Job Application for Lecturer Post

Permanent Job Request to Dean as Lecturer. Here are multiple formats for lecturer post. You can change it according to your requirement.

Job Application for Lecturer Post


The Dean,

Government College University.

Respected Sir,

I have seen the advertisement on your University website about the job opening of “Bioinformatics specialist lecturer required”. It is to inform you that I have just done my MPhil in Bioinformatics from foreign university. I have just recently came back to home town after my graduation. I am newly graduated and I have high passion of teaching students. I also have been tutoring students at my university so I have experience in teaching students. I have passed with grace GPA. I am also attaching all the required documents with this application. I am really looking forward to teach students at your university and spread the knowledge I have and gained in my years of education. I will be very pleased to have a response from your side and will look forward to have proper interview with you so I can tell you about my excellence in my academic career in person. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,


Sample Job Application for Lecturer

Respected Sir,

I am extremely interested in teaching Mechanical Engineering at your esteemed university. I am teaching as a lecturer in another university right now. I have been thinking to have a change that is why I am applying here so I can have experience of different places and opportunity to meet new different and talented people. I have always been very passionate about my studies, I got 3.77 CGPA in my academic career of BS. Hons. MY experience of teaching as a lecturer is of 5 years now. I have taught in many different universities. I also have attended global seminars. I have been invited to Canada for a extensive research. My whole detail data is attached with this application, you may go through to know all about my academic career. I am really hoping to hear from your side and work in your prestigious university in near future.

Yours Truly,


Cover Letter for Lecturer Post

Respected Sir,

I am writing this job letter to apply for lecturer post at your prestigious university. I came to know about this opening by my fellow professor friend. It is to inform you that I am working as a lecturer in Oxford University as a Microbiologist and I deliver lectures too. I am doing my research work along with my lectureship. I have almost 10 publications. My experience in this field is of 5 years. I am a very observant and dedicated individual with keen insight. I aspire to develop sense of newness in my students, to see beyond the limits and that is how they find out the secrets of universe. I want to avail this opportunity to work with your university and impart my knowledge to students there. It will be a great experience for me and I believe with my past experiences, I will be asset to your university to progress. Looking forward to meet you
in person.

Yours Truly,


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