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Job Application for Special Education Teacher

Sample Format of application for Special Education teacher. Competitive and Sympathetic minds are welcomed in this profession and this format can be used by persons who wanted to apply junior teacher or senior teacher for the job in the special education institution.

Sample Job Application for Special Education Teacher

The Principal,
Starlight High school for Girls,
Utter Perdaish, India.

Subject: Job application for special education teacher (MR)

Respected Madam,

It is to state with much concern and gratitude that I had read about the job vacancy in the newspaper regarding a need of teacher in MR department. I had done special diplomas and courses in the respective area. I am capable of tackling the all related issues of such students.

I had attached copies of my degrees, certificates and experience letters with my Curriculum Vitae for your kind review and concern. I hope you will consider my words with keenness and give me chance to teach in the institution.

Thank you.
Yours Truly,
Ms. Tamera Shoat,
7 th November,2016

Sample Job Application for Special Education Teacher (OCD)

The Principal,
Touching woods International School,
Utter Perdaish, India.

Subject: Job application for special education teacher(OCD)

Respected Madam,

It is to state with due respect and honour that I had recently earned my degree of clinical psychology and I am prone to teach the patients of OCDs as my mother had suffered from the same tension. I treated her successfully and feeling quite confident to serve others as well.

Kindly give me a chance to prove myself by giving job in the institution. I had attached all the requisite documents with this application for your kind review.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Sundeep Chotaani,
7 th November,2016


Request Letter to Singer for Charity Concert

Sample Request Letter Format to Singer for Charity Concert. Music is known as food for soul. This food is loved and adored by everyone. Music Concerts earned a lot of money brewed from tickets. Many singers are interested in human welfare as we witness a number of trust established for poor and needy ones. Such formats can be used by NGOs and other private sectors or for individuals who wanted to serve the humanity and need help of singers in charity concerns.

Request Letter  to Singer for Charity Concert

Mr. Michel Rod,
Washington BC. United States of America.

Subject: Request Letter to Singer for Charity Concert

Respected and Beloved Sir!

How are you? I hope you will be gliding in the eternal boat of fame and luck! I am the biggest fan of yours and wanted every good for you from nook and corner of the world or even from universe! I had taken an autograph of yours in the last concert you performed.

I am recently appointed in an NGO in Resource Development department/Marketing Department. It arranges money from different sources so that it can help out the needy ones. My job is to search for the worthy persons who had soft hearts and humane corner for deserted ones.

The reason why I am writing you this letter is the humble request from you to kindly perform (charity basis) on our platform in the best interest of poor. With your coming, I will be soaring higher in the air with happiness and delight and the sacred purpose of charity will also be fulfilled.

I hope you will come to the concert on my humble request. The details of venue is attached herewith for your kind view. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Fan,
Ms. Shona
25 July 2016

Request Letter to Singer for Charity Concert
Request Letter to Singer for Charity Concert

Invitation Letter to Donors

Sample invitation letter to donors of an NGO (Non profitable) for a conference.The current era is a hallmark in online business and skype conferences are frequent in such meetings. The heads who wanted to convey their agenda of meetings to their respective donors can opt to use this format as is designed for such dealings.

Sample Invitation Letter to Donors of an NGO for a Conference

The Vice President,
Wellbeing Humanity Corporation and Trust.
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Invitation letter to donors of an NGO (Non profitable) for a conference

Respected Faculty Member!

Hope you will be sailing in good boat of health, wealth and mental as well as physical prosperity. My all the best wishes and solemn prayers are with you and the people under your command. The reason of my sketching this draft to you in nick of time is hark of mighty works and targets that we are supposed to meet in the coming couple of weeks.

Let me tell you the agenda points first, so that your member must come prepared with the stuff needed in the conference meeting hall. Kindly note the following points:

1. Recent diaries
2. Audio tapes and CDs
3. Accounts files/annual newsletter
4. Recent files of annual report/balance sheet
5. Flash drives/documentaries

I am unable to come straight physically to the meeting area as I am busy in a mission abroad, so I decided to get to you people via skype. Please do make sure the presence of each and every faculty member of yours as the nature of work is alarming and could not be disclosed earlier. Hope you will understand. Thankyou.

Stay blessed,

Mr. Macbeth Iago.
16 th May, 2016.

Acceptance Letter for Being Guest of Honour in Welfare Organization

Sample Acceptance Letter for being guest of honour in Welfare Organization.Social issues and concerns are very much of importance in bio-social society of human beings. People construct many centers and organizations to cater the social issue and the needs of concerned people in their own special way and guests of honour are incumbent to grace the ceremonies of such kinds. This letter can be used by worthy people who wanted to accept the offer of as chief guest.

