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Request Letter for Urgent Visa

Sample Request Letter for urgent visa. Emergencies are part of persons who are working far away from their loved ones in other countries or cities. They are there to carry out their burden and of their families as well. In order to get them involve in their happiness and sadness, visas are pivotal and can solve the problems on urgent basis.

Sample Request Letter for Urgent Visa

The New York Embassy,
7 th West 346, Park Lane,
New York, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting embassy for urgent visa

Respected Sir,

Good day. I am Mr. Pope Raw and working here as driver of cab since 2015. I am a licensed driver and my license number is 0-9877- LDA. I came here from Hungary to meet financial needs of my family. My annual gross income is $3000.00 and as proof I am attaching bank statement with this application. My father Mr. Lamb Raw is ill and being an only son it is my duty to get him treated under good observation. My mother Ms. Liza Raw will accompany him for his care as we had no other family member. It would be difficult for me to do job and take care of him simultaneously.

The nature of their stay with me will be purely of medical affair and this will take three months as he got severe skin infection. Their all finances including ticket, food, staying, medical and travelling will be bore by me. I assure you that they will fly back to Hungary right after the expiry of their visa. Kindly issue them visit visa for three months on urgent basis. In case of any queries please feel free to contact me via my email: Pope- raw$@gmail.com or my contact number: +1444-09823- 6678. Thanking in consideration.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Pope Raw,
30 th September, 2017

Letter Format of Requesting Embassy for Urgent Visa

Dear Sir,

Greeting, This letter serves to indorse that I am Ms. Tina Arora and hired by the company Price Log Financials System. I am in work as a Senior Financial Specialist. I am consigned to work at the office based at New York, USA. My twelve-monthly gross income is $60000. I request to call my sister Ms. Sonata Arora to attend my marriage supposed to hold in month of December 2017. She is at the moment living in India at 14 Janky Nagar. Indore.

The purpose of her only visit is to turn out to be a part of her only sister’s marriage. It is a much awaited occasion for me as well as for her. My parents died when I was 10 years old and just have my sister as a part of my family. During her visit she will be residing with me at my home and all the expenses gained during this trip would be tolerated by me. It includes everything right from the air fare to the accommodation and medical insurance.

As soon as the occasion is over, she will be flying back to India at her earliest. I request you to please consider the application for my sister’s urgent tourist visa to the United States of America as soon as possible.   If you have any queries or concerns regarding this substance, please feel free to contact us on 254-59867- 8900111.

Yours Truly,

Sample Reference Letter for Visa

Reference Letter for Visa Process. Recommendations are made to clear the unwanted situations that may arouse out of no bound and for the speedy process in getting visas on urgent basis. This format can prove fruitful in getting the desired letter of reference.

Sample Reference Letter for Visa

The Embassy,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Reference letter to embassy for visa process

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. Roan Dick Johnson the owner of Concrete Cement Company and it is to notify that Mr. Levis Nick is my employee and working as a General Manager for Concrete & Cement Firm located at 345 South Avenue, Oak Lane, United States of America. His yearly gross income is $50000.00 and with this application his bank statement is attached as a proof for further proceedings. He is living here from the past four years and originally he belonged to United Kingdom. He is feeling homesick, but could not go outstation to meet his parents or other kin members due to his job’s requirements. He decided to call upon his parents and discussed the matter with me.

His parents’ stay would be of domestic nature as thy only wish to see and meet his son. They will stay for three months with him in his lodging that is near to company. He is liable to bear all the expenses of his parents’ food, accommodation, medical expenses or any other financial need that might occur during their stay with him.

I request you to kindly take my words on his character and sound
commitment to law and escalate the process of visa issuance on my reference. Thanking for your time and care to hear the words.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Roan Dick Johnson,
1 st October, 2017

Experience Letter for Nanny due to visa of Canada

Sample Experience Letter format for Nanny due to visa of Canada. Nanny’s job is a tough task to be accomplished and is nowadays is trending all over the world. For improved living standard nanny can extend her/his services to better persons or companies. Experience letter is a must thing to apply for such vacancies.

Sample Experience Letter for Nanny due to visa of Canada

 To Whom It May Concern

I am lettering to advocate Ms. Clara Smith as a nanny at your agency in Canada. Clara looked after my kids for four years and performed meticulously throughout her occupancy with us. She was highly aggravated to learn as much as she could and performed enormously well utilizing her unsurpassed capabilities. She recurrently committed herself for extensive hours to develop lesson plans for my children and supervise their steps forward. As an entity who understands her precincts as a nanny, she never troubled our seclusion.

