Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard

Sample Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard. If any organization offer or takes services to clients and a security guard is allocated the responsibility to be there till the work is completed or finalized, his accommodation till that time should be the responsibility of the client. For this purpose request letter is be forwarded to the client organization. Easy format is provided below.

Sample Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard

The Concerned Person,
ABC Organization.

Subject: Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard

Dear Mr. Stephen,

Hope to find you in a good state of health. We are writing to inform you that your organization is serving as working body with your team since many years and during this tenure this partnership has proved to be profitable for both the organizations. We have updated our HR policies and terms, and this is our moral and official duty to let our partner organizations know about them.

As per our new policy, we will allocate a security guard within the area of work. This is for the security of both the workers and clients. The guard will stay there unless the ongoing work will be completed. Therefore, we request you to kindly make sure the stay of Security Guard within the work premises.

We hope that this new update will be beneficial for us both. This is owing to latest and changing trends in market, and in order to cope up with the requirements of other clients as well. We wish to have a successful business with your team.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Simon Jenny
Manager HR


Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard
Request Letter for Stay of Security Guard

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