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Request Letter for Accommodation in Hospital Premises

Request Letter for Accommodation in Hospital Premises. Working is important for earning living for survival and running the kitchen. Distance counts a lot in this connection as nearby accommodation not only saves the money/ expenses, but also the energy and motivation level of the employees. This format can help the employees/nurses/doctors for asking the employer for nearby accommodation for smooth and happy life at work.

Request Letter for Accommodation in Hospital Premises

The Professor Doctor,
Head of Surgical Department,
New Hope Hospital,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting accommodation in nearby hospital by an employee

Respected Sir,

With due attire and honour, it is to state by me that I am Suet Martha, a head nurse in your department. I am really happy from the
day of my appointment here as a nurse and I found no issue in my 20 years working experience here. I am also happy that this hospital is extending a helping hand in serving the crying humanity by opening up new branches of theirs and I am also feeling honoured that I am given an opportunity to work in this new building.
I believe in saving and serving the patients and my work history
will show you that I left no stone unturned in treating my patients, but now my bones are weak and I cannot bear the torture of 45 minutes’ drive from my home so I request you to please grant me accommodation in hospital’s hostel or any flat nearby so that I can apply my all efforts and energies in healing process of the patients and assisting my doctors in their work.
Please allot me the necessary lodging and I will be really grateful to you for this kind action. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Ms. Suet Martha,
15 th March, 2018.

Accommodation Letter Format

Sample accommodation letter format near work station. Travelling consumes a lot of time and energy and especially for the working persons. This format can serve as auxiliary to the persons who wanted to be shifted near their work station.

Sample Accommodation Letter Format

The Director,
Daihatsu Engineering Industry
California, United States of America

Subject: Request for accommodation near work station

Respected Sir,

Travelling is blessing. I agree to the very statement from the core of my heart, but at times it become very tedious and people suffer badly at its hand. I am one such victim. I travel two hundred kilo meter daily from my home in order to reach on time for the office. You can well imagine my plight and suffering due to intense travelling.

It not only costs me money in shape of petrol and other fuel consumption issues, but it also affect my health as my greater amount of energy got drained in this tiresome travelling. My issue also has an effect on my quality of work that can lag me behind in soaring towards the greater opportunities in shape of up gradation and promotions. I am an old employee of your company and reserves the right of to be shifted near the locality of this office. I am no more energetic and young as was in my prime and youth years.

I had to do other chores at home as well because I am father of two young daughters. Kindly see to my issue as soon as possible. I am ready to pay half of the rent in order to get rid of this daily head ache of travelling. I am attaching all official documents with this application as proof of my genuineness in getting the home hired for myself. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Dev Andy
9 th July, 2017.

Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard

Sample Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard. If any organization offer or takes services to clients and a security guard is allocated the responsibility to be there till the work is completed or finalized, his accommodation till that time should be the responsibility of the client. For this purpose request letter is be forwarded to the client organization. Easy format is provided below.

Sample Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard

The Concerned Person,
ABC Organization.

Subject: Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard

Dear Mr. Stephen,

Hope to find you in a good state of health. We are writing to inform you that your organization is serving as working body with your team since many years and during this tenure this partnership has proved to be profitable for both the organizations. We have updated our HR policies and terms, and this is our moral and official duty to let our partner organizations know about them.

As per our new policy, we will allocate a security guard within the area of work. This is for the security of both the workers and clients. The guard will stay there unless the ongoing work will be completed. Therefore, we request you to kindly make sure the stay of Security Guard within the work premises.

We hope that this new update will be beneficial for us both. This is owing to latest and changing trends in market, and in order to cope up with the requirements of other clients as well. We wish to have a successful business with your team.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Simon Jenny
Manager HR


Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard
Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard

Application for Maintenance Order Sample

Its a sample application for maintenance of officers accommodation due to some bad material or other reason, they want to repair all setup. For repairing the accommodation/house/residence/flats etc. An official order for private and government employees.

Maintenance of  Officer’s Accommodation


Maintenance Incharge.

Subject : Officer’s  Accommodation

Bungalow No _______________

1. Reference is made to letter No ________ dated _______________

2. It is apprised that subject bungalow was allotted to undersigned vide above referred letter. After the handing and taking over of the house, it was highlighted a number of times through maintenance department complaint that the roof top of the subject bungalow is detoriating day by day due to heavy rains of Moon Soon, resulting in heavy seepage and fungus development in all rooms especially drawing and dining rooms. Till date no construction work has been done to repair the roof and rooms.

3. Forgone in view, it is requested that concerned staff may be directed for repair and fresh distemper of house especially drawing and dining room. Telecon between Officer Work’s maintenance department and undersigned also refers in this regard.

4. Submitted for favorable actions.

(Malik Mehboob Jillani)

Program Manager
Dep: Production Department
Tel Ext: 456
Copy to :- GE Maintenance : For information and necessary actions

Maintenance of  Officer's Accommodation
Maintenance of Officer’s Accommodation