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Invitation Letter for Baby Shower

Sample format of Invitation Letter for Baby Shower. Arranging and organizing Baby Showers and such other events before and after wedding is emerging as a trend. As the trend is growing up the way to invite the loved and close ones should have to be more trendy as well. Simple and easy format of invitation letter for baby shower is provided below.

Sample Invitation Letter for Baby Shower


Mr. and Mrs. Lord with Entire Family.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Baby Shower

Respected Family Members,

We ‘The Dean’s Family’ is cordially pleased and utterly glad to inform you about the Baby Shower of our princess ‘Sarah Dean’. This moment is of highest joy and we are extremely exited to organize the first ever baby shower at our place and for this we are impatiently waiting for prayers and presence of generous and loving people exactly like you.Your family has always been a supportive hand of ours and stood by us in every thick and thin.

Most importantly, Its been a long time since our last get together was organized. All of us are desperately waiting for your kind presence as well. We have hired the stunning photographers and relish food with beautiful decors, to male it a memorable one. Entire arrangements are taken under charge of Mr. James Dean and he has made sure that every thing should be up to the mark.

We hope you will join us for sure and make our shower the brightest and awesome. The timings for Baby Shower are from 4pm to 10pm on 2nd March, 2016. The venue is the front lawn of our house.

Looking forward for your cheerful presence!

Yours Truly,

Mr. and Mrs. Dean James
Contact: 000-000-000
Date: 5th Feb, 2016

Letter of Invitation to Bridal Shower

Sample format of Letter of invitation to Bridal Shower. Setting trends in wedding is one form of creativity and people enjoy it very much. Those who wanted to follow the innovation can opt this easy format for inviting close friends relatives on bridal shower.This event is very important in marriage ceremonies.

Sample Letter of invitation to Bridal Shower

The Family of Duke of Sapphires,

Subject: Letter of invitation to Bridal Shower

Respected and very own Duchess,

Signora, we had heard of your generosity and finest and refined taste in aroma and odours from people whosoever got the chance to meet you. We are feeling delighted that you are kind enough to accept the invitation from people like us as well.

It is a time of pride for every parent that their daughters are married to whom they were desired the most. My daughter is a promising would be bride to Lord of Nottingham. Before the actual wedding proceedings, we had arranged a Bridal Shower and for that we desperately wanted your attention and presence as well.

We had hired the best places and photographers together with the make-up artist as befitting to our status. Flowery decoration will be much appreciated by your highness, I hope. There are exotic perfumes and in music we had a combo of Jazz and Blues notes especially for your ear of music.

We hope you will come and make our shower the ever brightest and gleeful as ever. The timing for Bridal Showers are three consecutive days as we decided to cover almost all the fascinating places of Switzerland and Singapore. Your travel expenses will be bear by our host family. Looking feverishly for your coming.

Yours Sincerely,
Lord Betty,
March 5, 2016

Invitation Letter for Birthday Party

Sample format of invitation letter for birthday party. Birthday celebration simply means to value the person in ones’ life. This easy format can be used for the people who wanted to share the boom of happiness with their dears.

Sample Invitation Letter for Birthday Party

Mr. Charles Huges,
Class in charge of 9th grade.
Beacon House School,

London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Invitation for Birthday Party

Respected Sir,

You are truly Honourable and highly valued by our whole family. You are a source of inspiration for my young child moving towards his adolescence. It is happiest time for both the parents and the teachers when they see their child taking
forward steps in their bright looking future!

I am responsible for his worldly needs but it is you who nurture his personality and develop him a sound person with stable mind with the help of knowledge and the mastery of your learned skills. We are humbly requesting your much appreciated presence in the birthday party of my son and your student. We had arranged a time for the party after carefully calculating your schedule so that you can feel free and at peace of mind before advancing your steps towards our humble residence.

We had arranged a wide range of different varieties of snacks, drinks, food items and sweets in the birthday party. It would be a pleasure for all of our family if you will grace the occasion. Do not bother if you get late for the party, we will wait and delay the cutting of cake moment but your inclusion is a must thing.
Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. and Ms.John Beckitt
March 5, 2016.

Sample Invitation Letter to Birthday Party
Sample Invitation Letter to Birthday Party

Apology Email Format for Refusing Being the Chief Guest

Sample Apology Email Format for refusing being the chief guest on the occasion/ceremony/event .Such Rejection formats can be used by famous personalities who wished to apologise because of tight schedule or some other unwanted sudden happenings from their well-wishers.

Apology Email Format for Refusing Being the Chief Guest


Subject: Apology Email for being not the chief guest on the ceremony

Dear Gorge Arbert,

I am much honoured that you had called upon me for being the chief guest of your Stone-breaking ceremony of Hotel but I am sorry I could not manage the time to attend the event because of my tight working schedule and most of all the time clash. Hope you will understand my state and will not feel anything hard about me in your heart. My good wishes and prayers are with you. Love you loads dear.

