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Sample Letter to Employees for Health Insurance Policy

These letters are to introduce health insurance policy to the workers of the office. It can be applied to banks employees, firms, business companies. These easy formats are for office workers, teachers of high school, workers, and private office workers. It can be provided in the situation where employees are being introduced to new health insurance policy.

Sample Letter to Employees for Health Insurance Policy

To: All Staff Members

From: HR Department

Atrophy International.

Respected Employees,

This is to bring in your kind attention that our company has decided to introduce Health Insurance Policy for the employees. As you all are well familiar with the fact that our country is becoming a very expensive country to live in and medical treatment is quite exorbitant. We have advised our policy makers for the health insurance policy. It is a factual point that only company affords to give its employees’ health insurance Company, when employee contributions towards work target and sales have been remarkable. This time we have decided to share the contributions with employees. This announcement is for all the employees of the office. This health insurance policy would cover most of your monthly medical treatments. It includes major and minor treatments. It also includes your spouse and children health treatments insurance.

Warm Regards,

HR Head

Memo Announcing Health Insurance for Employees

Dear Staff,

I hope all of you are in good health. I am directing this letter to all of the employees working under sales department, only those employees are able to receive this letter. Therefore, the subject of my letter is to inform you about the new health insurance policy being introduced in the company. As this company is six years old and employees who have been working from six years with this company have often pointed about health insurance policy. We have devised the health insurance policy for all the employees working under sales department. We are planning to cover most of the employees of the office but this will be done gradually. Right now, employees who are single can take health insurance for themselves and their parent and employees who are married can take this opportunity to cover the medical treatments of themselves and their spouse and children.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Admin Department

Sample Claim Letter for Health Insurance

Sample Claim Letter for Health Insurance of mother after her death. Seeing your loved ones dying is a matter of sheer pain, but it is customary with human race as we all have to die one day. This letter is for those who are interested in getting themselves out of the pain and get courage to see ahead of life by claiming health insurance from the insurance company.

Sample Claim Letter for Health Insurance

The Livonia group of international Insurance,
Peace Street, Britain

Subject: Claim for health insurance of mother after her death

Respected Sir Carrick,

With due deference, it is to apprise you that lately Ms. Liza Tom had
expired. She was my mother and we knew that she had got plan of health insurance from this prestigious company. Her insurance reference number. is lpg120080. She had paid premium amount of $ 30000 and as per policy she is now liable to get double of this amount. All the necessary documents are attached with application together with the file you gave her at the time of policy. We will be highly grateful if you refund the claim at your earliest.
Thanking in eagerness.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Edward Saw,
1 st September, 2017.

Format 2:-

Sample claim letter for education insurance after father’s death. Keeping pace with this outer world demands determination and poised character. Character is built by education. Insurance companies knew this and the thinking elders got education insurance for their off springs. Such letter is feast for the yearning ones.

Sample Claim Letter for Education Insurance

The Elite Insurance Company,
Mexico, United States of America.

Subject: Request letter of claim for education insurance after father’s death

Respected Sir,

It is a matter of utter pain to get the amount of father after his death! My father Mr. Arthur Mill had died few days back and he had taken education plan from this marvelous company. He wanted all of us to get higher education and for that reason he paid the insured sum for ten complete years. He paid $ 50000 and as per policy he had to get double of $50000. Kindly process this file as soon as possible as I had completed all the requisite formalities and signatures on important documentations. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Jane Mill,
6 th September, 2017.

Letter to Insurance Company for Medical Claim

Sample Letter Format to Insurance Company for Medical Claim. Insurance Companies are great way in providing the financial security and the related facilities to their policy holders. Medical Claim clause is another facility they provide to give mental respite to the affected person. Persons who wanted to claim their medical expenses from their respective insurance companies can use this sample to help themselves.

Sample Letter to Insurance Company for Medical Claim

Mr. Tom Andrew
House No. 312, Street no. 94, West Avenue.
California, United States of America.


Mr. Jacob Fernz,
Manager, Summit Insurance Company.
California, United States of America.

Subject: Letter to Insurance Company for Medical Claim

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that I am transporting this letter to demand repayment for the appropriate medical operating cost I have incurred due to pneumonia. I was admitted in the hospital named City Care Hospital for five days. I had spent a lot of money on the treatment so that I can get back my health and according to policy you are liable to pay me the required amount.

With this application I am enclosing all medical bills pertaining to my treatment and hospitalization as well as the amount I am requesting for compensation for your scrutiny and favourable action on your account. I hope you will give me happy tiding within ten business days or so. If you need any further information, you are free to call me at 6655 163 4587 or at tomloiusadnrew-1@live.com. I will be glad to contribute any more information you require. I will be brimmed with gratification if you consider my plea for medical claim and do the needful as soon as possible.
I value your time and hold up.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Tom Andrew,
14 th December, 2016.

Sample Life Insurance Cancellation Letter

Sample Letter Format for Cancellation of Life Insurance after death. Security and financial security is of utmost importance in this world for human survival is a well known myth. Many decided to go for Life Insurance, but die before the maturity of the policy. The legal heir somehow could not meet to pay the installment o they decided to cancel the policy. Such letter is helpful for those who wanted to cancel the life insurance policies.

Sample Life Insurance Cancellation  Letter

Life Insurance Policy
House No. 38, Street No. 12 Chennai Town, Utter Perdaish, India.
Deepak Leal Ram Insurance Company, India.
Adjacent to Bund Road, Shimla, India.

Subject: Cancellation of Life Insurance Policy

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much love and regret that I I am unable to continue the policy started by my father Mr. Munmorah Singh (late). He had started the policy ten years back and his policy number is REB# 16101979311286. He died of cancer and after his sad demise it is not possible for us to go along the policy he started.

It is my request to kindly take this letter of mine as a formal request to cancel the life insurance policy and stop all the remaining charges for premium payments. It would be an honour for me if you consider to make this very cancellation effective as of 31/12/16. I will also request from you the written confirmation of this cancellation, along with a refund for fallow premiums, within thirty days from the acceptance of this letter of cancellation of life insurance policy of my deceased father.

I had attached all the necessary documents with this application for your kind review and prompt action. I will be thankful to you if you consider my words and escalate the process as soon as possible. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Tara Singh.
14 th December, 2016.

Sample Request Letter of Family Health Insurance

Sample Request Letter of Family Health Insurance from the Company. This letter can be used by employees of certain organizations who wanted to secure the health of their family through health insurance policy and wanted to demand from their companies in which they are working.

Sample Request Letter of Family Health Insurance

The Managing Director,
Rhodes and Trinity Electronic Company,
Buffalo, United States of America.

Subject: Request Letter of Family Health Insurance from the Company

Respected Signor,

I hope good will at your end. I am Mr. Jacob David and working at the post of Technical Engineer in this company from the past six years. Your arrival is blessed and pleasing for the personnel like me as you are proving yourself as a great
worker on human resource. The former MD was concerned only about the achievement of sales target and not interested in the wellness of his employees.

The very idea of yours regarding the health insurance of not only the employee but of his family also is a great step of yours and will be remembered even after the death. We all know that the expenses of hospitals and medicine are soaring higher and higher day by day and making it nearly impossible to treat the illness in better way.

I wanted the health insurance for my family. The detail of my each member is detailed with this application together with all the necessary documents. I would again like to say that this step of insuring the family health of the workers of your company, will earn you good name and bundle of prayers throughout your life.

Thank you so much Sir!

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Jacob David,