Letter of Invitation to Bridal Shower

Sample format of Letter of invitation to Bridal Shower. Setting trends in wedding is one form of creativity and people enjoy it very much. Those who wanted to follow the innovation can opt this easy format for inviting close friends relatives on bridal shower.This event is very important in marriage ceremonies.

Sample Letter of invitation to Bridal Shower

The Family of Duke of Sapphires,

Subject: Letter of invitation to Bridal Shower

Respected and very own Duchess,

Signora, we had heard of your generosity and finest and refined taste in aroma and odours from people whosoever got the chance to meet you. We are feeling delighted that you are kind enough to accept the invitation from people like us as well.

It is a time of pride for every parent that their daughters are married to whom they were desired the most. My daughter is a promising would be bride to Lord of Nottingham. Before the actual wedding proceedings, we had arranged a Bridal Shower and for that we desperately wanted your attention and presence as well.

We had hired the best places and photographers together with the make-up artist as befitting to our status. Flowery decoration will be much appreciated by your highness, I hope. There are exotic perfumes and in music we had a combo of Jazz and Blues notes especially for your ear of music.

We hope you will come and make our shower the ever brightest and gleeful as ever. The timing for Bridal Showers are three consecutive days as we decided to cover almost all the fascinating places of Switzerland and Singapore. Your travel expenses will be bear by our host family. Looking feverishly for your coming.

Yours Sincerely,
Lord Betty,
March 5, 2016

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