Cancellation Letter for Work Permit from Employer

Sample Cancellation letter for Work Permit from Employer. Working in foreign countries is both a blessing and a curse depending upon the situation and circumstances. Work permits got expired or it can be cancelled at any time by the employer due to terms and conditions restricted to his range of knowledge only. Such format is great help to those who wanted to cancel the work permit of his/ her worker.

Cancellation Letter for Work Permit from Employer


To: Mr. Jacob Joe,
Steel Mills Engineering Works, Singapore.
From: Ministry of Man Power, Singapore.

Dear Employee,

We had received your request for re issuance and the renewal of work permit from the higher authorities. You had stated the reasons for issuance of the work permit; being there as head clerk in the Steel Mills Engineering Works Private Limited and a bonafide employee of the company. You had stated your level of reputation and the quality of work you showed over there. We had no issue with your working style or we do not doubt your honesty towards the company, but still there are certain reasons on the behalf of which we cannot offer you to stay any further in Singapore.

It is to state with regret that your work permit is expired and due to set policies of the company we cannot offer you to stay and work here. There are certain reasons of cancelling your request you filed against the termination of work permit together with the re-issuance of the work permit, which we fear cannot do so.

We had cleared your financial expenses indebted on the company and as compensation we are also offering you an extra salary as bonus. We hope your safe landing on your homeland. Thank you.

6 th January, 2017

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