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Diversity & Inclusive Teaching Impact

Diversity as the name suggests is about differences between human like religious, racial, gender, age, community, class, sexuality, political and ethical beliefs.
Inclusion is about understanding and giving respect to diversity, not to reject or devalue diversity. Inclusion works to the need of individual within their context whether familial, social, environmental or about variety of beliefs.
Diversity is combination/mixture of differences ans Inclusion is about making this combination functions effectively.

The main goal of a successful diversity training program is to create a positive work environment by helping individuals recognize and be tolerant of differences among others. When a proper diversity training program is initiated within a school district, several benefits often emerge for the organization and its learners. and inclusion develops the best outcome of diversity training.
Diversity & inclusive teaching facilitates students with sum of ways to understand and to value each other differences and enable them hear others and enhance their abilities to b successful.
Diversity teaching make sure every student as empowered learner. Its an effort to aware students about all racial, social, political, religious beliefs and make them capable to participate equally and advantage/benefits equally.

Diversity & inclusive teaching impact:

• Diversity inclusive teaching directly effect student’s performances
• Develop confidence that everyone is being heard and is important
• students develop confidence that their differences can bring betterment to community in an effective way.
• Of course it helps students to find success and encourage them to lead with their diverse context and personal interests.
• It mainly foster student’s academic performances and obviously develops better level of understanding for many areas of their life
• It also develop positive association in students
• Diversity & inclusive teaching sharpens the creative skills of students.
• Make them capable of making wise and educated opinions and attitude.
• A classroom with students of different intellectual abilities benefits all students.
• Diversity inclusive teaching enhanced student’s communication skills, problem solving and critical thinking.

Benefits of diversity & inclusive teaching:

• Promote student growth
• Bring up sense of empathy
• Create mindfulness and positive thinking
• Willingness to tolerate others differences

• Helps them to remove barriers to achievement
• Provide full knowledge to access their right and privileges
• Determine self uniqueness and creativity
• Increase social network/relations
• Improve behavioral skills
• Improve generalization
• Enable them to promote equality
• Provide equal access to opportunity
• Provide them chance to experience different cultures

Successful inclusive education happens through accepting, understanding, and attending to student differences and diversity, which can include physical, cognitive, academic, social, and emotional. This is not to say that students never need to spend time out of regular education classes, because sometimes they do for a very particular purpose — for instance, for speech or occupational therapy. But the goal is this should be the exception.The driving principle is to make all students feel welcomed, appropriately challenged, and supported in their efforts. School districts that ignore diversity, and inclusion fail to prepare their students for the world that awaits them. Given the importance of diversity and inclusion should be primary considerations for every school district in the nation.
Through these very simple changes, we can begin to create a system of education that values all. And from here, we can make wider societal changes.

Internship Experience of Special Needs School

Internship Experience of Special Needs School

You know sometimes what happens is life mends in a way for you but you get to be uncertain when you should swerve in to take a trail in that direction or whether you should continue strolling on the way you are moving in. It turns out to be that sometimes out of curiosity and dedication in for a new challenge to show the world that you can ace any adventure; you take up the challenge to lead out on this expedition where everything is self-driven and you have to get out of your cozy little world to pull up your socks to face the real world. You have to take in the responsibilities and rectify your immaturity so to be straightened up to face the real world. Is that in certain situations it’s the latter of them but actually you want to take up that way to show in the world the importance of the particular trail and you know that its best so sometimes things are not for yourself but for the ‘route to take’ unlike in other situations where meaning of oneself or selfishness defines one’s course of action either it be for quenching the thirst of curiosity or either it be for the satisfaction and thrill of taking up the new challenge. In my case it was likelihood my craving for————- had in a big purpose behind it , knowing that couldn’t have gotten a better opportunity than this I wanted to put into representation my idea that I had in me for years and it was an ideology that was a stirrup of my feelings which involuntarily gushed in and out as in a consideration of erupting itself in addition to it muffled in with a fiasco of emotions all calling in for a stand .

