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Sample Letter to Terminate a Contract

If you have been looking for how to write a termination letter for a contract that you signed with a party that has now somehow breached the contract terms or this contract is not feasible for any reason now. Well, we have got you covered with these sample termination letters that you can easily copy to write your contract termination letter. If you have any similar requests you can leave those in the comment section.

Sample Contract Termination Letter



Himesh Law Firm,


Subject: Contract Termination Letter

Dear Sir,

I am writing you this letter regarding the contract that we signed with you a month ago about your lawyers providing us with the legal services that our firm required. And to file our legal documents along with representing us legally in front of authorities. We had set certain terms of our contract as usual. The contract was signed based on the reputation of your firm and the competency you showed in your team. We needed highly qualified and competent persons in our team who will be able to understand the complicated business relationship we have. We are not satisfied with the services provided by your team as they were unable to comply with our legal requirements timely due to which we had to face penalties and other consequences. Due to a breach of the term to provide us and comply with our legal requirements, we no longer wish to get services from your firm and are terminating this contract after paying the amount due. Thanks.

Akhil Khanna.

Easy Agreement Termination Letter



Dilip Audit Firm and Co.


Subject: Agreement Termination letter

Respected Sir,

I am writing you this letter regarding the contract that we signed with your firm to provide us with an audit team to conduct an audit for us of our financial statements. This contract was signed believing that there is no relevant threat to the fault and misstatement-free services. We were hopeful that your team due to the reputation of your firm will carry out an amazing job these few months and we will further extend the contract limit for our future audits. But we have come to know that one of your partners hols major shares in our company after an investigation. This interferes with the legal requirements by our standards that we have to comply with as you already know. Thus we can no longer hire your firm unless your partner gives up his shares and that is not possible so a better situation will be to hire another firm. Thus we want to terminate this contract. Thanks.

Himesh Khanna.

Sharma Steel Ltd.

Contract Termination Letter Sample



Siler Star Construction  Firm,


Subject: Request Letter to Terminate the Contract


I am writing you this letter regarding the contract that both parties signed for the construction of an office building in Delhi. We hired your company after trusting reviews about your efficient services but we are highly disappointed by how it turned out for us. It was mentioned in the contract about what kind of material we wanted and the map, structure, design everything was decided to be executed like that. Your construction company has completely messed up the design that we offered and accepted. The space is chalked out differently and the work is not up to the mark as the quality of the material used is not satisfactory even after paying a good amount for it in advance. Thus we want to terminate this contract right now. We have paid the amount for the work already done and no longer want your services. Thanks.

Varun Khanna.

Sample Memorandum of Understanding

Sample MOU. Sample Memorandum of Understanding Template. Memorandum of Agreement Template. A Memorandum of Understanding or MOU is a written agreement put in place to establish a clear understanding of how an arrangement will practically function and each party’s role and responsibilities. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Memorandum of Understanding


This MOU is being agreed upon by CITY FOUNDATION referred as Party 1 & NM ENTERTAINMENT GROUP referred as Party 2 for deliverables 1) Documentary and 2) DVC of video games, to be delivered by the mid of April 2018. The purpose of this MoU is to establish a strong relationship and professional confidence between stated parties as above.

Further details to this contract are mentioned below:
NM ENTERTAINMENT GROUP shall be responsible for the following:

1. NM Entertainment Group will perform the production services, such as, conception, presentations, pre- production, shoot, post production and deliverance of the final products 1 & 2 with all the changes required by Party 1 at all stages of the project.

2. NM Entertainment Group shall be working on the concept and script, approved by Party 1.

3. NM Entertainment Group will be responsible for two deliverables:

a) Documentary (on City Foundation)
b) DVC (on video games)

4. Duration of the deliverables will be:

a) Documentary: 6 – 8 mints
b) DVC: 60 sec

Delivery Details:

5. Pre – Production phase will take 10-15 days.

6. Shoot Days: 3 days

7. Post Production process will take 20 – 25 days. Two rounds of revisions will be given to the client after the first review.

8. NM Entertainment Group requires funds of amount PKR. 900,000 to produce the documentary in following fashion:

a. 10% on singing of this contract
b. 40% before shoot
c. 25% on deliverance of Documentary
d. 25% on deliverance of DVC

City Foundation shall provide the following:

1. City Foundation will be providing the funds of amount PKR. 900,000 to NM Entertainment Group for producing deliverables 1 & 2.

2. Party 2 will make sure the disbursement of the payments mentioned in above section point 8.

3. Party 1 will collaborate with Party 2 to comprehend, finalize and approve all the related materials required for deliverables 1 & 2, such as, script, resources to be interviewed and locations required Limitations:

1- Both the parties will be involved equally in developing the content (storyline and script)

2. If at any time, client desires to make changes or variations from the script or story board in specified deliverables, will be made prior to the next phase of production. If not to addressed and finalized, such changes may result additional cost and time in deliverance as promised by Party 1. Therefore, both parties agree to notify accordingly before any such additional costs are incurred. In case as such, project will commence after receiving final approval from
respective party.

