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Donation Request Letter for Sheltered Home

Sample Donation Request Letter Format for Sheltered Homes. Natural catastrophes occur in this world in shape of tsunamis, floods, earth quakes, volcanic eruption and so on. In this disaster many people get homeless. The well- to-do people in the name of humanity then give money to finance those sheltered homes.This letter format can be used by companies or institute who want to pay their responsibility towards this sad happening for good rapport.

Sample Donation Request Letter for Sheltered Home

The Chairman,
Scarlet Rising Corporation,
Baltimore, United Kingdom.

Subject: Donation Request Letter for Sheltered Homes

Respected and Honourable Sir,

Prayers and good wishes for your well-being and long life. We are very much aware of the fact that your gracious self is acquainted with the recent flood in the northern side. You will also be aware of the conditions of the people who had lost
their livings and homes as well.We are a social organization who believe in helping the ones who truly need it.

We sent our team to that area so that we can have the statistically clearer report of the damage. Our research team told us that seventy homes were drowned in the cruel waves! We tried to provide them with the sheltered homes but our all funding can only contributed to fifty homes. We are facing lapse to 0ne million for ten homes and for that purpose we extend our request for donation. It would be a great help if you provide us with the said mount so that we can quickly approach the homeless and provide them the best homes from our side. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Jennifer Charlotte
January, 22, 2016

Donation Request Letter for Sheltered Home
Donation Request Letter for Sheltered Home