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Writing a Request Letter for New Air Conditioner

Sample request letter for air conditioner in lab. Labs are necessary for testing new hypotheses set for the proposed experiments and it runs around the clock, but in hot days air conditioner is a must thing. Request letter for air conditioning unit. Request letter for air conditioner in office.

Request Letter for Air Conditioner

The Manager,
Crescent Care Welfare Laboratory,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request of air conditioner for new lab

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that we had recently started a new lab on Pink Cancer Research. Our team is zealous and we are devoted towards our work. We had arranged all the funds at our own, but still we are facing problem in getting hands on air conditioners. We request to please fund us with the three air conditioner for smooth work in the lab. Thanking you.

Best Regards,

Mr. Sumatra Sawyer,
16th December, 2017.

Writing a Request Letter for New Air Conditioner

General Electric
California, USA

Subject: Request letter for air-conditioner for welfare hospital

Respected Sir,

We at Hospital Inc. hope you are in the best of health and spirits; your cooperation with our endeavour has always been cherished and grows stronger every day. As you may have come to know, through our monthly newsletter, we are growing stronger and bigger by the day. Our hospital has built a new block which shall be dedicated solely to the service of children.
The new block has been completed and electronic installations are to be made. Keeping our collaboration with your organisation in mind, we request your assistance in making it centrally air-
conditioned. The children who will be under treatment in the hospital shall not be charged as it will be just as the rest of the hospital an entirely welfare based organisation. The hospital is managed with funds given in kind to the sick and ailing, your contribution towards this goal will not go to waste.


Hospital Inc.
New Jersey, USA.
23 rd November, 2017

Sample Request Letter for Air Conditioner

Director Board of School Administration
Bloomfield Hall
Lahore, Pakistan

Subject: Request letter for new air-conditioner

Respected Sir,

We hope our letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. As it may be in your knowledge that a new laboratory has been built in the West Wing of the girls college, this laboratory is dedicated
solely to the subject of Biology. Here we have to keep specimen as well as conduct experiments.

The laboratory however, is very hot and humid which is a disadvantage for our students and the conditions do not let us conduct experiments successfully since temperature variance can be a great confounding variable. We request the board to install an air-conditioner in this new lab. Though our previous biology laboratory has no such amenities, this one is in the new block which faces the other side and has different weather conditions. We would be utterly grateful for your cooperation.


Laboratory In charge
Bloomfield Hall
Lahore, Pakistan
3 rd October, 2015.

Sample Letter of Request for Air Conditioner for Charitable Hospital

The Manager,
Health Care Trust Center,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request for air conditioner for welfare hospital

Respected Sir,

With due respect  it is to state that a new branch of welfare hospital is newly being built in this premises. Number of patients are multiplying day by day due to unhealthy diet and conditions.
We had arranged the beds for the patients, but we are short of air
conditioners and for that excerpts we want you to grant us six air
conditioners as soon as possible. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Mr. Ronaldo Terri,
18th December, 2017.

Annual Maintenance of Air Conditioners

Request For Air Conditioner. Sample request to service & maintenance of AC.  Easy format for staff who want placement of air conditioner in their department. Its a easy template, you can free download and use this format as a  request format  letter for  maintenance of many multiple items.

Service of Air Conditioners


Mr. Sadiq Rafeeque.
Manager Maintenance Department.

Subject:   Maintenance of Air Conditioners

Dear Sir,

It is apprised that summer season has set in. Annual maintenance of Air conditioners by concerned maintenance staff could not be accomplished up till now. 04 air conditioners are already un serviceable and performance of newly commissioned testers will be badly affected due to rise in temperature.

Already we have complained regarding this matter but till now work has been pending. Kindly direct concerned staff to do the needful at the earliest. Your file record no  “Service & maintenance ” dated______ May, 2014.

Looking forward your argent approval.

Your Sincerely,


Request  for Air Conditioner Maintenance


The Administration,

Subject: Request application For Air Conditioner

Respected Sir,

I want to drag your attention towards burning issue of our department. As the summer season has arrived and our department is facing much difficulty due to absence of proper working environment.

Only one AC is present and since one month it is not working properly. A staff of tremendous people has to sit in humid ambiance and it literally affects our performance.

Kindly, consider upon the request and make sure the placement of new Air Conditioner in ________ department as soon as possible. I shall be highly obliged.

I hope for your consideration.

Your Sincerely,




Application for Maintenance Order Sample

Its a sample application for maintenance of officers accommodation due to some bad material or other reason, they want to repair all setup. For repairing the accommodation/house/residence/flats etc. An official order for private and government employees.

Maintenance of  Officer’s Accommodation


Maintenance Incharge.

Subject : Officer’s  Accommodation

Bungalow No _______________

1. Reference is made to letter No ________ dated _______________

2. It is apprised that subject bungalow was allotted to undersigned vide above referred letter. After the handing and taking over of the house, it was highlighted a number of times through maintenance department complaint that the roof top of the subject bungalow is detoriating day by day due to heavy rains of Moon Soon, resulting in heavy seepage and fungus development in all rooms especially drawing and dining rooms. Till date no construction work has been done to repair the roof and rooms.

3. Forgone in view, it is requested that concerned staff may be directed for repair and fresh distemper of house especially drawing and dining room. Telecon between Officer Work’s maintenance department and undersigned also refers in this regard.

4. Submitted for favorable actions.

(Malik Mehboob Jillani)

Program Manager
Dep: Production Department
Tel Ext: 456
Copy to :- GE Maintenance : For information and necessary actions

Maintenance of  Officer's Accommodation
Maintenance of Officer’s Accommodation