A voice ,a stand required out to stand out for those who were neglected , for those looming in depression, for those killed under the pressure of the gender they possess, for those discriminated, for those who had to question whether their living made a difference, for those were treated as if a mere piece of trash, and important of all the ones who have to sit in solitary and think whether God didn’t like them and whether they are the punished ones in short my heart cried in for those who had to leave on their happiness just because of them being viewed as someone ‘special’ or just because of a particular condition they had lost in the right to regain the fun that every child possesses .Just because they couldn’t do something similar of us they were labelled with different labels like ‘disabled’ ,’special’ ,’retarded’, ‘autistic’, ‘incapacitated ’etc. The labels would go on and on; my page would finish but labels won’t .This shows in how many names do we have to call to show in their difference because we can’t just call them humans right as they don’t belong to this group instead they belong to the group of aliens with such a strange figure of theirs. In general people are just called in with names feel bad when just even called with one embarrassing name that really hurts in their elevated ego but here we call them with hundreds of names ;like are they not humans as like they don’t have in feelings and they don’t feel sad, happy or angry. This shows that not by one but multiple ways we show that they are not humans instead a disjointed toy which is sort of non-living and these names we call are just for their condition and we don’t mean it like I mean who has feeling that much even attached to a toy that he puts in enough effort to at least have in a bit association with them ,we just say it .Well you all just must be saying it as in general but these names mark them different and leave in a huge impact on them as they feel. They are humans just like and are different in their own way like we are but may be that can be seen and our can’t be seen but as in guidance we become special so do they but they need grooming and then their specialty will be taken in literal as specialty and uniqueness but why only then why not when they are not taken into assistance. It is that how does the word ‘special’ just changes its meaning from person to person is so un-understandable and that too just on the basis of being different is so heart-breaking.

It is that taking it to the literal when the word is sprouted out of our mouth it is considered to be really positive; fancying up the position of the person to whom the comment is said. It is the taken as the person biggest triumph with him surpassing all the obstacles that spewed up the way crinkling it up as to stretch it to the biggest and turning it no less than a maze for us. It is an appreciation, it’s an elevation, a motivation enough to the conquer the world , an uprisal ,a satisfaction warded off by the comments of others defining in our uniqueness and appreciating it to the fullest ,a uniqueness that is viewed in a wonder which is classified to the bestest , it is a definition of our strength , our identity is renowned with a tag of special. When Einstein was warded in with a tag of ‘special’ everybody was astounded not because he was lacking in the capabilities of a normal person because it defined him the smartest ; having in the highest IQ. That gave him fame yet a voice which could be heard by millions unlike like those who yet given the title are unheard by everyone despite of their continual begging for help.Their ‘special’ title didn’t earn them respect nor gave them an opportunity to tell in the true definition of their specialty.People did see them and their urgence for help but discouraged them down.Their call for help was ignored because they were told from the beginning that they were special in a way which made them physically and mentally weak as it was not categorized by God that whether this put on a stain of incapability and disability it is that how the world has summoned in the things in respect to their ideologies is how we are treated whether like a piece of trash or whether like ‘special’ special.It is that how the world has decided in their categorization (image) is that how they are viewed. It turns out be that when the title is bestowed upon them the way of defining ‘special’ changes itself turning its direction and taking such of a swerve that a title , that an appreciation that once elevated one’s status turns it down enough that the pressure applied to magma has to force it to gush out in the form of lava and tell the world the fury that had been stored, in this case. It turns out to define it in the form of depreciation .Once a title that was used to define brilliance is used when to show disgust as to remark that it is one’s fault of existence. Not big of a weakness well I’ll say a strength in itself to me as it makes me more persistent, determined , exposed ; not like other hearers who with the title then dislocate into another world with full of unicorns and a world wrathed in fancies (I at least know how to face the real world and what is meant by practicality), self-driven and hard-worker. This gives me the motivation to lead out the best life and when you pursue for the best, you get the best, ,and let me live my life in the happiest of all as my definition of happiness is self-made not an adaptation of a communal ideology of viewing a world as God made us all different so an evolution takes place had we all been same no step towards motivation would have been led.I am proud to be the difference as for me it is a way to contribute to the world. It was God’ choice to be like this let me be the way as if I so don’t have a problem why do you and I proud of my difference and your so called ‘weakness’.

