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Blood Donation Request Letter to Principal

Sample Request Letter for Blood Donation Campaign. Donating blood for noble purpose is a custom of any humane society and this format can be used by students/head of societies  who wished to have organized the blood donation campaign in school/college/university in reasonable way.

Blood Donation Request Letter to Principal


The principal,

Subject: Blood donation request

Respected Sir,

I hope you are in good health. I am writing this letter to draw your attention to a very important subject. I am a student of grade 12th. I have always been very active in the extracurricular activities of the school. I have actively participated in every sport and made my institution proud. I have recently won the first position in the national badminton tournament. I have always been very passionate about helping poor people in the community. Many people are bedridden and are in dire need of blood. I want to request you to approve my letter so I can start the blood donation campaign in school. This would be a way of educating the young generation about the problems in society and how we should always help people when needed. I await your kind response to my letter. I am sure that you will permit me to start the campaign.

Yours Sincerely,

Emma Tryon

Write an Application to the Principal Seeking Permission to Arrange Blood Donation


The Principal,

Subject: Blood donation request

Dear Sir,

With utmost reverence and respect, I am writing this request letter for the approval of the blood donation campaign. I am a student of 5th semester of this university. I have always been very helpful with the needy community of our society. I come across many issues daily where people need help. As you know that we are building a Thalassemia awareness campaign, we need people to donate blood more and more on campus. We cannot make it functional without your supervision and approval. As you know the state of our country, there is no awareness of thalassemia among the young generation. We have many objectives to fulfill through this campaign, I wish to educate people more and their role in the community as a responsible citizen. Kindly, approve this request letter for a blood donation campaign on campus.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Kate John

Sample Thanks Letter for Donation

Sample Thanks Letter for Donation. If any organization/Institution receives funds in form of cash/cheque/item/equipment , following up with a thank you letter is a must. Everyone can use these letter after necessary changes.

Sample Thanks Letter for Donation

Dear Sir/Mam,

I intend to thank you for your kind contribution of towards our organization- ——-. I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous contribution. Your continued support strengthen our institution more and more. With the help of your donation we are able to make big difference in the life of our children.
We provide great facilities and free of cost education to the needy and poor people and all of this is possible due to your generous donation. We are now making a new building for blind children. With your constant support, now the adult special children have gained skills by the working equipments we have provided them and they are able to earn bread for their household. This is all possible due to your donations. That is why your contributions are not merely donations for us, it means world to us.
Your support has repeatedly played key role in our success. There is no way to fully express our gratitude towards your loyalty and devotion. We at rising sun institute are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like yourself who answer the call to give again and again.

Sample Thanks Letter for Donor

Dear Donor,

On behalf of———–, it is my pleasure to thank you for your generous donations. We highly appreciate your commitment towards our institute. We are launching more and more departments and making a new building for blind children, all of this is accomplished due to your constant support and funds. Your funds pave our way to accomplish our mission and prevent any hurdles coming our way to make these children life better. ———— always show gratitude towards our donors. We are trying our best to make difference in our children life by your precious donations. Donors make impactful difference everyday. Again, many thanks for your support. It means the world to us and all the children who get a new life everyday.


Proposal Letter for Grant

Sample Proposal Letter for Grant

Dear Madam,

Hope you are doing great. Pursuant to our telephone conversation of Friday 16th March 2018 I am writing to you on behalf of the Pakistan Stand to inform you that we are in search of certified and registered NGO’s working purely on humanitarian grounds and who are genuinely in need of funds. Allow me to give you a concise snapshot of our (my colleagues and myself) voluntary work in all over the world.

Along with other community members we raise money by selling new Pakistani goods and freshly prepared delicious meals at our stand of the International Bazar. This is a very popular event held annually in this small picturesque country. The Pakistan Stand donates a major part of it’s proceeds to a deserving charitable organization preferably in Pakistan.

About 1000 volunteers from different parts of the world work enthusiastically to make this event a success.The International Bazar is closely supervised by a panel of a higher committee members.

It is of utmost importance that your Proposal Request must fulfill the following requirements:

– Introduction of the founder and why this institute came into existence.
– We need your contact numbers, active email addresses, website, logo and brochures, if available.
– Bank account details of institution.
– Please incorporate information about your organization and how it operates.
– what your mission and accomplishments are?
– Describe your target population, groups or persons and how they will benefit from this particular project.
– Is your Institute able to complete it’s tasks in the given time frame period?
– Please let us know what type of equipment is used for vocational training purposes for mentally and physically challenged children
– We request brief information about your nonprofit track record, helping people in your community or raising funds for a particular cause
– share Kudos earned by your institute awards, media coverage, visuals, facts, references or other successes.
– If applicable, the letter can mention that the donation is tax deductible.
– Inform us about your priority project and the amount you require.
– Avail this opportunity to describe in greater detail the project for which you are seeking funds.
– Your budget should include in-depth information about how you will execute these funds.
– Provide information on your research that shows the need for this project.
– Describe how your institute is unique among other organizations and the reason you should be granted these funds.
– Concrete short term projects are dealt on priority basis.
– The letter should be signed by a person or persons with their title stated and not by the name of the institute. Please use a current letterhead.