Mr. Kapil Sharma
December,15, 2015

Apology Email Format for Refusing Being the Chief Guest
Apology Email Format for Refusing Being the Chief Guest

Rejection Email of Invitation as Chief Guest

The President,
WWF Foundation

Subject: Rejection Email of Invitation as Chief Guest

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to your invitation letter dated 23-12-2015 addressed to Mr. Muhammad Farooq Abbasi chief Executive, allied paint industries Lahore.

Mr Farooq Abbasi is not at present in Lahore and he will remain out of station till 25th December. He has therefore,advised me to inform you about his inability to attend the inauguration ceremony.He has,however acknowledged your invitation whole heatedly and with thanks.

Best Regards,

Haroon Asghar

Invitation Letter of Award Ceremony to Schools

Sample Format Letter of Invitation of Award Ceremony to Schools by Head Office. Appreciations are the things that propel the individual towards mighty sky. It not only boasts up the confidence level in the individuals but also polishes their attitude in the most positive way. Award ceremonies are one such appreciation stockade where best are awarded with incentives and prizes. This format letter can be used for inviting the teachers in specially in award ceremony.

Invitation Letter of Award Ceremony to Schools

Head Office
Main Secretariat Block
Director Training Head
AGS for Girls School.
PDN for Boys School.
SSGM School Systems.
Ritual Dais Frontier School.

New Delhi, India.

Subject: Award Ceremony Shedule to Schools by Head Office

Dear Principals,

We hope sound health from you all! Award ceremony is always held by the Director Education Training head every year. The purpose behind is to appreciate the teachers who achieved excellence in their respective subjects and to motivate other teachers to do even more hard work for achieving the excellence which is conditioned to Awards! It’s a happy face day for all as the Head Office include many but quality parodies, songs, skits and tableau in order to make the audience lively an involved. This year too we want a list of following categories from your respective schools:

1. 2 Nominees of award receiving from pre wing
2. 2 Nominees of award receiving from junior wing
3. 2 Nominees of award receiving from middle wing
4. 2 Nominees of award receiving from senior wing
5. 1 parody on any song
6. 2 skits with subtle humour
7. 1 tribute song to Head Office
8. 2 tableau
9. 2 comperes with impressive voices
10. Children for national anthem.

We hope a cooperative compliance at your end. The deadline of the entries is 20th November.

Best Regards
Mr. Ram Deavanund

Invitation Letter of Award Ceremony to Schools
Invitation Letter of Award Ceremony to Schools

Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions

Invitation Letter  from NGOs to Educational Institutions for creating awareness in society regarding social volunteer work.It is duty of all students/educational management/individuals/corporate sector to join hands with these NGOs working for the welfare of humanity and visit them for their encouragement. Easy format of invitation letter is given below for your convenience.

Sample Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions

The Human Resources Department,
Beaconhouse School System
Head Office, Lahore

Subject: Visit of NGOs to Schools

Respected Sir/Madam,

With best wishes here are we approaching the Beaconhouse school system in the region of Lahore for educational thrust! The agenda behind this visit is to fully equip the school’s teaching staff as well as the administrative staff with currently advanced educational techniques and theories.

We had carefully selected and organized a team of professionals for guiding you all in the grounds of education in the areas of teaching problems in course, students’ behavior shift,colleagues’ envious attitude and much more. We are looking forward for the following list from you:

? Disruptive students’ group
? Issues relating to course and
? Problem areas within colleagues

Thank you very much in advance,If you spare your time and visit our Institution with your students and faculty.It would be sort of pleasure for us.I hope that you will definitely join hands to spread smiles among these children.

With Best Regards,

Mr. Ardeep Sahaye Rao
Regional Coordinator
NGO Name:______
November 1, 2015

Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions
Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions

Thanks Letter for Chief Guest

Sample Format of Thanks Letter for Chief GuestThis sample format is good to keep one’s self in good books of others as it opens up the the doors of friendships and mellow relationships. With the simple token of thanksgiving the image building leaps up on the ladder of success and relationship on good terms. It can be used by any person for the thanksgiving purpose. Easy format is here you your convenience.

Thanks Letter for Chief Guest Sample


To-Chief Guest Name_________

Subject: Thanks Letter to Chief Guest for Attending  Restaurant Inauguration Ceremony

With the help of Almighty, prayers of my well-wishers including parents, friends and family, skate holders and your close cooperation I became an owner of the newly inaugurated restaurant that stood for the sumptuous and quality maintenance that is most needed in nowadays world of fraud and soulless business arcades.

People were getting sick or even died of serious ailments because of eating unhygienic food normally worm-stricken, fouled-smell and cooked Seeing the sufferings of my people and the harmful and tragic consequences of eating and devouring the malicious food I decided to open up a restaurant of my own and promised to serve my nation with quality and quantity not compromised on health issues at any cost. The food items and deals that we present in the restaurant are: Continental Dishes, Italian cuisine, Russian and Chinese food, special shakes oozed out of fresh fruits, flavoured ice creams, desserts, nicely baked cookies and cakes, pizzas and soft drinks. Special discount offers are also available on Sunday Deals and Family Pack Deals.

