Proposal Letter for Grant

Sample Proposal Letter for Grant

Dear Madam,

Hope you are doing great. Pursuant to our telephone conversation of Friday 16th March 2018 I am writing to you on behalf of the Pakistan Stand to inform you that we are in search of certified and registered NGO’s working purely on humanitarian grounds and who are genuinely in need of funds. Allow me to give you a concise snapshot of our (my colleagues and myself) voluntary work in all over the world.

Along with other community members we raise money by selling new Pakistani goods and freshly prepared delicious meals at our stand of the International Bazar. This is a very popular event held annually in this small picturesque country. The Pakistan Stand donates a major part of it’s proceeds to a deserving charitable organization preferably in Pakistan.

About 1000 volunteers from different parts of the world work enthusiastically to make this event a success.The International Bazar is closely supervised by a panel of a higher committee members.

It is of utmost importance that your Proposal Request must fulfill the following requirements:

– Introduction of the founder and why this institute came into existence.
– We need your contact numbers, active email addresses, website, logo and brochures, if available.
– Bank account details of institution.
– Please incorporate information about your organization and how it operates.
– what your mission and accomplishments are?
– Describe your target population, groups or persons and how they will benefit from this particular project.
– Is your Institute able to complete it’s tasks in the given time frame period?
– Please let us know what type of equipment is used for vocational training purposes for mentally and physically challenged children
– We request brief information about your nonprofit track record, helping people in your community or raising funds for a particular cause
– share Kudos earned by your institute awards, media coverage, visuals, facts, references or other successes.
– If applicable, the letter can mention that the donation is tax deductible.
– Inform us about your priority project and the amount you require.
– Avail this opportunity to describe in greater detail the project for which you are seeking funds.
– Your budget should include in-depth information about how you will execute these funds.
– Provide information on your research that shows the need for this project.
– Describe how your institute is unique among other organizations and the reason you should be granted these funds.
– Concrete short term projects are dealt on priority basis.
– The letter should be signed by a person or persons with their title stated and not by the name of the institute. Please use a current letterhead.

All proposal letters are forwarded to our distinguished panel members. As a general and strict rule each and every information is carefully scrutinized till a final decision is taken. Comparison with other cover letters from different NGO’s is also possible. All rights are reserved with the higher committee and we have no influence on their decisions.

Do remember that if and after you receive the funds you will likely be required to report on the success of the project. Any additional information is most welcome. Your questions or queries will be answered willingly. So please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward for your response.

Mrs Yoya

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