Thanks Letter for Chief Guest

Sample Format of Thanks Letter for Chief GuestThis sample format is good to keep one’s self in good books of others as it opens up the the doors of friendships and mellow relationships. With the simple token of thanksgiving the image building leaps up on the ladder of success and relationship on good terms. It can be used by any person for the thanksgiving purpose. Easy format is here you your convenience.

Thanks Letter for Chief Guest Sample


To-Chief Guest Name_________

Subject: Thanks Letter to Chief Guest for Attending  Restaurant Inauguration Ceremony

With the help of Almighty, prayers of my well-wishers including parents, friends and family, skate holders and your close cooperation I became an owner of the newly inaugurated restaurant that stood for the sumptuous and quality maintenance that is most needed in nowadays world of fraud and soulless business arcades.

People were getting sick or even died of serious ailments because of eating unhygienic food normally worm-stricken, fouled-smell and cooked Seeing the sufferings of my people and the harmful and tragic consequences of eating and devouring the malicious food I decided to open up a restaurant of my own and promised to serve my nation with quality and quantity not compromised on health issues at any cost. The food items and deals that we present in the restaurant are: Continental Dishes, Italian cuisine, Russian and Chinese food, special shakes oozed out of fresh fruits, flavoured ice creams, desserts, nicely baked cookies and cakes, pizzas and soft drinks. Special discount offers are also available on Sunday Deals and Family Pack Deals.

You came to the occasion as chief guest and graced my toiles of putting the efforts in making the standardized restaurant. Your arrival was the feast of the day and it doubled the income and prestige of my hotel I am really thankful for your arrival and will be in debt to you for my whole life. Thanks

Yours well-wisher and servant,

Mr. Devanand Droop

Thanks Letter for Chief Guest Sample
Thanks Letter for Chief Guest Sample

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