You came to the occasion as chief guest and graced my toiles of putting the efforts in making the standardized restaurant. Your arrival was the feast of the day and it doubled the income and prestige of my hotel I am really thankful for your arrival and will be in debt to you for my whole life. Thanks

Yours well-wisher and servant,

Mr. Devanand Droop

Thanks Letter for Chief Guest Sample
Thanks Letter for Chief Guest Sample

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Inauguration of GYM in Society.This format of letter can be used by all the health freaks who wanted the same health patterns for others on the humane level as the need for healthy fitness is like hot cakes nowadays. Gymnasium is one such thrill that can propel unaware people towards fitness of both mind and body.

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration

The Health Minister,

Subject:Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Respected Sir,

I am a humble government servant and currently working in health department of the Pakistan State from the past ten (10) years. In my stay in the health department I noted that people of our country are taking their health for granted and are non-serious about the dark sides of obesity and high level of cholesterol. People are also not positive for most of the time and it is vitally linked with the mental as well as bodily health from authentic scientific research.

I am an inhabitant of a mediocre society and I wanted the people around me to educate themselves with the attributes of health fitness. I was confused at initials about from where to get a start for this sacred service. After much mental work I fatigued out a concept of gymnasium that could serve my purpose.

This gym is equipped with modern day equipments including the expensive treadmills as well. In my gym the rooms are spacious and fully ventilated. Massage rooms are provided with a doctor who will insure the massager with the advance movements of relaxing the body muscles or simply the pressure points.

The gym will also provide the dietary plan and how to lower down the cholesterol levels. I very humbly inviting your esteemed self to come on the scene and inaugurate my little effort. Thankyou.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms.Hunaza John

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration
Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration

Sample Invitation Letter for inauguration of new school branch. This letter format is being used by schools, colleges, academies, tuition centers and universities. Sample Invitation letter to chief guest for inauguration ceremony. You can customize this letter as per your needs by changing the words. Easy format is here.

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration

Minister of Education
Bombay Upper House, India.

Subject: Invitation Letter as Chief Guest for Inauguration

Honourable Sir,

I am a huge, admirer of your because what you did for our educational system is an epic of all time. Please accept my gratitude that I owe for you. You are a man of letter and in spirit none less than a man of steel. You took radical steps to improve the currently pervading educational system of especially our area. Admiring and watching your efforts closely I muster courage in myself and in the name of Providence decided to open up a new branch of my school system.

I opened this new branch of my school in the area where your highness worked a lot for the development of education at all level and for all. My new branch is of Secondary level. In the school there are 45 rooms, a well-organized computer lab, Fine Arts lab, chemistry lab, Biology lab, physics lab and a library packed meaningfully with quality books both for students and as well as for the teachers.

The school has two grounds, one is for playing and other ground contained swings and assembly dice. In the school there is an airy staff room for the teachers and a fully ventilated principal and vice principal’s office. Waiting area is also reserved
for the visitors. The school includes a First Aid room to benefit the students and teachers with necessary health care at the most.

I humbly invite you as a chief guest to inaugurate the school’s new branch. Complete Program detail is attached with this letter.The timings are 9:00-11:00 am. Kindly come and grace the juncture with your pearly self. Waiting for your positive reply. Thankyou.

Best Regards,
Vijay Patil

October2 0,2015

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration
Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration

Annual Dinner Invitation Email Sample

Annual Dinner Invitation Letter to all staff members for annual dinner. Below there is a sample of business dinner invitation letter.This invitation from administration to School,Office/Company/Factory staff members. Annual Dinner very important event for professionals. Necessary changes can be done according to need. Easy format of email is here.

Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff

In the name of ALLAH the most merciful the most compassionate.

Asalaam-o-Alaikum Dear Staff members!

We hope you all will be sound in health by all means and be such for your whole lives. Stay blessed ever. School routines are quite tedious a work, no doubt. For the whole year you- as backbone of our institute steadfastly stood in thin and thick with us and fulfilled all the duties assigned to you. We are highly grateful for your cooperation and put more trust in your inborn as well as polished skills and intelligence. Weekends breaks are like delicious cupcakes for all of you people and summer breaks are certainly a tremendous hi-tea with all its charm and charismatic display. Here we are offering our gratitude by inviting your good and highly prized souls on Annual Dinner. Memories are one such thing that never fades and it is said that

Friends are memorie and by throwing a party we are actually stringing the pearls of your memories in the most cherished pearly necklace of yours! All of you are invited and please follow the dress code befitted to your profession. Cuisine is very calculatedly selected keeping in mind the flavours and taste of our highly appreciated staff. No charges are supposed to be taken from you and timings are—–pm to —– pm.

Some safety measures are to be taken by you in favour of your own well-being. We hope compliance from your part. Please bring your original CNIC card and school ID card stripped and hanged in your neck for checking convenience. Have fun and enjoy to your best of mood.



Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff
Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff