Sample Letter for Requesting Donations

Donation Request Letter Example. Sample charity donation request letter.There are two types of people in this world: one with ideas and the other with money. Its joint venture can outwit the greatest of the phenomenon erected in this mighty world. Charity fund is an excellent aid for the persons whose dreams are high , but they lack in money and this format can prove itself a help and a guide in searching suitable words for the request of charity from working organizations.

Sample Letter for Requesting Donations

The President,
Daffodil Cement Factory,
Cape town, South Africa.

Subject: Donation request letter

Respected Sir,

With due attire befitting to your credit and respect, I am here to put
forward my humble request of demanding charity fund from this renowned factory. My Humane Trust is in its maiden years and it requires a lot of finance for its stability. This idea screwed up when I saw miserable plight of my neighborhoods ‘dirtiness. It has become a dumping site causing numerous viral and bacterial infections. People are dying with acute level diseases and it pinned me to earth with pain and remorse. Then and there I decided to use my money for the sake of humanity and will free them from dying due to the unhealthy conditions of the place they are living in.

I spent my all money in purchasing a barren land for disposal of the huge waste and the security vans for monitoring such rush hours. My organization is in need of 20 such hi-tech vans for covering the distance to dumping site and building waste sections in each street.
Kindly show concern to this issue and provide us at least 5 such vans or the money equals it. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Fredrick Jacob,
2 nd November, 2017.

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