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Cancellation Email of Room Reservation

Sample letter format of request to cancel reservation of room email. Cancellation is a negative word and is not favoured by anyone, but at time this word is used to avoid suffering on the part of both the parties. These email formats can be used to meet up your ends for the cancellation purpose.

Cancellation Email of Room Reservation

The Manager,
Manchester, United Kingdom.

Subject: Request to cancel reservation of room email

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you? I hope you will be trailed in the boat of love, respect and care as given to you by your family and friends. I want to go along with on good terms with you and that is why I deem it perfectly fine to inform you about the cancellation of the room that I reserved few hours ago. I will let you know about the room reservation upon further schedule of the future meeting. Thank you for your time and attention.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Jackie Roald.
11 th July, 2018.

Reservation Cancellation of Hall Email

The Manager,
Manchester, United Kingdom.

Subject: Request to cancel reservation of hall email

Respected Sir,

Good day! I am here to admire your company for the work you are doing to help out people and companies like us and I reserved a hall in your prestigious company, keeping in view the repute and standard of your company, for which, I have no mind to spoil it so please accept my apology for cancelling the hall reservation on my part. The plan for which the rooms were required is now cancelled. Please reserve the hall to other needy one. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Patel Roald.
11 th July, 2018.


Refusal Letter for Guest of Honor Invitation

Sample Refusal Letter for Guest of Honor Invitation. If any person is busy in his schedule and prior commitments and is not able to attend the ceremony  and is unable to spare time for event. He/She can use this refusal format to defy his/her presence. Following is the easy format available:

Refusal Letter for Guest of Honor Invitation

Mrs. Rana Mubarak
Fran Host Kids. ABC City.

Dear Madam,

Thank you very much for your letter of 23rd March 2017 enclosing an invitation to attend your ground breaking ceremony as guest of honor. It is indeed very kind of you to have selected me for this noble cause and I am really honored.

However, in view of prior engagements for tomorrow it appears almost impossible to accept the invitation inspite of my best desire. If I can somehow manage I would certainly try to make it to the ceremony as an ordinary guest and in any case will contact you at a later date to make whatever contribution I can make for furtherance of your mission. You are indeed doing a great service to humanity and I will try to participate in your effort in whatever way possible. For the time being I request to be excused in view of very short notice and prior commitments.

Thanking you.


Muhammad Arshad Saeed

Complaint Letter for Leave Rejection to Chairman

Sample Complaint Letter  for Leave Rejection to Chairman.Demurrals are sliver of any operational organization and it is the right to individual to raise his voice against any sort of atrocity. Such letter format can be opt by people who had some issue in their organizational setup in which they are working.

Sample Complaint Letter  for Leave Rejection to Chairman

The Chairman,
Enlightened Social Cluster House,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Complaint Letter for Leave Rejection 

Respected Sir,

I hope you are feeling well in your life. I am working in here for a cause to propel the goodness of mine towards others who are not enlightened hitherto on the basis of opportunities or he finances. Whatever the matter they had in their lives I don’t know but I worked for them with all my heart and soul.

The reason of this much detailing is that I myself a human and can face natural pains which are incumbent on mankind for this reason or that. Respected sir, I had approached my manager for the purpose of getting leave due to chest infection of my only child. I am signal parent and had to take care of him as he is under strict medical observation. Doctor suggested his nebulization after every six hours. The dear manager rejected my application on the account that the office work is also suffering due to my two days leave. It is in my view a very callous decision on his part that he did not understand my plight and rejected the application.

I came to you in hope of getting my plight understood by you and the sanction of leaves for one month as well. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Elizabeth.

Complaint Letter for Leave Rejection to Chairman
Complaint Letter for Leave Rejection to Chairman



Apology Email Format for Refusing Being the Chief Guest

Sample Apology Email Format for refusing being the chief guest on the occasion/ceremony/event .Such Rejection formats can be used by famous personalities who wished to apologise because of tight schedule or some other unwanted sudden happenings from their well-wishers.

Apology Email Format for Refusing Being the Chief Guest


Subject: Apology Email for being not the chief guest on the ceremony

Dear Gorge Arbert,

I am much honoured that you had called upon me for being the chief guest of your Stone-breaking ceremony of Hotel but I am sorry I could not manage the time to attend the event because of my tight working schedule and most of all the time clash. Hope you will understand my state and will not feel anything hard about me in your heart. My good wishes and prayers are with you. Love you loads dear.

Mr. Kapil Sharma
December,15, 2015

Apology Email Format for Refusing Being the Chief Guest
Apology Email Format for Refusing Being the Chief Guest

Rejection Email of Invitation as Chief Guest

The President,
WWF Foundation

Subject: Rejection Email of Invitation as Chief Guest

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to your invitation letter dated 23-12-2015 addressed to Mr. Muhammad Farooq Abbasi chief Executive, allied paint industries Lahore.

Mr Farooq Abbasi is not at present in Lahore and he will remain out of station till 25th December. He has therefore,advised me to inform you about his inability to attend the inauguration ceremony.He has,however acknowledged your invitation whole heatedly and with thanks.