It is to why our weaknesses like not being able to write with left or able to draw good are brought into apprehension and disgust ,why does this over-flowing moralistic people then start treating the things unequally despite of the fact that this ‘disabilty’ of theirs is just due to their insufficiency of practice while the so called ‘disabled’ people are in such of a condition as per the wish of God so then the principle implanting you should be both disgusted upon and taunted upon for laziness of practicing and hardworking but based on your way of categorizing which is self-beneficiary, your disability is just because of lack of practice and doesn’t show off an irreparable fault and a difference which is yet accepted but their different is categorically referred to as ‘ disability’,’ autism-being the mental illness’ , ‘specialty’ , ‘incapacitation’ but yet one thing seems un-understandable and confuses the mind to extremist how can a selfish categorization define in one man’s weakness while other man’s laziness just because their is a easily realizable irreparability means they are disabled we cunningly hides our means we are not disable and they are so that shows we are all disabled in one way or another –either is it that we don’t accept it or if we do we then we have started accepting it communally if it is as in not accepting that we are putting ourselves into falsehood and we have started accepting each other way we are as individual differences allow other people to make us feel as whole just like a positively charge ion and a negatively charged ion are yet ready to share in their electrons and make a covalent bond which leads out to their existence , so now a time to accept them and everyone as if not then we are all disable .It is that they don’t need sympathies and empathies with being called special but hope to move forward and conquer dreams ( special in reference to the physically and mentally different children). For people with other problems whether it be gender-based or booming depression for all the moral remains common as you don’t let others decide how to be thought of you but your inner-self decides your importance and should be happy with this difference as it provides strength and for people suffering depression though the difference must not be there but you have to be headstrong to ace the world and tell the world your opinion and be assured to change not be changed.This idea of mine wanted to get a track and I wanted my ideology to be an inculcation in the minds of these children so I chose —————–; a platform where grooming was already on the track I just wanted to be the source of idea for this evolved ideology.An ideology which would make them feel humiliating and would let them define in their own space in this barbarous world which yet having disabilities is not ready to accept others. Here at —————– I got chance to explore little happinesses which ranged in from playing on a phone to getting some time to spend with.It was a box full of emotions in itself where at every point I got to realize that happiness is small things we have been running after different things just to get happiness but real satisfaction comes in from these small things which are a true source of love .They will give you enough of a happiness in comparable of the happiness you get when getting a new I phone or thing you yearned the most for.It was a platform which was already endorsing the uniquenesses of the child by making them feel confident and a platform which was in itself already rectifying their so called ‘weaknesses’to ‘strengths’. It was making them feel special but with an opposite definition. A definition which were in right of and giving them a chance to live a life yet normal.They were groomed like everyone is , they were taught like everyone is. They were told in that this so called ‘disability’ wasn’t an obstruction in them having dreams as dreams don’t see the limits and when you dream the way is shown itself.