Terms & Conditions:

The term of this MOU agreement shall begin at the date of both parties’ signatures and shall remain in full force till completion
of deliverables 1 & 2. This agreement set out the entire understanding of both parties hereto deliverables 1 & 2 (documentary
and DVC).

Party 2 authorizes and license to Party 1 to use finished products for promotional purposes not before but after the deliverance
of final projects.

Agreed upon by:

_____________________ _____________________

Signatures 1 : _____________________ _____________________

Signatures 2 :—————————–

Sample Agreement of Mortgage House

Sample agreement of mortgage house. Financial crisis can dawn upon any individual and at any time. Getting out of this depression requires sound help and it can be availed in shape of mortgaging the house till repayment of the loan.

Sample Agreement of Mortgage House

To whom it may concern
Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Rs-500 stamp paper Mortgage of house

It is to notify that Mr. Khawar Hussain owner of 8 Marla double Storey building in Lahore is a permanent resident of this residential area from the past thirty areas. The address is street no 5, house no 13 deaf and dumb society. He has recently suffered a set-back in the newly initiated business of children garments and he started the business by taking loan from the bank. Now, currently, he has to pay the loan to the bank and for that reason he wanted to mortgage his house. He is in agreement of mortgage with Mr. Tayyab Khalil who agreed to pay the amount of ten million for five years to Mr. Khawar Hussain.

In the time duration of five years Mr. Khawar Hussain s/o Hussain mayo is held liable to pay the amount to Mr. Tayyab Khalil but he fails to do so he demand to Mr. Tayyab Khalil to extend the time duration and reserve no rights to vacate the house from him. In case Mr. Khawar Hussain does so, he will immediately be taken to police custody and the mortgage family will stay in the same house until and unless the recovery of the payment due on Mr. Khawar Hussain.

Signature of Owner: M.Khawar Hussain CNIC: 33334-000- 65-0
Signature of Mortgage: M. Tayyab Khalil CNIC: 33312-52234- 1
Witness: no: 1(from owner): Mr. Aoun Abbas
Address: House No. 78, Street No. 56 Main Boulevard Scheme CNIC: 3354-988845- 3

Witness no: 2 (from mortgage): Mr. Hussain Butt
Address: House No. 6, Street No, 8 Main Blue Area sector CNIC: 33598- 234465-5

Letter of Consent for new project

Sample Letter Format of Consent from Government for new project.Government always favour the productive work of private sector and give permissions to promote learning, health and recreational activities. Sectors whether private or government, can seek permissions for their new projects from the high authorities. Such letter format can be used by high authorities to show their consent in favour of the concerned sectors or individuals.

Letter of Consent for new project

The Chairperson,
Nettle Trust Corporation,
Tokyo, Japan.

Subject: Letter of Consent from Government for new project

Respected Madam,

I hope you are fine at your place. May you be pleased with yourself forever in your future to come. I feel very delightful and you can say proud to see the quality of work you offered at your institution regarding education and health of the students. I had seen your work published in the papers as well that float good hearsay about your priorities regarding students’ lives.

You are quite self-sufficient lady and I am pleased to see your strength and self-esteem. For the first time, you came to me for getting permission of any sort. I am allotting you the land you desired for the setup of new project for education. The details that you shared with me about the education rather inclusive education is a great step towards the betterment of the society and the development of this country as a nation and united nation we are.

Keep yourself high and in future if you need any other help, I assure you I will be at your disposal. Much concern and loads of prayers for you.


Mr. Cooper
Finance Minister.
26 July, 2016

Letter of Consent for new project
Letter of Consent for new project

Sample Format letter for Legal Separation of Business

Sample Format letter for Legal Separation of Business. Business are mostly reality summoned the separation between the two for certain good as well as bad event. This easy format can be used by businessmen who wanted to separate their works.

Sample Legal Separation letter of Business

The Court of Law,
Ontario, Canada.

Subject: Letter for Legal Separation of Business

Respected Sir,
It is to state very humbly that I had started the business of Cherry Jam with my friend Mr. Ferry Pan in the late 2011 December. Business earned us good profit and we decided to launch another factory of Jam in the hilly station of Canada. Now the current scenario is that I am running one factory and my friend is operating another factory. We are now unable to see two factories simultaneously as it cost us a lot of time and distance. Certain business issues like bank draft or cashing of the cheque needed the signature of both of us which is now not possible for both of us due to the other factory which is now in its baby years.

Keeping in view all the hurdles and problems of both the factories we now wanted to legally separate the factories one under my name and another under the name of my friend so that we can run the factories individually. All the necessary documentation is attached for further procedure.Kindly do the necessary formalities of paperwork as soon as possible.