Best Regards,

Haroon Asghar

Business Proposal Rejection Letter

Sample Format Letter of rejection Business Proposal on Partnership.This proposal rejection letter is written when a company fails to accept the  business proposal of another company due to any reason.This letter format is being used by schools, colleges, academies, tuition centers,multinational companies, restaurants, hotels, café, medical centers, pharmacy, call centers, hospitals, NGOs and universities.

Business Proposal Rejection Letter Sample


The Minister of Commerce
Bombay Upper House, India.

I had received your proposal of trade business that you wanted to have on shared business as partnership with your fellow man. Your business proposal says that you wanted to have a first class business at international level in trade. You wanted your business to be registered legally under Government of Commerce.

The business includes handicrafts and hand-made carpets to be sold at international level. The capital you are investing in this business is on partnership level. The transport is held according to you on your own expense at both level.The profit is to be shared amongst you on equal level and no proof in black and white is to be needed by both of you!

The business proposal has certain lapses as it did not have a stamped evidence that Mr. Singh and Mr. Trara are business partners. No clear cut infrastructure of capital and profit on loss and gain theory is mentioned. Taxation policy that runs in hand in hand with customs is also not entertained. The business is of international level and hence it carries name of India with it in all cases and for all time. Your business plan is rejected on many hiatuses and loopholes which the Government of India will not allow at any cost. Be clear in your ideas and invest the money with all sense of mind and try to discourage joint business as too many cooks spoils the broth. Take it as a piece of advice.

Vijay Patil

Business Proposal Rejection Letter Sample
Business Proposal Rejection Letter Sample

Rejection Letter for Job Offer

Sample Rejection Letter for Job Offer or Job Declining Letter. If any person wants to refuse the job offered to him/her, he/she may use the format of rejection letter for job offer in order to refuse the hiring authority owing to any reason. Make your rejection letter simple and selection of words should be appropriate and ethical. Can be used by employees/teachers/working staff etc. Easy template is provided below.

Rejection Letter for Job Offer

The Hiring Authority,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Rejection Letter for Job Offer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing with reference to the above mentioned subject. I applied in your renowned organization against the position of ‘Marketing Officer’. I appreciate your time taking for my interview and my selection is the result of my capabilities and potential which I showed. Like all other candidates, I also applied in various other reputed organization. I was longing for your kind gesture but unfortunately I got the Job Offer Letter behind schedule.

During the tenure in between, I am selected somewhere else and I am availing good opportunities there. To leave from there would create a bad impression of mine and ethically it sounds inauspicious. I regret to inform but I am not able to accept your job offer. It is just a matter of time and fortune, but I hope that everything happens for a reason.

You will definitely find a competent person for the position and I will yearn to work with your team at any other position in future. I enjoyed meeting your team and wish your organization continued success.

With Best Regards,

John Smith.
Contact: 000-000-000.

Rejection Letter for Job Offer
Rejection Letter for Job Offer

Easy Format of Job Declining Letter

The General Manager,
Holiday’s Inn.

Subject: Job Declining Letter

Dear Mr. James,

With thanks, I appreciate your time taking in viewing my application, interviewing and offering employment to me for the designation of Manager Operations. After preconceived reasoning, I regret to inform but I am not able to accept your Job Offer as I have got other opportunities as well and striving for better is right of person.

I am grateful for your verdict and I wish if I could work with your team. I wish your team good luck for future. You can contact me if I can help you in any regard.


Eva James.
Contact: 000-000-000.

Job Rejection Letter Sample

Sample format of Job Rejection Letter from Company or Job Rejection Email from Employee, Job Rejection Letter Sample, given templates may be used if company has not selected any applicant due to any specific reason i.e not qualified in written test or in interview. The formats can be used for employees, officers, teachers, sales officer and others. Mention the reason clearly and send this rejection letter to him/her. Remember that selection of words should not be rude or harsh.

Job Rejection Letter Sample from Employee

Mr. Jhonny James,
19 B, Kell Street, Canada.

Subject: Job Rejection Letter

Dear Applicant,

This letter is to inform you that you have not been selected for the position of HR Officer in Falcon’s Agency. Your written test was good enough but you had some problem with your verbal interview. As you know, to maintain the repute of organization we need confident and active employees. We are sorry but you lack necessary aptitude as well as attitude.

We got applications from thousands of candidates and some had a wide experience in this field, and you know they are definitely preferred. We appreciate your search choice and thank you so much for your precious time with our team.We hope that your application will be considered again if necessary in future.

We wish you good luck for current search of yours as well as for your future.


Mrs. James Green
HR Director.
Falcon’s Agency.

Job Rejection Letter Sample

Miss Sana Khan,
22 B Johar Town, Lahore.

Subject: Rejection Letter

Dear Candidate,

The entire hiring team of Star’s School has not selected you for the position of ‘Science Teacher’ for senior section. We got a lot of applications and we conducted many interviews. Our team’s motto was to select the best candidate among all.

Though you have good teaching skills and you might be selected in other schools too but the criteria which we required, we didn’t got it in you. Your teaching methodology was successful but unfortunately your interview was not up to the mark.

We present gratitude that you came for interview in our institution. we wish you luck for your future.

Yours Sincerely,

Star’s School System.

Job Rejection Letter Sample
Job Rejection Letter Sample