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Landlord Lease Termination Letter Sample

As a tenant, if you are trying to terminate a lease contract with your Landlord for various reasons like moving/shifting to a new place or due to some problems with the property or adverse relations with the landlord. You are required to send an early notice to the landlord telling him that you have decided to terminate the lease or any conditions that you want to be changed in case the landlord wants the lease agreement to stay in place. These sample letters provided below can help you write your own easily.

Sample Lease Termination Letter


Mr. Nikhil Verma,

57E South Mumbai.

Subject: Notice for Lease Termination letter

Hi Sir,

I am writing you this letter to inform you that I have been considering ending my lease contract with you. As we rented this place from you exactly 8 months ago when we moved to Mumbai to find work here. This lea term was signed on the 15th of January 2021. We have enjoyed our stay here and treated the house as our own and took good care of this property. There are no permanent changes made to your property apart from fixing wall paint in 2 rooms. All the stuff that was given to us with his p leis protected and cared for and we are deciding to leave it in the same condition. No damage has been done to the property instead fixed a few that we needed to live with like installing new lights and fans.
We have decided to move on 15th of September after paying this month’s rent as well on time. The key will be sent to you at your permanent address and in case you want to take a visit for inspection before we leave, you can. Thanks.

Sidharth Batra.

Easy Lease Termination Letter


Mr. Batra,

21S Block, New Delhi.

Subject: Notice for Early Lease Termination letter

Hi Sir,

I am officially sending you this letter to notify you that I have decided to leave your place and end the lease contract that we both signed a year ago. The original contract term was of 2 years and an additional extended period if we decided to renew the term. Unfortunately, I have to leave your place due to certain reasons that I have to comply with. My work has shifted to another office that is now almost 1.5 hours drive away from your property. And now I need to relocate myself. I am aware of the term that you will be able to withhold 30% of my security amount that you are supposed to return to me. I am ok with you withholding that amount as I am calling off this contract early on.
I am notifying you a month ago to let you have time to find new tenants and inspect the property before I leave. The keys will be returned to you on the 20th of August. Thanks.

Arjun Singh.

Sample Lease Termination Agreement


Mr. Ambani.

Annex Apartments, Chennai.

Subject: Notice for Lease Termination letter

Hi Sir,

I am writing you this letter to notify you that I have decided to end the lease contract with you for renting your property at the end of the next month. I know that this is an early call off of this contract but respectfully when signing and checking in your property certain problems needed to get fixed. The leakage from the roof problems and there was a need to install new water motor as the existing causes problems. We decided to rent it on the term that you will be getting fixed within the first month of moving in. however you have not done anything about it and the leakage problem has cost us a lot in this monsoon season. We have been paying the rentals on time. This does not seem fair and we have decided to move to a better property where our stuff is safe.
By ending the contract early you will be cutting 50% off the security deposit. We do not have any problem with that. We will be vacating the property on the 25th of October. Thanks.

Ankit Malhotra.