Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Inauguration of GYM in Society.This format of letter can be used by all the health freaks who wanted the same health patterns for others on the humane level as the need for healthy fitness is like hot cakes nowadays. Gymnasium is one such thrill that can propel unaware people towards fitness of both mind and body.

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Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration

The Health Minister,

Subject:Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Respected Sir,

I am a humble government servant and currently working in health department of the Pakistan State from the past ten (10) years. In my stay in the health department I noted that people of our country are taking their health for granted and are non-serious about the dark sides of obesity and high level of cholesterol. People are also not positive for most of the time and it is vitally linked with the mental as well as bodily health from authentic scientific research.

I am an inhabitant of a mediocre society and I wanted the people around me to educate themselves with the attributes of health fitness. I was confused at initials about from where to get a start for this sacred service. After much mental work I fatigued out a concept of gymnasium that could serve my purpose.

This gym is equipped with modern day equipments including the expensive treadmills as well. In my gym the rooms are spacious and fully ventilated. Massage rooms are provided with a doctor who will insure the massager with the advance movements of relaxing the body muscles or simply the pressure points.

The gym will also provide the dietary plan and how to lower down the cholesterol levels. I very humbly inviting your esteemed self to come on the scene and inaugurate my little effort. Thankyou.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms.Hunaza John

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration
Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration

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