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Vehicle Lease Termination Letter

Following is a sample written letter of vehicle lease termination. Leasing is a facility given to the people to buy new products on fewer amounts and then pay the total amount in easily payable installments. Banks are facilitating their customers for auto vehicles as well, but this facility is followed by some terms and conditions. Failure to fulfill that terms and conditions may lead to termination of that contract; it may lead to return the auto vehicle to bank.

Vehicle Lease Termination Letter

Mr. Yell
St 45 house no 121
Helton, Singapore
Date 20.06.18

Subject: Vehicle lease termination letter

Dear Yell,

With sorry and sadness, this letter is a formal notice from the bank “National Bank of Singapore”, to termination of your lease facility of auto car no LEA 345, model 2018, Black Honda civic. We have sent you three warning letters earlier, failure to contact and payments of installments for last three month leading us toward this legal action. The NBS terminate a vehicle lease so delivered the auto vehicle back to bank within 15 days. If you failed to deliver the vehicle within the given time limit a serious action would take place against you. It may be a arrest warrant against you and it is a non bale able offense. You would be charge of fine of $7600 according to our terms and conditions.

As you received this letter, contact us as soon as possible and report us about late installments else you would not be entertained. You don’t want to face the consequences of particular obligation then report us within the given time period. Your action would be appreciated and if you report us I, make sure we would make some soft corner for you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Zenith
Senior Branch Manager
National Bank of Singapore

Experience Letter Format for Driver

Sample Experience letter Format for Driver.This sample format is being used by owners of multinational companies, telecom companies, offices, business arcades, schools, colleges, universities and courts. You can mention all qualities of driver in experience letter for his future success.

Sample Experience Letter Format for Driver

To: Mr. Mohen Chaturwadi

From: New Delhi Model School, India.

Info: Human Resource Department

   To Whom May It Concern

It is under the name of Mr. Mohen Chaturwadi who served the institution for a period of ten years from 2001 to 2011. He has a valid driving license. It also true for him as a drivers that no challan is made by any police check post and no evidence of accident and other unpleasant incidents is registered as FIR in any police station against him.

He is fit for this job as he meet all the conditions mandatory for any driver. His driving experience contains a wide range of experiences as he ably drove on the most puzzling and dangerous zig zagged roads of Shimla. He drove cars of all types, wagons, Suzuki pick up, trawler, van, bus and even flying coaches across India. He is accustomed to all kinds of roads: narrow, winding, sloppy, broader, zig zag and even twined roads built on mountain hills. He served as a driver with a renowned Tourist guide of India of hilly resort areas.

He is hard working, punctual, and steadfast and with such qualities I believe anyone can take a step up position in one’s life. His police record of any type is zilch. He is a clear headed person in his personality and attitude during his stay with us in this organization. He is eligible of having any job wherever he may apply for the vacant post of driver at any place. We wish him a safe and happy drive across India in any department. Good luck

HRM Director
Perdeep sukh Singhania
October, 16, 2015

Experience Letter Format for Driver
Experience Letter Format for Driver

Sales Certificate Template for Vehicle

Sample sales certificate for cultus. It is necessary for registration of vehicle, Its very important document for transport company You can use this for any vehicle like mehran, cultus etc.

Sample Sales Certificate Template for Vehicle

For Registration

Address: 13- Pakistan Steel Industrial Estate, Bin Qasim, Karachi

Tel No: 021-3473456-57 Fax No:  021-4567899

Sales Certificate:

Invoice No:   VI- 15005678                                         Certificate No: 1500000789

Dated:       24-2-2015                                                    Dated:          24-2-2015

Certified that we have delivered one unit brand new Suzuki Cultus SF 410 VXR EII 993 CC year of manufacture 2015. Model 2015 bearing following Engine and Chassis Number:

Engine No:   PKF 602008                                           Chassis No:   SF410 PK 508851

The vehicle has been assembled by us and all Government dues such as Custom Duty, Sales Tax etc. Where applicable have been paid on the above vehicle.


See section 16(1) of motor vehicles Act. 1939 document to be furnished by maker or authorised assembler in case of transport vehicle other than motor cabs.

Certified that      Suzuki Cultus SF410  VXR E11 993 CC

bearing the above Engine and Chassis No. has been designed for maximum weight as following

Maximum Laden Weight:                                   Maximum Weight Front Axle

Maximum Weight Rear Axle:                            Maximum Weight and other Axle

Tyres Front Wheels:                                            Tyres Rear Wheels



Circular Road LHR


Customer/ Dealer Name Master Motor Engineers

Signature: __________ Phone No: _________

CNIC No: ———————

Signature of Makers of Authorized  Pak Suzuki Motor Co Ltd


Sales Certificate Template for Vehicle
Sales Certificate Template for Vehicle

Application for Transfer Ownership of Motor Vehicle

Sample Application for Transfer Ownership of Vehicle Ownership. If any organization got any vehicle leased from bank and after the clearance of it the organization requests the bank to issue clearance certificate and transfer the ownership to organization, Bank can use this format of application to Exise and Taxation office for the clearance of vehicle. Template is given below.

Application for Transfer Ownership of Motor Vehicle

Date: January 23, 2014

The Exise & Taxation Officer

Subject: Clearance Certificate- Auto Lease Habib Metropolitan Bank
A/C Muguls Pakistan. REG No LED-11-3456

This is certify that there are no outstanding dues against Muguls Pakistan makes Suzuki Cultus Model 2013 bearing Registration no LED-11-3456 Engine no PKF 456789 Chassis no SF 410PK234567 & Medium.Blue.Pea.
We have No Objection to transfer the Ownership in favor of Muguls Pakistan the facility stands matured.


Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd.

Application for Transfer Ownership of Motor Vehicle
Application for Transfer Ownership of Motor Vehicle

Application for Clearance of Vehicle from Bank

Sample Application for Clearance of Vehicle from Bank. If any company got any vehicle leased from bank and they cleared all the requirements and charges, so they can use this application format for the clearance certificate of the vehicle. Easy format is given below.

Application for Clearence of Vehicle from Bank Sample

Ref: Acct/1902/15

The Manager
Silk Bank Gulberg Branch

Subject: Suzuki Cultus ( LED-9878) Engine No 558697 Chasis No 567890

Dear Sir,

We lease above mentioned vehicle from your Bank, which has been matured on time.Their is no remaining balance. We have good relationship with bank.

You are requested to issue NOC & Provide the following to Mr. Akber Hameed S/O Abdul Hameed haing CNIC No 35204-156890-3. Kindly issue

1- Original File

2- No Objection Certificate

3- Second Key of the Vehicle.

Your early action is highly appricated.

Yours Faithfully,

Febcot International.
Authorized Signature

Application for Clearence of Vehicle from Bank Sample
Application for Clearence of Vehicle from Bank Sample