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Sample Cancellation letter of Leave Encashment due to COVID-19

Sample Cancellation letter of Leave Encashment due to COVID-19

The staff,
LeXScnn Steel Mills,

California, United State of America.

Subject: Letter of cancellation of leave encashment due to COVID-
19 by the Company

Respected Staff Members!

Good day! I hope, you all will be fine at your work places and at homes as well. Current year is an age of uncertainty due to covid-19 epidemic. It is hard to meet ends up as economic influx are disturbed to the greatest extend. You all are adults and obviously knowing the financial state of many companies including ours, so it is very difficult for us to entertain leave encashment request. We are giving salaries and not cutting it, for humanity sake, but in the next year, we will try to favour and adjust the financial/profit matters. This year, we want unity and solidarity from you all. I hope you understand the plight of the world. Stay home. Stay safe.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Chairman,
24th June, 2020.

Sample Leave Encashment Cancellation Letter due
to COVID-19 by the school

The staff,
Lessen Brookfield School,
California, United State of America.

Subject: Letter of cancellation of leave Encashment due to COVID-

Respected Teaching and Ancillary Staff Members!

Glad to see you healthy and alive! The Corona outbreak is getting worse and worse day by day and to add p cherry on the top, there is still no vaccination available around the world. The Human kind is experiencing the worst era of their age! People are losing lives, homes, jobs and health, but as a caring department, we went on giving you full salaries, annual increment as well, not thinking about our profit, but for your survival. In this time period, we are really sorry not to provide you with the facility of leave encashment, you are in your homes, not coming to the school/s, so according to me this demand is unjustified.

Best Regards,
Mr. Chairman,
24th June, 2020.


Insurance Cancellation Letter Sample

Insurance Cancellation Letter Sample


The Policy Cancellation Department,

EFU House Head Office.

Respected Sir,

This letter is directed to the insurance cancellation department as I came two days back and took the insurance policy. Now, as gone through some personal consultation, I have come to the conclusion that I want to cancel my insurance policy that I took on 5th November. I don’t want to avail this premium policy anymore. I will be very thankful to the insurance department to cancel my insurance policy. I am sending you this in a written letter so no issue could be risen in future. It is my request to you to please refund the unused portion of my policy premium. I don’t want any more payments to be deducted from my bank account. Please cease charging my bank account for payment of monthly premium. I will be thankful to your prompt action to this matter.

Yours Sincere,


Contact Detail:——————-

Sample Insurance Cancellation Letter

Insurance Cancellation Department,

Jubilee Pvt Ltd.

Dear Sir,

Please consider this letter as a formal request to cancel my home insurance policy. This letter is directed to home cancellation department specifically. I took the home insurance policy few days back dated 1st November 2019. I bought the house recently and took its home insurance policy but as a matter of fact, I want to cancel this insurance policy. I have also submitted charges and i want to request the home insurance policy department to review my documents and cancel my home insurance policy. I am requesting this written confirmation so there would be formal documentation exist in any inconvenience in future. The effective date of cancellation is 2, December 2019.The cash value of the policy should
also be sent with returned premium. I don’t want to delay the process any more. Therefore, I want this process to be completed within 15 days. Please review the letter and proceed with my application. Thank you.

Yours Truly,


Sample Cancellation Letter for Reservation

Sample  Cancellation Letter for Reservation. Travelling is a good way to thrive yourself in business, education and job, but it costs much time of the traveler as waiting in queue for a long time in order to have their reservation. This is now old tale so to say as in modern times reservations are made on the call that saves much of the time of the respective person and it can be cancelled in few minutes as well. This format can be devour by whosoever wanted to avail the chance!

Sample Cancellation Letter for Reservation

Faisal Movers Transport Company,
Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Subject: Request for cancellation of reservation

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much regret and heavy heart that I am Mr. Majid Arslan. I had heard a lot many good words for this company as the dealing and lunch provided to travelers is excellent and they are provided with free Wi-Fi and choice to listen to their favourite music with adjustable headphones. Hearing all this, I decided to head towards my native land that is Gujranwala due to approaching marriage of cousin. I had to move with my whole family and for that reason I had reserved first six seats in your luxurious coach three days before.