All proposal letters are forwarded to our distinguished panel members. As a general and strict rule each and every information is carefully scrutinized till a final decision is taken. Comparison with other cover letters from different NGO’s is also possible. All rights are reserved with the higher committee and we have no influence on their decisions.

Do remember that if and after you receive the funds you will likely be required to report on the success of the project. Any additional information is most welcome. Your questions or queries will be answered willingly. So please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward for your response.

Mrs Yoya

Sample Letter for Requesting Donations

Donation Request Letter Example. Sample charity donation request letter.There are two types of people in this world: one with ideas and the other with money. Its joint venture can outwit the greatest of the phenomenon erected in this mighty world. Charity fund is an excellent aid for the persons whose dreams are high , but they lack in money and this format can prove itself a help and a guide in searching suitable words for the request of charity from working organizations.

Sample Letter for Requesting Donations

The President,
Daffodil Cement Factory,
Cape town, South Africa.

Subject: Donation request letter

Respected Sir,

With due attire befitting to your credit and respect, I am here to put
forward my humble request of demanding charity fund from this renowned factory. My Humane Trust is in its maiden years and it requires a lot of finance for its stability. This idea screwed up when I saw miserable plight of my neighborhoods ‘dirtiness. It has become a dumping site causing numerous viral and bacterial infections. People are dying with acute level diseases and it pinned me to earth with pain and remorse. Then and there I decided to use my money for the sake of humanity and will free them from dying due to the unhealthy conditions of the place they are living in.

I spent my all money in purchasing a barren land for disposal of the huge waste and the security vans for monitoring such rush hours. My organization is in need of 20 such hi-tech vans for covering the distance to dumping site and building waste sections in each street.
Kindly show concern to this issue and provide us at least 5 such vans or the money equals it. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Fredrick Jacob,
2 nd November, 2017.

Donation Request Letter for Sheltered Home

Sample Donation Request Letter Format for Sheltered Homes. Natural catastrophes occur in this world in shape of tsunamis, floods, earth quakes, volcanic eruption and so on. In this disaster many people get homeless. The well- to-do people in the name of humanity then give money to finance those sheltered homes.This letter format can be used by companies or institute who want to pay their responsibility towards this sad happening for good rapport.

Sample Donation Request Letter for Sheltered Home

The Chairman,
Scarlet Rising Corporation,
Baltimore, United Kingdom.

Subject: Donation Request Letter for Sheltered Homes

Respected and Honourable Sir,

Prayers and good wishes for your well-being and long life. We are very much aware of the fact that your gracious self is acquainted with the recent flood in the northern side. You will also be aware of the conditions of the people who had lost
their livings and homes as well.We are a social organization who believe in helping the ones who truly need it.

We sent our team to that area so that we can have the statistically clearer report of the damage. Our research team told us that seventy homes were drowned in the cruel waves! We tried to provide them with the sheltered homes but our all funding can only contributed to fifty homes. We are facing lapse to 0ne million for ten homes and for that purpose we extend our request for donation. It would be a great help if you provide us with the said mount so that we can quickly approach the homeless and provide them the best homes from our side. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Jennifer Charlotte
January, 22, 2016

Donation Request Letter for Sheltered Home
Donation Request Letter for Sheltered Home

Acknowledgement Letter for Grant Donation

Acknowledgement Letter for Grant Donation Sample, If any charitable organization receives funding of grant amount, following up with Acknowledgement letter is a must. Strengthening relationships with donors by sending out a thank you letter will not only help secure future of organization funding but will give the donor a way to know that you always appreciate their support.Format of grant donation is given below.

Sample Acknowledgement Letter for Donation

The Director,
Aries Enterprises.

Dear Sir,

I want to thank you on behalf of the charity you sent for our organization. Your contribution has made a remarkable difference in helping poor women to move forward in their lives.We hope that you will keep on co-operating with our organization with your charities and funds. With your generous help, we will be able to help in accommodating more women in our organization; this wili eventually lead to lower levels of poverty and unemployment.

