Decline Letter of Loan from Bank

Sample letter format of decline of loan to employee from bank. Policies are meant to be followed in any banking or other professional organization. The policies can have effect on its employee as well.Such banks who wanted to follow their policies and don’t want to lose a good relationship with their employees can entertain themselves from their letter format of declining the loan.

Sample Decline Letter of Loan from Bank

For: Mr. Anderson Tames
From: Jackson Bank private limited,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Letter of decline of loan to employee from bank

Respected and Cherished!

Hoping good health on your worthy account. Much concerns for you. We had received your loan application and is right in front of me on my desk. The amount you needed is $ 6000 which is fairly handsome. We acknowledge your need and financial disrupt and mindful of it as well.

You are, no doubt a bonafide employee of our bank, but we regret that we cannot sanction the amount you needed. The reason behind is the policy of our bank that we cannot sanction the loan to any employee of grade 17. Secondly, we cannot entertain the loan unless we get a verified property of the same amount or more as security.

We had seen your ACRs and much impressed from the quality of your work so, we decided to pool money on our behalf to fulfill your financial need. As soon as, we arrange the required money we will get back to you. We insist, you must accept our token of love for you. Much love and concern.


Board of Directors,
25 July 2016

Sample Decline Letter of Loan from Bank
Sample Decline Letter of Loan from Bank

Sample Loan Rejection Letter from Bank

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that your request of loan has been declined. It gives us no pleasure to tell you that your request has been cancelled. Due to the policies of the bank, we are unable to process your request. Our bank has verified your salary amount and it is very less as compared to the loan you are taking. You have a very valid reason for taking a loan but we cannot process it because it goes against our bank policies. Beside this, we can deal with you in many other matters. Please feel free to come to us for any ambiguity.

Warm Regards,

Branch Manager,

Bank Name…

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