She is blessed with the following traits as far as my observation is true to her

• Supervising kids and considerate for their requirements
• Scheduling, preparing and plateful meals to children
• Cleaning, showering, dressing and feed infants and children
• Preparing food formulas and shifting diapers
• Performing light maintenance duties of house-keeping.

She is very trustworthy, upright, aggravated, and able to make herself tune- up with the necessities of family and children. In a nutshell Clara possesses all personas that make a nanny triumphant.Emphatically, I decidedly recommend her for the post of nanny. In case of any queries on the subject of her credentials, training, academics and abilities, give pleasure to feel free to contact me on my cell number. You can approach me via email address as well given below. Thank you.


Sincerely Yours,
Ms. Jane Joe,


3 rd May, 2017.

Sample Job Application for Labour Visa and Ticket

Sample Job Application format for Labour Visa and Ticket for United States of America. Thriving for better opportunities is an approach best suited to progressive people. America is known as Land of Opportunities and people go over there in search of stable jobs. Such application formats are useful for those who wished to get USA visa and ticket.

Sample Job Application for Labour Visa and Ticket

American Embassy,
Visa Supply Centre, United States of America.

Subject: Application for Labour Visa and Ticket for United States of America

Respected Sir,

With humble request and attitude, it is to state that I had applied for the post of Sales Officer in the LEXCO Steel Company and I had fulfilled all the requirements for the job prescribed in the advertisement and the policy of that company. I still had not received my Visa and ticket which is the most important thing for pursuing my career there. Kindly decree your orders to get me out of trouble and annoyance. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Brad Cruise,
28 th December, 2016


Sample application format for Labour Visa and Ticket for United Kingdom. Blooming for better opportunities is a fundamental human approach for getting better future life.

Job Application for Labour Visa and Ticket

London Embassy,
Visa Supply Centre, United Kingdom.

Subject: Application for Labour Visa and Ticket for United Kingdom

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour, it is to state that my name is Mr. Cashew Chess and I had applied for UK labour visa together with the ticket, but I had not received the same till date. I had attached all the necessary details with this application for your kind review. Kindly see to this matter as soon as possible.Thank you.
Yours Truly,
Mr. Cashew Chess,
28 th December, 2016

Sample Visa Request Letter for Job

Sample Visa Request letter for job. Getting shining days for oneself is basic human right and anyone is free to get the best for themselves. Such formats are good in help for those who wished to improve their living by working hard in getting new and better job.

Sample Visa Request Letter for Job

The Canadian Embassy,
Ontario, Canada.

Subject: Visa Request letter for job

With due honour and gratitude, it is to state that I am working as senior teacher from the past many years and the government of Canada has spotted no harm in me during my stay in their country. My job is culminated in few months and I don’t want to leave the place so kindly issue me the visa as a decree to continue my work here. I had attached all the required documents with this application. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Soneeta Suhaye,
28 th December, 2016

Visa Request for job

The German Embassy,
Munich, Germany.

Subject: Visa Request for job

Respected Sir,

With due honour, love and appreciation, it is to state that I had applied for the job of Manager in the Rhodes and Schwarz Company (private limited). The respected and prestigious company had hired me as manager in their company and completed all the file work and important paperwork.

The reason why I am writing this letter to you is the issuance of visa. Without visa it is impossible for me to continue my job. Kindly issue me the visa as a decree to come in Germany and continue my work here. I had attached all the required
documents with this application. I will be grateful to you for life if you consider my words and do favourble action. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Shakel Ceaser Andrew,
28 th December, 2016

Cancellation Letter for Work Permit from Employer

Sample Cancellation letter for Work Permit from Employer. Working in foreign countries is both a blessing and a curse depending upon the situation and circumstances. Work permits got expired or it can be cancelled at any time by the employer due to terms and conditions restricted to his range of knowledge only. Such format is great help to those who wanted to cancel the work permit of his/ her worker.

Cancellation Letter for Work Permit from Employer


To: Mr. Jacob Joe,
Steel Mills Engineering Works, Singapore.
From: Ministry of Man Power, Singapore.

Dear Employee,

We had received your request for re issuance and the renewal of work permit from the higher authorities. You had stated the reasons for issuance of the work permit; being there as head clerk in the Steel Mills Engineering Works Private Limited and a bonafide employee of the company. You had stated your level of reputation and the quality of work you showed over there. We had no issue with your working style or we do not doubt your honesty towards the company, but still there are certain reasons on the behalf of which we cannot offer you to stay any further in Singapore.