Hope to see you again in our events along with more charities for helping poor women.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

Aslam Rana

Diector, Rehab Foundation

Sample Acknowledgement Letter for Grant Donation
Sample Acknowledgement Letter for Grant Donation

Donation Request Letter for Solar Energy System

Sample Donation Request Letter for Solar Energy System. As you know electricity rates increasing day by day, and its very difficult to maintain the expenses of electricity therefore any non profit/charity based organization can use this format of letter for donation amount.You can also mention your required item in letter. Sample letter is given below.

Donation Request Letter for School

Mr. Ahmed Khan
Cola Cola Export Corporation.
Al-6,Lane 14,Phase v111
DHA,Off Khayaban-e-Bader,

Subject: Donation Amount for Solar Energy

Dear Sir,

We are grateful for your previous support. You always support us to accommodate more special children to bring change in their lives and, It is because of our dedicated hard work and as well as your kind support that our institution has been able to achieve various goals.

While providing rehabilitation facilities of International Standard to our special children a major concern is the ever increasing cost of electricity rates. We are trying to convert electricity into solar energy system in two floors of our main Defense Campus which will cost about Rs 2.6 million rupees. We have approached Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled who have promised to  bear 50% of  the cast.

May we request your good self and Cola Cola Export Corporation to help  us for the remaining 1.30 million rupees. This will bring substantial relief to there heavenly souls and the financial burden on the society.
Looking for your positive feedback.
Yours Sincerely,
Rehab Foundation


Donation Request Letter for Solar Energy System Sample
Donation Request Letter for School

Thanks Letter for Endowment Fund Donation

Thanks Letter for Endowment Fund Donation Sample.If any non profit organization want to built endowment fund account for welfare of society and any individual or organization wants to help for endowment fund account, then this sample thanks letter will be issued that organization. Non profit does not mean that the organization does not intend to make a profit, but rather that the organization has no ‘owners’ and that the funds realized in the operation of the organization will not be used to benefit any owners. Format of thanks letter is given below.

Thanks Letter for Endowment Fund Donation Sample

Mr. Sarfaraz Ahmed
Cheif Executive
Atlas Honda

Subject: Thanks letter for donation

Respected sir,

I feel immense pleasure is stating that your Endowment Fund donation toward our organization has been used for a noble and generous cause. The organization wants to thanks you for your noble gesture towards us. We firmly believe that our relation will always get stronger and better. Due to your faith in us, we have been able to serve to our best possible capacity. Your donation has been widely used for the new coming students. We want to thank you for believing on us. Our combined efforts have paved our way toward success. We in the future always want your support toward the organization. We want this relation to prosper and excel. We are thankful to you for showing your support to us. We are positively seeing you forward with us in the years to come. Your service toward our organization will always be acknowledging and you will always be remembered for your contribution.

May Allah bless you for your wholehearted support for the welfare & well being of special Children of Punjab and Pakistan.

With Best Regards,

Yours Faithfully,

Mr Mujeeb Rehman
Roshni Association

Thanks Letter for Endowment Fund Donation Sample
Thanks Letter for Endowment Fund Donation Sample

Acknowledgment Letter for Machinery Donation

Sample Acknowledgment Letter for Machinery Donation. If any organization or private indiviual has donated any sort of machinery to any Non Government Organization. After receiving the donated, acknowledgement letter s to be sent as a receiving statement and from ethical and official point of view. Format is given below.

Sample Acknowledgment Letter for Machinery Donation

The Director,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Acknowledgment Letter for Machinery Donation

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Rising sun Institute and welfare society. The first brick for this institute was kept by Dr. Abdul Tawwab as time passed by, a lot of drops of water came together and formed a mighty ocean. The contribution of noble and wise people stands in front of them. No one can deny this fact. As this is a non-profit organization, we try very hard to make our both ends meet.

We dedicated our selfless services to the special children. Sir, we as a welfare society and non-profit organization open heatedly welcome donation, machinery, accessories for our institution. We will surely acknowledging your donation for our institution on every form. Sir, for you it might be a small donation but for us it means a lot. These children have the right to prosper and excel in education. We from the very start have been trying to deliver the best to our special children.

May Allah Shower on you his countless blessings.


Rising Sun.

Sample Acknowledgment Letter for Machinery Donation
Sample Acknowledgment Letter for Machinery Donation

Donation Request Letter for Students

Sample Donation Request Letter for Students, it can also be used as Request letter for study donation. Format of Letter for study donation. The given templates can be used by students if they have to apply for scholarship from any firm, person, organization. Mention your reasons and about your academic background.

Donation Request Letter for Students

Mr. John Green,
Director Education Department
Paris, France.

