Accommodation Letter Format

Sample accommodation letter format near work station. Travelling consumes a lot of time and energy and especially for the working persons. This format can serve as auxiliary to the persons who wanted to be shifted near their work station.

Sample Accommodation Letter Format

The Director,
Daihatsu Engineering Industry
California, United States of America

Subject: Request for accommodation near work station

Respected Sir,

Travelling is blessing. I agree to the very statement from the core of my heart, but at times it become very tedious and people suffer badly at its hand. I am one such victim. I travel two hundred kilo meter daily from my home in order to reach on time for the office. You can well imagine my plight and suffering due to intense travelling.

It not only costs me money in shape of petrol and other fuel consumption issues, but it also affect my health as my greater amount of energy got drained in this tiresome travelling. My issue also has an effect on my quality of work that can lag me behind in soaring towards the greater opportunities in shape of up gradation and promotions. I am an old employee of your company and reserves the right of to be shifted near the locality of this office. I am no more energetic and young as was in my prime and youth years.

I had to do other chores at home as well because I am father of two young daughters. Kindly see to my issue as soon as possible. I am ready to pay half of the rent in order to get rid of this daily head ache of travelling. I am attaching all official documents with this application as proof of my genuineness in getting the home hired for myself. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Dev Andy
9 th July, 2017.

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