Request Letter for Accommodation in Hospital Premises

Request Letter for Accommodation in Hospital Premises. Working is important for earning living for survival and running the kitchen. Distance counts a lot in this connection as nearby accommodation not only saves the money/ expenses, but also the energy and motivation level of the employees. This format can help the employees/nurses/doctors for asking the employer for nearby accommodation for smooth and happy life at work.

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Request Letter for Accommodation in Hospital Premises

The Professor Doctor,
Head of Surgical Department,
New Hope Hospital,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting accommodation in nearby hospital by an employee

Respected Sir,

With due attire and honour, it is to state by me that I am Suet Martha, a head nurse in your department. I am really happy from the
day of my appointment here as a nurse and I found no issue in my 20 years working experience here. I am also happy that this hospital is extending a helping hand in serving the crying humanity by opening up new branches of theirs and I am also feeling honoured that I am given an opportunity to work in this new building.
I believe in saving and serving the patients and my work history
will show you that I left no stone unturned in treating my patients, but now my bones are weak and I cannot bear the torture of 45 minutes’ drive from my home so I request you to please grant me accommodation in hospital’s hostel or any flat nearby so that I can apply my all efforts and energies in healing process of the patients and assisting my doctors in their work.
Please allot me the necessary lodging and I will be really grateful to you for this kind action. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Ms. Suet Martha,
15 th March, 2018.

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