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Sample Thank You Email to Lecturer by Student on Graduation Ceremony

If you are graduating soon or have graduated recently and have been wanting to thank your teacher for their help and the experience these sample emails might help you write your own. You can use these sample articles given below to write your own and thank your favorite teachers. If you have requests for other topics feel free to leave them in the comment box.

Thank You Email to Lecturer by Student on Graduation Ceremony

Subject: Appreciation and thank you letter to Mr. Anil

Hi Sir,

I hope you are doing great and enjoying good health. I am writing you this to thank you for your immense support throughout my bachelor’s degree. I am going to graduate in 2 weeks in biotechnology. You are the teacher who helped me through everything and is very considerate of me for everything. It was through your daily lectures that I got hooked on taking classes. You were a mentor to me and guided me through everything. You surely are a teacher every student deserves.

Thanks for being the biggest hype man for all of your students. you have no idea about your impact on us. Thanks a lot I am always going to remember you.


Yours Truly.

Mohit Suri.

Thank You Email to Lecturer by Student on Graduation Ceremony

Subject: Appreciation and Thank You Letter to my Mentor

Respected Sir,

I hope this email finds you in good health. As you know that I will be graduating today in the ceremony. I wanted to start my day by sending you this and letting you know how much I respect you and how these four years of my university were the best only because of you. You have been the greatest mentor and guide for me all these years. I consider myself very lucky to get extra time with you being under your department and to study from you as well. Not only that you teach well. You are the only person with whose support I continued this degree. When I failed my 2nd semester I was so close o dropping it. It was your motivation and immense support and belief in me that made m,e hold on to it. You believed in my abilities when I didn’t.

It is for this reason that I wanted to dedicate this moment to you. You are an integral part of this celebration. Thanks for being a teacher everyone deserves.


Yours Sincerely.

Vijay Batra.

Thank You Email to Lecturer by Student on Graduation Ceremony

Subject: Thank you letter for Mr. Ahuja

Dear Sir,

I hope you’re doing great and being the best teacher out there as usual. I am Sahil your favorite student from Batch23. Well everyone was your favorite student as you loved us all equally and treated us all as your own. Today we got graduated and were handed over our degrees. For me, the celebrations were not making sense without you included in them. Because the reason for I continuing and completing this degree views you. You were the only person who checked up on me when I was anxious due to my bad results. You were the person who took the responsibility to guide me whenever I asked even after classes. You replied to my every query without making me feel bad and motivated me continuously.

More than my parents you were the one constantly supporting me even when I broke down and was close to giving up. Now that I got a job before graduating and also have my degree in my hands today I wanted to thank you for being the best person for me. I am always going to remember you and respect you for what you have done for me.

Yours Faithfully.

Sahil Mishra.