It gave them an opportunity to stitch out their dreams with openness and dreams which too didn’t have to be encaged in the ideology of ‘mentally unsatisfied people’ which don’t have peace in their lives and don’t want others to have as well. It gave them a life which they deserved as they too are humans and all humans deserve a chance to define their own rules and principles of living.It allowed them to decide for them what they wanted to be.It gave them learning and a platform to have fun.————– in itself is a whole package of happiness as the satisfaction let through in any other emotion, sadness as when looking for their small cravings and fun and joy with all the fun to relive the childhood and get a chance to play as to make these moments memorable. Their learning let us know are moments of learning. Their smile brings upon us a smile from our hearts.It gives us the people who really love us for real and take as friends and this then gives us an ideology if they want us to be friends we will be friends as true friendship doesn’t break in with any obstruction. Their innocence makes us be their fan and helps us tell the world that differences don’t make in way for love . Doing for them then becomes a source of happiness and smile upon their faces is enough to lighten the day. Talking with them gives in us a way of relaxation and it let us make these moments lovable memories of tomorrow that is yet to come. Coloring in with them indulges us into it and helps us gain in the value of responsibility and allows us to get a chance to explore them as what they say allows us to know them from within as they represent t all through their emotions.It helps us realize how much effort is put in by our teachers and the respect for them multiplies within and especially looking at the teachers of ————– their love for children is the same as of having for own children , I would say even more and that really gives us teacher / mother( as they are sometimes more than parents for them as they are the ones who take care of them and nourishes them from within). The friendship that stirs up between us let us get friends who really care for us and their purity is reflected in their innocence showered upon us in the name of true friendship. That satisfaction when turn out to help them makes me happy as carrying out a few errands for them is so satisfying it is not that they can’t do it but the contentment that spurs in me is for what I do all of this as their love is so overpowering. Getting to play the part of a teacher is really enjoyable and interesting as supervising increases in our aptitude for things and allocates us with different attributes, you also turn out to get the best experience when interacting with children and enjoying around with them. All those activities that we monitored and teaching them what we did, interacting and understanding became a major tool. We turned out to share an unbreakable bond where when a new thing taught or demonstrated us getting into to start the copying process. It was fun ,coming here was in literal the full utilization of summer. When moved up to the senior section having in those discussions and being a unit unlike when in the junior section working in pairs, helped me learn some office techniques as to how to put in an idea , to come to a conclusion and different ideas help formulate the best ideas as also allowing us to be independent on our decisions also giving us a chance to learn the attributes of collaboration, patience, understanding ,creativity and confidence . The activities in both the departments yet were so much fun while the senior section was more fun based and collaborative as everybody indulged in the activity deciding what to do in contrary to the behavior portrayed in the junior section where individual group of internees which were designated to a class in respect to the day of their activity did the demonstration or organized in things while other learned or took a part and that was sort of more learning based but both were learning experiences in different ways one allowed us to know in the skills for organizing and doing preparations while other allowed us to indulge in as a group for collaborative work which let us indulge into it to the fullest in terms of fun. File Making was too a lot of fun and learning-based activity allowing us to show in our creativity and work in with mental satisfaction and peace . It was joyful and helping in learning to work in for the aesthetics. Now my major department the Resource Department ; a department which gave me confidence, informative and persistence ( confidence as in allowing to communicate and when explaining in the details about the fund-raising),(informative as in allowing to know different techniques for collecting),(persistence as the rejection I was getting when showing in the sponsorship forms and due to already paid Ziqaat not having funds left so getting continual refusals but it didn’t let me lose my hope).Rising Sun is a really a whole package as in of emotions ,delivering in the biggest lesson of how differences are groomed and also a platform for learning.Like the love I had is strengthened as now I want to work to collect in money through different techniques as is planned the Arts and Crafts stall for which material is ready which I will either be selling on Thursday or Friday.It would be wrong if I would say my internship program was all –time wisest decision as it changed me as a human .

Evaluation Letter for Special Children

Sample Evaluation Letter for special children. Evaluation serves as guideline for the process of diagnosis proceeded by its treatment. This letter is important for those persons who wanted to achieve the right goal in the right manner.

Sample Evaluation Letter for Special Children

The Head of Department,
Star Shining Special Education System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Evaluation for Special Children

Respected Signora!

I believe, you will be in excellent mood an enjoying the prime of health in your blessed life. I wanted you to kindly arrange a team of three members; psychiatrists, speech therapist and a computer specialist (to note down the data then and there). The reason behind this extra duty is that I had received many requests from our partner schools that they wanted us to evaluate their children in front of their team members so that they can learn in a better way and then become capable of serving their newly opened branch in their own way.
This evaluation team will get extra bonus for each of their trips/visits. Kindly comply as soon as possible. Thank you.


Mr. Ottoman David
4 th July, 2017.

Job Application for Physiotherapist

Sample Format of Application for Physiotherapist. In modern world, we noticed that human beings have impure intake of food, swift pace of life and less time for rest results in certain physical ailments nowadays. Physical ailment, sometimes result in fatal strokes as well, if proper care is not taken. Physiotherapists are the one who help in curing such ailments. This format can be used by persons who wanted to apply for the said post.

Job Application for Physiotherapist

The Chairperson,
High Collar Aiding Center,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Job application for Physiotherapist

Respected Sir,

With due honour and prestige, it is to state with much humbleness and gratitude that I am a physiotherapist and worked for thirty years in different institutions and hospitals. I have my own clinic in suburb of California, but I am eager to serve the youngsters by helping them in regaining their standing on their own feet with my knowledge and expertise.

I am well aware of almost all the physical dysfunction and their possible treatments. I do love to engage myself with the future of United States of America. I want to give my children, what I have, within my abilities. I love to join you as visiting faculty, if not permanent staff member.For your kind concern and review, I had attached carbon copies of my degrees, achievements, certificates and professional excellence record with this application together with my Curriculum Vitae. I hope you will be proud by appointing me in your institution, where I will serve my children and prepare them for future concerns. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Freddy John Anderson,

Job Application for Special Education Teacher

Sample Format of application for Special Education teacher. Competitive and Sympathetic minds are welcomed in this profession and this format can be used by persons who wanted to apply junior teacher or senior teacher for the job in the special education institution.

