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Sample Cancellation Letter for Reservation

Sample  Cancellation Letter for Reservation. Travelling is a good way to thrive yourself in business, education and job, but it costs much time of the traveler as waiting in queue for a long time in order to have their reservation. This is now old tale so to say as in modern times reservations are made on the call that saves much of the time of the respective person and it can be cancelled in few minutes as well. This format can be devour by whosoever wanted to avail the chance!

Sample Cancellation Letter for Reservation

Faisal Movers Transport Company,
Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Subject: Request for cancellation of reservation

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much regret and heavy heart that I am Mr. Majid Arslan. I had heard a lot many good words for this company as the dealing and lunch provided to travelers is excellent and they are provided with free Wi-Fi and choice to listen to their favourite music with adjustable headphones. Hearing all this, I decided to head towards my native land that is Gujranwala due to approaching marriage of cousin. I had to move with my whole family and for that reason I had reserved first six seats in your luxurious coach three days before.

My contact number that I gave at the reservation office is 0342-
8900654 and the seat numbers were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively. The coach number in which I decided to have my travelling was EA-432 that was planned to move from Lahore to Pakistan at 10:00 Am sharp. I am now cannot pursue my travelling there due to cancellation of leaves as company has fixed some meetings in the office and it is not admissible for me to go for its travelling so
kindly cancel my reservations. Thanking in advance.

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Majid Arslan
30 th August, 2017.

Booking Receipt Format in Word Form

This is sample of  Booking Receipt / Order Receipt . If any client wants to purchase anything e.g any machinery, electronic items,so any company can use this format as it is the best sample for booking of any order you can just use it by  doing a little emendation according to your requirements/terms and conditions.The sample of Booking Receipt is given below.

Sample of Booking Format in Word Format

Cosafarma (Private) Limited



E-mail: Cosafarma@cosagroup.com



Booking Receipt

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that your order with below mentioned details has been boked and proceeded.

4350 Tracking ID
Mr Faisal Khan Customer
205-phase y main road DHA ,LHR Address
03333-738971 Contact No.
3456-828037018 CNIC/NTN no.
65970-799 Purchase Order/ NOCno.
50kVA Distriution Transformer as per PEPCO specification No. DDS- 84:2007 with Amendment No. 5 with MI Inspection Certificate. Description
1 Qunatity (Nos.)
1 month Delivery Period
12 months Warranty Period
235,789 Unit price (PKR)
38,410 Sales Tax@ 17% (PKR)
5,649 WAPDA Inspection Fees @ 2.5% (PKR)
280,000 Total ( Inclusive Sales Tax and WAPDA Inspection Fees)
Cash Mode of Payment (Cheque/cash)
135,000 Advance Paid (PKR)
Balance Receivable (PKR)

Thankyou !

Qudsia Malik

Authorized Signature


Z: /PVT Factory Orders/ February 2015 / (F-34k456 Mian Amher)

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