easy sample is available below.

Sample Expulsion Letter for Misconduct

Mr. Kim Green
US Champions Cricket Academy.

Subject: Expulsion Letter for Misconduct

Mr. Kim,

I’m writing on account of the dispute which is recently experienced in our academy. We regret to know about the verbal unethical conversation between you and the Senior Coach on 7th June, 2016. We are not only relying on the personal statements rather the management has viewed the entire video clip of the situation. In-spite of the strict orders you broke the regulations. This was not supposed to happen in this professional setting and the team was not presuming such behavior from your side. We’ve discussed the matter in recent times and have reached to a final verdict.

We expect our players to be fit physically and mentally and they should follow a proper code of conduct. You’ve failed to fulfill the requirements and as a penalty, you are being expelled from the Cricket Team for a span of three years and within this tenure you’re not able to join us back in any case neither you’re allowed to play with the team and for the team.

This letter serves as an official expulsion letter for misconduct and showing improper etiquette to the senior team members. This decision is final and not unfair at all and no changing will be made in it frontwards. We hope that you will not be subjected to such mistakes in near future. Please collect your documents and return the official cards and goods by tomorrow.

Despite of intensely regrettable circumstances, we wish you good luck for your future!


Stephen James
HR Manager,
US Champions Cricket Academy.

Sample Expulsion Letter for Misconduct
Sample Expulsion Letter for Misconduct

Sample Termination Letter of Contract for Service

Termination letter format of contract job for employees due to poor performance or misconduct, If the management assigned target and employee not take it seriously then the employee is not eligible to perform the duty properly. Its a sample template of termination letter.

Sample Termination Letter of Contract

Mr khuram Khan
Designation: Supervisor

Subject: Termination of Contract

You are offered a job as supervisor on contract basis with the terms and conditions that if  you will fail to complete you assignment/target, your contract will be terminated due to periodical performance. You were assigned different targets during the period of 6 months.

After evaluation of your performance, It was found that you  have been failed to get your assigned targets. You were warned many times  by the coordination officer during the meeting held with you, but you did not even bothered to meet the basic requirements of  the duties assigned to you. You mostly remained busy in your private affairs just marking your presence in the attendance register and did  not perform your duties well and have found inefficient. You were lethargic and you failed to follow the instructions issued to you from time to time. Resultantly, this office has faced shortage in 100% target achievement.

To meet the Chairman, You are  called on dated______ for personal hearing with proof of performance with assigned target, but you  failed to satisfy this office in this regard. You  were given another chance to improve your progress. Now you were once again called on dated———- for personal  hearing for review of physical progress, but your progress was found nil and you also admitted that you could not carry on the job and are not eligible to perform the duty properly as due to  hard nature job.

Your contract agreement is hereby terminated today on account of your poor performance, inefficiency and misconduct under the contract agreement.You are also directed to return all the store items and get your clearance certificate from this office and clear you salary bills payable.

HR Director,
Asghar Ali

Copy  for information forwarded to the Chairman and Accounts Department

Sample Contract Cancellation Letter for Service
Sample Contract Cancellation Letter for Service


Letter of Termination Sample

Employee termination letter for staff members who are to be notified about their termination. Application for officers, managers,administration and other staff members. Termination letter due to poor performance or any other reason. Changes can be done as per requirements and an easy format to be used. Its a sample template of termination letter.

Letter of Termination Sample


Subject:  Employee Termination Letter
Dear Umair,
We regret to inform you that your employment with our organization is terminated from ________ (date). In our termination meeting you were informed about this and this is an official letter for your acknowledgement.You have work with our organization for less than a year and due to your poor and incompatible behavior.
Before this notification, warning letters were issued to you, copies of which are present in your personal file. Major cause of this decision was your poor performance and careless behavior. It effected your intellectual skills.
As stated in your final warning letter that strict actions will be taken in case of poor performance, which can even lead to your job termination. Your failure to do so has brought us to our final verdict. Your office keys and company given laptop has been taken from you in the meeting. Officially, from _______ you are not an employee of our organization. We had a good time with you Mr. Umair for any assistance and information you can contact  accounts manager.
Wish you good luck for your future.

Termination Letter for Poor Performance
Termination Letter for Poor Performance


Termination Letter on Urgent Basis


Name of Teacher_______

Subject:  Termination on Urgent Basis

The Director of school has decided to terminate you on urgent basis. The principal of school personally observe that during class period you have used abusive language and discuss political issues. However the students are not satisfy and not taking interest in academic. The parents are giving negative feed back regarding you teaching style. and the prestige of school is on fire.

You have done such activities which does not come under your responsibilities. You have been warned earlier to change your methodology and stop taking class informally, but have not paid attention to it. Therefore management has decided to terminate you on urgent basis.

You can contact accounts department for your clearance.

Manager Human Resource

Accounts Department____

Termination Letter For School Teacher
Termination Letter For School Teacher