Sample Acceptance Letter for Being Guest of Honour in Welfare Organization

Dr Abdul Staar
Khidmat Foundation

Subject: Acceptance Letter for being guest of honour in Welfare Organization

Respected Sir,

With much humbleness and gratitude I am thankful for your worthy self that you chose me for gracing the ceremony that you hold for welfare of the public. I will definitely come to the occasion on the time you wrote in the letter as I am a keen helper and observer of my native people and much concerned towards their needs.

Let me congratulate you that you had taken a very good step of promoting love for reading in our up-coming youth of modern digital and technical era. Our new buds are least interested in the books because they were not given the chance to feel the magic of its realm. I am feeling overwhelmed that you had taken the step of promoting the reading culture in the years to come in our children and one day I hope they will become great reader and will never forget your keen effort in that regard. Thank you for inviting me for the occasion that will suffice my thirst for reading!


Mr.Tallat Mehmood
Elmetec Pvt Ltd
January,7, 2016

Acceptance Letter for Being Guest of Honour in Welfare Organization
Acceptance Letter for Being Guest of Honour in Welfare Organization

Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions

Invitation Letter  from NGOs to Educational Institutions for creating awareness in society regarding social volunteer work.It is duty of all students/educational management/individuals/corporate sector to join hands with these NGOs working for the welfare of humanity and visit them for their encouragement. Easy format of invitation letter is given below for your convenience.

Sample Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions

The Human Resources Department,
Beaconhouse School System
Head Office, Lahore

Subject: Visit of NGOs to Schools

Respected Sir/Madam,

With best wishes here are we approaching the Beaconhouse school system in the region of Lahore for educational thrust! The agenda behind this visit is to fully equip the school’s teaching staff as well as the administrative staff with currently advanced educational techniques and theories.

We had carefully selected and organized a team of professionals for guiding you all in the grounds of education in the areas of teaching problems in course, students’ behavior shift,colleagues’ envious attitude and much more. We are looking forward for the following list from you:

? Disruptive students’ group
? Issues relating to course and
? Problem areas within colleagues

Thank you very much in advance,If you spare your time and visit our Institution with your students and faculty.It would be sort of pleasure for us.I hope that you will definitely join hands to spread smiles among these children.

With Best Regards,

Mr. Ardeep Sahaye Rao
Regional Coordinator
NGO Name:______
November 1, 2015

Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions
Invitation Letter from NGOs to Educational Institutions

Thanks Letter Format for Visit to NGO

Sample Thanks Letter Format for visit to NGO.Thanksgiving letters of this kind can be used by persons willing to show their deep respect and the feeling of how much they are honoured to have them guest at their prime locations. Attitude of gratitude is the most refined of all the manners. By thanking others one simply show how much one felt honour to receive the cherished guests’ arrival. On prized occasions the thanksgiving letter writing is a good tradition as it carries with it good relations, better image-buildings and ultimately treasured reputation among the people in any working organization.

Sample Thanks Letter Format for Visit to NGO

Finance Minister
New Delhi, India.

Highly valued Sir,

We hope you are sailing in an eternal boat of health and peace and we pray the same for you for whole of your life. Sir I am a very humble and down-to-earth person and I cannot express my joy on your kind arrival to my newly started NGO setup. The moment was the most joyous one for me and I am very much thankful to for gracing the occasion.

You not only came to our organization but you very graciously and generously granted us the monthly funding of rupee one million! It was an exemplary act sir.I, together with my staff members salute you for your munificence. We are brimmed with gratification and will pray for you for whole of our lives. As a token of thanks we are sending you a bouquet of roses and some household items and very small gifts to your family. Kindly accept my mirthful thanks once again and please do spare time for visiting our NGO in times to come because we always need your support for our worthy cause.

Thanking you.

Your  Faithfully,

Mr. Devanand Muray
President of Trust NGO.

Thanks Letter Format for Visit to NGO
Thanks Letter Format for Visit to NGO

Sample Thank You Letter FOR NGO Visit

Dear Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to thank you for taking our whole class on visit of NGO. This activity is very important for students at our levels to develop sense of responsibility. We have learned a lot from this tour and our social sense have enhanced. You are the one to praise in this matter as you actually talked to our principal and arranged this tour. We all are very thankful to you for this. Due to this tour, most of us have already filled forms of different NGOs to give our services to them. I hope we get to learn more new things for you in future like
this. We are so obliged. Thank you.