Sample Job Application for Special Education Teacher

The Principal,
Starlight High school for Girls,
Utter Perdaish, India.

Subject: Job application for special education teacher (MR)

Respected Madam,

It is to state with much concern and gratitude that I had read about the job vacancy in the newspaper regarding a need of teacher in MR department. I had done special diplomas and courses in the respective area. I am capable of tackling the all related issues of such students.

I had attached copies of my degrees, certificates and experience letters with my Curriculum Vitae for your kind review and concern. I hope you will consider my words with keenness and give me chance to teach in the institution.

Thank you.
Yours Truly,
Ms. Tamera Shoat,
7 th November,2016

Sample Job Application for Special Education Teacher (OCD)

The Principal,
Touching woods International School,
Utter Perdaish, India.

Subject: Job application for special education teacher(OCD)

Respected Madam,

It is to state with due respect and honour that I had recently earned my degree of clinical psychology and I am prone to teach the patients of OCDs as my mother had suffered from the same tension. I treated her successfully and feeling quite confident to serve others as well.

Kindly give me a chance to prove myself by giving job in the institution. I had attached all the requisite documents with this application for your kind review.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Sundeep Chotaani,
7 th November,2016

Request Letter to Singer for Charity Concert

Sample Request Letter Format to Singer for Charity Concert. Music is known as food for soul. This food is loved and adored by everyone. Music Concerts earned a lot of money brewed from tickets. Many singers are interested in human welfare as we witness a number of trust established for poor and needy ones. Such formats can be used by NGOs and other private sectors or for individuals who wanted to serve the humanity and need help of singers in charity concerns.

Request Letter  to Singer for Charity Concert

Mr. Michel Rod,
Washington BC. United States of America.

Subject: Request Letter to Singer for Charity Concert

Respected and Beloved Sir!

How are you? I hope you will be gliding in the eternal boat of fame and luck! I am the biggest fan of yours and wanted every good for you from nook and corner of the world or even from universe! I had taken an autograph of yours in the last concert you performed.

I am recently appointed in an NGO in Resource Development department/Marketing Department. It arranges money from different sources so that it can help out the needy ones. My job is to search for the worthy persons who had soft hearts and humane corner for deserted ones.

The reason why I am writing you this letter is the humble request from you to kindly perform (charity basis) on our platform in the best interest of poor. With your coming, I will be soaring higher in the air with happiness and delight and the sacred purpose of charity will also be fulfilled.

I hope you will come to the concert on my humble request. The details of venue is attached herewith for your kind view. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Fan,
Ms. Shona
25 July 2016

Request Letter to Singer for Charity Concert
Request Letter to Singer for Charity Concert

Acceptance Letter for Being Guest of Honour in Welfare Organization

Sample Acceptance Letter for being guest of honour in Welfare Organization.Social issues and concerns are very much of importance in bio-social society of human beings. People construct many centers and organizations to cater the social issue and the needs of concerned people in their own special way and guests of honour are incumbent to grace the ceremonies of such kinds. This letter can be used by worthy people who wanted to accept the offer of as chief guest.

Sample Acceptance Letter for Being Guest of Honour in Welfare Organization

Dr Abdul Staar
Khidmat Foundation

Subject: Acceptance Letter for being guest of honour in Welfare Organization

Respected Sir,

With much humbleness and gratitude I am thankful for your worthy self that you chose me for gracing the ceremony that you hold for welfare of the public. I will definitely come to the occasion on the time you wrote in the letter as I am a keen helper and observer of my native people and much concerned towards their needs.

Let me congratulate you that you had taken a very good step of promoting love for reading in our up-coming youth of modern digital and technical era. Our new buds are least interested in the books because they were not given the chance to feel the magic of its realm. I am feeling overwhelmed that you had taken the step of promoting the reading culture in the years to come in our children and one day I hope they will become great reader and will never forget your keen effort in that regard. Thank you for inviting me for the occasion that will suffice my thirst for reading!


Mr.Tallat Mehmood
Elmetec Pvt Ltd
January,7, 2016

Acceptance Letter for Being Guest of Honour in Welfare Organization
Acceptance Letter for Being Guest of Honour in Welfare Organization

Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions

Invitation Letter  from NGOs to Educational Institutions for creating awareness in society regarding social volunteer work.It is duty of all students/educational management/individuals/corporate sector to join hands with these NGOs working for the welfare of humanity and visit them for their encouragement. Easy format of invitation letter is given below for your convenience.