It is to state with regret that your work permit is expired and due to set policies of the company we cannot offer you to stay and work here. There are certain reasons of cancelling your request you filed against the termination of work permit together with the re-issuance of the work permit, which we fear cannot do so.

We had cleared your financial expenses indebted on the company and as compensation we are also offering you an extra salary as bonus. We hope your safe landing on your homeland. Thank you.

6 th January, 2017

Renewal Letter for Study Visa in Abroad

Sample Renewal letter Format for Study Visa in Abroad.This format letter is being used by students who are studying in United Kingdom, United States of America and Malaysia and facing difficulty in putting the renewal visa letter for abroad embassy.Studying cost time and finance in all regions but studying in foreign countries costs many other allegations such as visa requirement and due to certain internal issues the more time for study session completion than required.

Sample Renewal Letter for Study Visa in Abroad

The Education Foreign Minister Embassy
California, United Kingdom.

Subject:Renewal letter for Study Visa in United Kingdom

Respected Sir,

With wanting and cherished wishes I am writing you this letter in hope of getting a positive answer from your highness. I am Mr. Arjun Agnihotri from India and I had applied here in the University of California two years back for my Ph.D. programme. It was supposed to be finished over in the required and scheduled two years plan including the Convocation Ceremony. Everything was going very well till last year but then suddenly a typhoon of crisis showered upon me and seriously handicapped me in real sense of words!

My family business in India came to dead end that curtailed my studying finance needed for Ph. D. here in the reputed university. I had to leave to my study and I got on two jobs at a time to get my family out of this hard and needy time. One year had gone with wings of fading fate and my financial position gets better day by day. Now I want to continue my study and wants to have a renewal of visa from your highness. I hope you will see between the lines semantics. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Arjun Agnihotri
November, 9, 2015

 Renewal Letter for Study Visa in Abroad
Renewal Letter for Study Visa in Abroad

Application for Issuance of Health Fitness Certificate

Sample of Application for Medical Certificate or Application to issue medical certificate.Application to issue medical/health certificate. In order to get medical certificate from hospital or private clinic as per the requirement of office employees, teachers and other working staff. This health certificate also can be used for abroad visa or employment purpose/foreign jobs etc.

Application for Issuance of  Health Fitness Certificate

The Principal,
Deva Public School,
Shimla, India.

Subject: Issuance of Health Fitness Certificate for Teacher

Respected Sir,

Humbly stated that, I have got an offer of teaching from an institute. They are paying me more than that I am getting here. I had worked here for two years and now I have got a chance to move on. I had completed all my course of this session and now I want to resign from the job. My job is confirmed there as I accepted the offer.

The institute where I have to join asked me for a Medical Fitness Certificate which is mandatory in Visa policy and that should be issued from the school where I am teaching. So I request you to issue me the certificate so that I can provide it to the institute and all other matters should be resolved. I will be pleased if my desired certificate can be made as soon as possible. I will be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Omit Malik.

Application for Issuance of Medical Fitness Certificate Sample

The Manager,
Tien’s Private Limited,
Depaal Pur, India.

Subject: Issuance of Health Fitness Certificate for Employee

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that I am a member of this company from the last three years and I am working as a supervisor. I was given job on the base of my bachelor in medical studies. I was trying to go abroad to complete my masters from the last two years on the base of scholarship. Now I have got a Visa offer to study abroad to complete my masters. I want to avail this offer.

The only difficulty is that I don’t want to resign from my job. I request you to issue me a Medical Fitness Certificate. A period of one year is required to complete my studies. By completing my masters I will be able to provide better ideas for the betterment of the company. I will be very grateful to you.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Silver John.

Application for Issuance of Medical Fitness Certificate
Application for Issuance of Medical Fitness Certificate


Sample Medical Certificate required for USA Visa.The trend of emigration is catching speed and individuals are dying to go USA/UK especially and for that reason the certificate is required by Visa department. Such applications are for Visa applicant.

Sample Medical Certificate Required for USA Visa


Mr. Mohan Bhatnagar,
House No. 5, Street No. 10 Phase A
Shimla Society, India.

Subject: Issuance of Medical Fitness Certificate from Hospital

Respected Sir,

We had received your test details from the respective departments yesterday and found you fit from each side. Your Urine report was good and so was BP test, sugar test and hepatitis test. Your hemoglobin test showed 1% down statement but it can be achieved with in a week as required dose and food items are listed in the medical prescription attached with this report. Thank you for trusting us.


Mr. Omit Malik
Head of Departments