Subject: Request Letter for Study Donation

Dear Sir,

I am Eva Jimmy, fresh graduate from University of Howard. I was generally surfing internet promptly I came to your website. I read that your organization help the poor and needy students. This thing caught my attention. Sir, my academic career is really bright. Since my primary to my secondary studies I have always been the topper and have scored A grade.

My family is not able to pay my expenses of studies; I also applied for Need Based Scholarship but all in vain. I did my A-level from a Government Institute and won gold medal. In my graduation I got second highest Cgpa. Sir, being an able and hardworking student I don’t want myself to led down. If I won’t get any help further I will not be able to study and achieve my target. I have been selected in for my MS program but the fee is out of my budget.

Kindly, I need donations for study. I shall be highly obliged to you and will be beholden. My certificates, degrees and admission form are attached for your kind review. Please give me a call if you really consider me a sincere person. I assure that I will not waste the donation amount and will definitely bring feather to my cap. I hope you will consider my request for sure.

Thanking You I Remain.


Eva Jimmy.
Contact: 000-888-999

Donation Request Letter for Students
Donation Request Letter for Students

Request Letter for Study Donation

The Managing Director
Elmetec Association,

Subject: Request Letter for Study Donation

Dear Sir,

I hope to find you hale and hearty. I am James Hale and I belong to remote area of Pakistan. I have been informed that you prestigious organization helps the needy students. I am an intelligent student; I have always got good position in my class since my childhood. I have recently taken exams of Fsc and my aim is to be a doctor. I want to help my nation and my motherland by getting into this occupation.

Sir, it was my father’s dream to see me at a high designation. Until he was alive he did a lot of efforts for me. But he is no more. I want to fulfill his dream and for this I will work hard from dawn to dusk. Sir, I just need a support, by this I will be able to focus on my ambition. People are you are the supporting arch for needy students like me. You can view my report cards for your satisfaction.

I want to request that please donate me some amount. So that, I can get admission in a medical college, have my books and uniform. Sir when I will be able to, I shall definitely try to help any other student so that this worldly power of study and of students may rise. Sir, please zero in upon my request I shall be highly grateful to you on this kind act of yours.

Thanking You in Anticipation,

Yours Truly,

James Hale.

Request Letter for Study Donation
Request Letter for Study Donation

Donation Request Letter for school

[Your Name] [Your Title/Position (if applicable)] [School Name] [School Address][Your Email Address] [Your Phone Number] [Date]

[Recipient’s Name or Organization Name] [Recipient’s Address] [City, State, ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient’s Name or Organization Name],

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing on behalf of [School Name] to request your support for a vital cause that has a profound impact on the future of our students and our community.

At [School Name], we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality education and the opportunities they need to excel in their academic and personal development. However, we often encounter financial challenges in achieving our goals.

We are currently seeking donations to support [Specific Purpose of Donation, e.g., funding scholarships, upgrading facilities, purchasing educational resources, supporting extracurricular programs, etc.]. Your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of our students and help us maintain and improve the educational experience we offer.

[Provide more details about the purpose of the donation, the impact it will have, and how it aligns with the school’s mission and values.]

If you are able to make a donation, please find the enclosed donation form for your convenience. You can also visit our website [Include Website URL] to make a secure online donation. Additionally, if you have any questions or need further information about our school or the specific project, please feel free to contact us at [Your Contact Information].

We truly appreciate your consideration of this request and your willingness to support our educational initiatives. Your contribution will make a significant impact, and we look forward to the possibility of working together to create a brighter future for our students.

Thank you for your time and generosity.


Donation Request letter for students from Parents

[Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State, ZIP Code] [Your Email Address] [Your Phone Number] [Date]

[Recipient’s Name (if known)] [Name of School or Educational Institution] [School Address] [City, State, ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient’s Name or School Name],

We hope this letter finds you well. As parents of students attending [Name of School or Educational Institution], we are writing to request your support in a matter that deeply impacts our children’s education and well-being.

At [Name of School or Educational Institution], our children have access to excellent academic opportunities, dedicated educators, and a nurturing environment. However, like many educational institutions, we often face budgetary constraints that limit the resources and experiences our children can access.

We are currently seeking donations to enhance the educational experience of all students at [Name of School or Educational Institution]. These funds will be used to [Specify the Purpose of the Donation, e.g., improve facilities, provide scholarships, purchase educational resources, support extracurricular programs, etc.]. By making a contribution, you can directly impact the quality of education our children receive and help create a better future for them.

[Explain in detail the purpose of the donation, how it benefits the students, and how it aligns with the school’s mission and values.]

Thank you for considering this request and for your willingness to support the educational success and well-being of our students. Your contribution, no matter the size, is invaluable.


[Your Name]