Sample Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions

The Human Resources Department,
Beaconhouse School System
Head Office, Lahore

Subject: Visit of NGOs to Schools

Respected Sir/Madam,

With best wishes here are we approaching the Beaconhouse school system in the region of Lahore for educational thrust! The agenda behind this visit is to fully equip the school’s teaching staff as well as the administrative staff with currently advanced educational techniques and theories.

We had carefully selected and organized a team of professionals for guiding you all in the grounds of education in the areas of teaching problems in course, students’ behavior shift,colleagues’ envious attitude and much more. We are looking forward for the following list from you:

? Disruptive students’ group
? Issues relating to course and
? Problem areas within colleagues

Thank you very much in advance,If you spare your time and visit our Institution with your students and faculty.It would be sort of pleasure for us.I hope that you will definitely join hands to spread smiles among these children.

With Best Regards,

Mr. Ardeep Sahaye Rao
Regional Coordinator
NGO Name:______
November 1, 2015

Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions
Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions

Job Application for Disabled Person

Sample Job application for Disabled Person. This format of application can be used by the Physically disabled persons/Special Student hoping to apply in any infrastructure of educational as well as organizational institutions of all kinds.Necessary changes can be done according to your need.

Sample Job Application for Disabled Person

The Manager
Poonam Trust Dev Hospital
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Job Application for Disabled Person

With all due respect it is to state that I had read a job advertisement published by you in Daily Times, India. The advertisement declared to have a manager with having two to five years work experience in HR Department. Your requirement also refers to a person who has done HRM with minimum GPA of 3.0.

I am suitable for the job as I am fulfilling all the essential requirements according to the advertisement. I am fit for the job by all terms except the one that I am a handicapped person but I am able to do my all chores by myself as only my left hand is not in the working position. I assure you that my disability will not suffer the job quality as I am experienced and knew all the pros and cons of this department. I wanted to join your institute for two reasons mainly:

1- Well known hospital and having experienced faculty.

2- Adequate salary package.

You are in need of a qualified and experienced Human Resource Manager and I am in search of the hospital where I can create funds for the betterment of the patients for the rest of my life. We both can satisfy our need through this job vacancy. My all the experience letters and result sheets are attached with the application for your reference. Kindly take in concern all the points. I’ll be happy to join your hospital.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Sherma Sumbawun
30th August 2015.

Job Application for Disabled Person
Job Application for Disabled Person

School Leaving Experience Certificate for Special Child

School Leaving Experience Certificate for Special Child. Experience letter also known as experience certificate is an official document issued to the student, special child/staff at the end of the school,college,university or employment from a particular educational place or company on the official letter head of the school/company with signatures of authority. Easy format is here for your convenience.

School Leaving Experience Certificate for Special Child

To Whom It May Concern

Certified that Muhammad khalid S/O Muhammad Asghar was a regular enrolled student of Roshni Association for Special Children Lahore from 12th March to 23rd April 2015.

He is a child with intellectual disability. His date of birth according to school record is: 20.7.2008 and according to recent assessment his intellectual functioning level is 3 years and 6 months. He is able to complete six piece puzzles, draw basic shapes like triangle,circle and square, moreover his prewriting skills are good.

His parents are moving to Islamabad and we wish him best of luck.

Mr. Omar Rehman

Experience Certificate after School Leaving

To Whom May It Concern

Certified that Muhammad Naeem S/O Muhammad Zamir was a special student of———————-,Lahore Campus from August 2012 until 6th October 2014.

His date of birth according to school record is 13.8.2006 while according to recent assessment his cognitive functioning level was 2 years and 7 months.

After comprehensive assessment it was concluded that he has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He required schooling in special school providing highly structured individualized educational program in one to one setting as it will help him in learning age appropriate skills. At the time of first assessment his scores on childhood Autism rating scale was 35.4 which places him in the category of severe autism but after implementation of different therapies he has shown improvement in his behavior, now his score on CARS is 32 which places him in the category of mild to moderate autism.

Muhammad Naeem has shown marked improvement in his behavior it is recommended to continue intensive therapy program at school and at home as well.

This certificate is issued on his parents request.


School Name:—————–


Experience Certificate after School Leaving
Experience Certificate after School Leaving