My contact number that I gave at the reservation office is 0342-
8900654 and the seat numbers were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively. The coach number in which I decided to have my travelling was EA-432 that was planned to move from Lahore to Pakistan at 10:00 Am sharp. I am now cannot pursue my travelling there due to cancellation of leaves as company has fixed some meetings in the office and it is not admissible for me to go for its travelling so
kindly cancel my reservations. Thanking in advance.

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Majid Arslan
30 th August, 2017.

Cancellation Letter for Work Permit from Employer

Sample Cancellation letter for Work Permit from Employer. Working in foreign countries is both a blessing and a curse depending upon the situation and circumstances. Work permits got expired or it can be cancelled at any time by the employer due to terms and conditions restricted to his range of knowledge only. Such format is great help to those who wanted to cancel the work permit of his/ her worker.

Cancellation Letter for Work Permit from Employer


To: Mr. Jacob Joe,
Steel Mills Engineering Works, Singapore.
From: Ministry of Man Power, Singapore.

Dear Employee,

We had received your request for re issuance and the renewal of work permit from the higher authorities. You had stated the reasons for issuance of the work permit; being there as head clerk in the Steel Mills Engineering Works Private Limited and a bonafide employee of the company. You had stated your level of reputation and the quality of work you showed over there. We had no issue with your working style or we do not doubt your honesty towards the company, but still there are certain reasons on the behalf of which we cannot offer you to stay any further in Singapore.

It is to state with regret that your work permit is expired and due to set policies of the company we cannot offer you to stay and work here. There are certain reasons of cancelling your request you filed against the termination of work permit together with the re-issuance of the work permit, which we fear cannot do so.

We had cleared your financial expenses indebted on the company and as compensation we are also offering you an extra salary as bonus. We hope your safe landing on your homeland. Thank you.

6 th January, 2017

Sample Life Insurance Cancellation Letter

Sample Letter Format for Cancellation of Life Insurance after death. Security and financial security is of utmost importance in this world for human survival is a well known myth. Many decided to go for Life Insurance, but die before the maturity of the policy. The legal heir somehow could not meet to pay the installment o they decided to cancel the policy. Such letter is helpful for those who wanted to cancel the life insurance policies.

Sample Life Insurance Cancellation  Letter

Life Insurance Policy
House No. 38, Street No. 12 Chennai Town, Utter Perdaish, India.
Deepak Leal Ram Insurance Company, India.
Adjacent to Bund Road, Shimla, India.

Subject: Cancellation of Life Insurance Policy

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much love and regret that I I am unable to continue the policy started by my father Mr. Munmorah Singh (late). He had started the policy ten years back and his policy number is REB# 16101979311286. He died of cancer and after his sad demise it is not possible for us to go along the policy he started.

It is my request to kindly take this letter of mine as a formal request to cancel the life insurance policy and stop all the remaining charges for premium payments. It would be an honour for me if you consider to make this very cancellation effective as of 31/12/16. I will also request from you the written confirmation of this cancellation, along with a refund for fallow premiums, within thirty days from the acceptance of this letter of cancellation of life insurance policy of my deceased father.

I had attached all the necessary documents with this application for your kind review and prompt action. I will be thankful to you if you consider my words and escalate the process as soon as possible. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Tara Singh.
14 th December, 2016.

Cancellation letter of Recreational Trip

Sample Cancellation letter format of recreational trip . It is a shameless act that refrain recreations and basic right of education from students. The educational organizations schools/colleges/universities that wanted to secure their students and wanted to cancel their trip are welcome to use this format.

Cancellation letter of Recreational Trip

The Principal,
Vigo Stand hill School,
Munich, Germany.

Subject: Cancellation letter for recreational trip due to security reason

Respected Sir,

I wish you luck and courage for eternity. It was the matter of immense pleasure to know that you keep an eye on the welfare of students of your school. I always appreciated all the things that are good for children. I was truly glad to see that you had arranged a museum trip for your school. The trip was recreational as well as educational in its very root and I can understand your wise decision behind it. I granted you the permission for continuation, earlier.

With regret I am cancelling this trip on the score of security issues. Due to uncertain condition of country ,I want is to save you and your school from any unseen catastrophe. I hope you will understand the thinking and motive behind this decision. Please convey my sorry and the reason of taking back their decision to your teaching staff so that they can ably handle their students with zero ill will against the reason. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Mathew Arnold
January, 26, 2016

Cancellation letter of Recreational Trip
Cancellation letter of Recreational Trip