We will be brimmed with gratification if you will consider the nature of our problems with serenity and kind heart. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Jacob Stones and Ferry Pan
Chairperson of Jam Factories.
March 28, 2016

Letter of Contract Agreement for Teachers

Sample Teachers Contract Agreement Letter. Contracts are the bindings that ensures the fair deal between the personnel of the individuals. Such agreement can be used by educational institutions school,colleges who wished to mainstream their system on contracts.

Sample Letter of Contract Agreement for Teachers

Ms. Johnson Segway
H-NO: 34 East-West Avenue, London, United Kingdom.


Stardust School System,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Contract Agreement for Teachers

Dearest Ms. Johnson Segway,

I am pleased to inform you that you are hired to this job as General Teacher by the board of Principals of this system. You are now inducted in the school as per selection merit and now you are liable to follow certain restrictions termed as
rules and regulation policy. The salient clauses of this policy says:

1. You must adhere to strict dress code.
2. You will lend a helping hand in maintaining the congenial environment in
the school.
3. You must not put yourself in any kind of dispute in the school.
4. You must follow the school time strictly
5. You must be cooperative to your seniors and juniors as well.
6. You are not supposed to leave the school before one year but the school management can dismiss you from the work.

You are here on the basis of contract agreement which says your first six months are probation and if you will not be found suitable for the job you will be automatically fired. After the completion of probation you will be interviewed by the chairman himself and he will decide your permanency of the job.

You are sanctioned no casual leaves and current salary after deduction is Settled as 1500$ per month. We hope our stay with us will be permanent.
Work hard and prove your worth. Good luck.


Agreement Eamil Against Credit Card

Sample Agreement Eamil Against Credit Card between customer and bank. This  format of agreement for bank necessary changes can be done according to requirments.

Sample Agreement Eamil Against Credit Card

Subject: Card No 333333334444555

Dear Sir,

With reference to our discussions regarding the subject please be informed that outstanding amount in your below mentioned Credit Card is AED 131,345 as on 15th April 2015.We have agreed that theabove liability shall be settled, by paying AED 5,000 as full and final as per below agreement in one payment.




In case of non payment of the agreed amount as per the obove mentioned terms and conditions, this agreement will become null and void and the entire outstanding amount of AED 131,345 along with future interest will become due and payable.

This email has been at your request without any risk or responsibility on the bank and its employee.

Ahmer Rana
Recovery Officer,
Mashreq Bank

Sample Agreement Eamil Against Credit Card
Sample Agreement Eamil Against Credit Card

Business Agreement Partnership Template

Thanks letter for agreement, letter can be sent from one company to the other after partnership among both. Letter is sent to CEO or Director of another company. It’s a sample format thanks letter for agreement. Can be used for various purposes. Changes can be done as per requirements and an easy format to be used and free download. You can use as business partnership agreement template free.

Agreement Letter for Business Partnership

 The CEO,

________ Company.

Subject:  Thanks Letter for Business Partnership
Dear Sir,

On behalf of our higher authorities, we would like to Thank you and express our gratitude for accepting our partnership, and being our business partner. It is an immense pleasure to work with your valued organization. We had a good business relation and hope to continue it in future.
From now on wards, both the company Directors have equal right to hire of fire staff/employees based on joint verdict. According to agreement, profit and loss should be equally divided. Both have the right to take qualitative measure and decisions for the companies welfare. We hope to have a mutual association for upcoming services of ours.
As it is really a huge step for both the companies to be business partners, now both have equal rights. Before this a single chain of our company was running but now new branches are going to be opened soon and this will be a golden chance for employees as well. We are highly indebted to our new business partners to turn our dream into reality.
We will be looking forward to your support and co-operation. Being partners we consider you as superior as we are. We wish you best regards for the upcoming positive changes and hope that this decision of ours will be an apex of bright future for both the companies.
With warm regards,
Designation: __________

Business Agreement Partnership Template
Business Agreement Partnership Template

Training Services Agreement Template

Sample template letter for premises of seminar hall required for training ,different companies organize multiple training for development of organization but if they do not have much place they must coordinate somewhere else . All term and conditions as per policy of organization and charges should be decided before

 Service Level Agreement Template Training Provider


Company Name……

Subject: Premises of seminar hall required for Training services

Respected Sir,

I hope this letter will find you in good health. With reference to our meeting on last monday, i like to thank you for encouraging me. I am starting a learning and development institute in the name of…… with an aim to offer the services at corporate and social level.

I have learning partnership with C.M.D for training and consultancy. Mr Imtiaz  Haroon looks after the training, coaching and consultancy services. My plan is to start from 9th June 2013. I will need the discussed premises of seminar hall once a week (sunday 10.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m) with following requirements.

a- Seminar hall with round table setup for twenty to forty participants as per the response( confirmation will be made one week before starting the session)

b- AC with back power supply

c-  Facilitation to collect fee on our behalf for which person a fee can be charged.

d-  Hi Tea/ Tea arangements

e-   A support staff person/ Attendant

Please let me know the charges and all the terms and conditions as per your organization policy for further processing.


Training Organizer

Training Services Agreement Template
Training Services Agreement Template