Request Letter for Renewal of Web Hosting

If you have wanting to write a request letter for the purchase/renewal/ shifting of your website hosting. We have provided you with some sample letters to purchase website hosting that you can use to write your own by modifying it simply and using personal information and requests. You can use these to ask for services and details. If you got requests for purchase letters for any other things you can leave your requests in the comment box.

Request Letter to Purchase a New Website Hosting for Your Work

BlueHost Website Providers
56 Arena X, Mumbai, India.

Subject: Request Letter to Purchase Website Hosting for Your Work

 Dear Sir,

Hope you are having a good day, I am writing you this letter to request your services for providing web hosting for WordPress. I want to purchase your services to work. At this moment I can purchase shared hosting services. I opted for your company for the 99% uptime and free support services as well as the good reviews I heard about the services. Therefore I request you to kindly contact me and let me know about your packages and your rates. Along with the services mentioned kindly send me details about all of the services in your different packages so that I can make a better decision.
I will be waiting for your response on this. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely
Arjun Singh.

Sample Request Letter for the Renewal of Website Hosting Services

Scala Web Hosting Services
Phase 10, Mumbai, India

Subject: Request Letter for the Renewal of Web Hosting Services for Your Company

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing good. I have been advised to write this letter to you to inform you that our contract with you for getting web hosting services from your company and management of the services of our website. Your company has been providing us with good services and has been maintaining our company website very efficiently and we have no downtime and no complaints so far. For this reason, we would like you to renew our contract for the year 2022 as well. we are very satisfied with your services and with the customer support service as well. we have not experienced any issue with your services and would like to keep it this way for now. Kindly sign us up for the renewal and alert us about any rate changes as well. so that we can approve it for this year.
We will be waiting for your response.
Yours Sincerely
Hrithik Khanna

Easy Request Letter for the Change of Web Hosting

Sussex Graphic Designers
Block E, New Delhi, India

Subject: Request Letter for the Approval for Switching the Web Hosting Services

Dear Sir,

I am writing you this to request your approval for us to switch our website hosting. The current website hosting service is not doing smoothly and is causing us trouble. There are a lot of problems with the downtime. Our visitors have complained about our website not working most of the time, low bandwidth is another problem, also that the current host is not providing us phone support and getting any technical help from them takes a lot of time. We can not afford our website to take a lot of time to launch it affects the number of visitors and people rather leave than wait for it to launch. To fix this problem we have decided to switch our hosting services.
I would like to request your approval for changing our website hosting from HostGator company to Bluehost website hosting company. The new package with this company will come with 24/7 technical support and larger bandwidth. Kindly approve a budget as well as it will cost us  ?1699/month. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely
Arijit Khanna, Manager
Delhi Office

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